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  1. mattyfatty76

    Behringer UCA222

    Hello Have any of you tried the Behringer UCA222 U-Control Ultra-Low Latency 2 In/2 Out Usb Audio Interface with Digital Output And Massive Software Bundle? I thought this would be a cheap way for me to record with play-along tracks and add the track to video, but I’m am a bit skeptical. The...
  2. mattyfatty76

    Simple question on "4-Way Coordination"

    Hello, I’ve been working a little bit with “4-Way Coordination” by Marvin Dahlgren and Elliot Fin. If any of you have worked with this book before, do you know if you are supposed to swing the eighths or play them straight? Or does it matter? Thanks for your help, Matt
  3. mattyfatty76

    My first youtube video

    Hello, I'm still relatively new here, I rarely post, but I enjoy reading this board every day. I've finally figured out how to get some videos on Youtube, and I've always wanted to post my playing so I can get feedback on what I need to improve upon. Let me know what your think...