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  1. Skate

    Ever had a band you just couldn't like

    Abba. Hated their music as a kid, still hate it now.
  2. Skate

    What happened to my vinyl thread?

    Received a PM recently wondering where the thread had gone, as far as I know nobody was breaking any rules, there was sensible discussion and it was on the topic of music, please could a moderator tell us why it was removed?
  3. Skate

    What is the strangest album you like?

    It's a really strange album, but I only like 5 of the songs on it, but the ones I like are really relaxing. Just to add, this is indie, so it is not amazingly well known or on a specific record label.
  4. Skate

    Being stalked by advertisements

    Does anybody else get really annoyed when you're looking to buy something, you then buy the item, and for the following weeks, every advert is about the item you've bought, like every one. Computer parts everywhere!
  5. Skate

    My friend made a short film about depression

    You should check it out!
  6. Skate

    Star Wars VII

    In light of the new Star Wars film, do you think you'll be watching it? I personally am very excited to see it, but the original Star Wars (IV) remains my favorite.
  7. Skate

    Is it possible to report members from their profiles?

    Today I've noticed there are at least 8 spam bots lurking this site (They all have randomized usernames), is there a way to report them to the moderators?
  8. Skate

    What kit do you use?

    At home, I have a crappy electronic kit, but at school we have a 2 month old Mapex kit with Paiste cymbals. We have two other kits, but they are quite old, and the skins are not very good.
  9. Skate

    What's your favorite drum related thing?

    I must say my favorite drumming related thing is the sound of a new, perfectly tuned snare drum skin!
  10. Skate

    Films you've watched recently that you enjoyed.

    I recently watched 'Kick-Ass' (2010), and I really enjoyed it. The SFX for the blood was quite dodgy, but overall it was a really cool action packed film. IMDb rating: 7.7/10 Director: Matthew Vaughn
  11. Skate

    Update! (Grade 3 exam results)

    Recently I made a thread saying that I had done my grade 3 examination. Some users wanted to know how I did, so... (The grade 3 I did was with 'RockSchool') 85/100 (Merit, I was 5 marks off of a distinction). The marks: First Piece (Maiden Voyage) - 18/20 Second Piece (Rasta Monkey) - 17/20...
  12. Skate

    Just taken my grade 3 exam

    I now have to wait for my results to come through! (I'll update the thread when they do arrive). I remember getting a distinction for grade 1 and a merit for grade 2 because I'm a lazy slob and never practice :(
  13. Skate

    What songs do you really like the drumming on?

    The drumming on some songs has made me 'bop' my head or think wow!, so share some of the songs that you stop and think jam to! One of mine is Stand Up by the Prodigy, it's simple but funky.