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  1. RickP

    What brand of drums - you have never owned but would love to .

    We have done this before , but it has been awhile and I am curious what forum members choices would be . my choice when we first did this was Sonor , but since I have a Sonor kit my new choice would be Tama in particular Tama Star series . Some background on the significance for me . Tama has...
  2. RickP

    Let’s see your Engraved snare drums

    Hey Folks Let’s post some pics of your engraved snare drums . My only engraved snare drum is the pictured 14” x 5” Ludwig Black Beauty from 2009 . This particular drum was purchased from Todd Trent ( former Ludwig A&R guy). It had chrome hardware ( Imperial lugs , P 85 , triple flange hoops...
  3. RickP

    The kit that got away

    We all have tales of fantastic drum sets that you just missed out on . Come on folks fess up and tell us your regretful tale. The tale for me involves a Noble and Cooley Star series kit . The toms on the kit were all steambent maple and short stack style toms . The bass drums were regular...
  4. RickP

    Would you play gigs with it ?

    Somebody on post a pic of a Sonor SQ2 kit with an African Marble veneer - a beautiful and expensive kit to be sure . He mentioned that he would probably be hesitant to take it out on a gig . Now let me ask , if you had an Uber high end drum set with some exotic veneer or other...
  5. RickP

    Kits you owned that disappointed you

    I am sure that some people may get upset or argumentative on this thread and that is not my goal for this thread . I am simply curious about people’s experiences with kits that just did not do it for them . We all have our individual likes and preferences so if someone didn’t have a positive...
  6. RickP

    Favourite sounding kits on YouTube

    Hey Folks What are your favourite sounding kits that you have heard on YouTube ? My personal favourites are : 1) Peter Erskine’s Tama Star Bubinga Yellow lacquer kit . He had it tuned up but it doesn’t choke - still has lots of attack and body 2) Gavin Harrison’s Sonor Prolite kit from the...
  7. RickP

    Drum set you have never tried but would love to .

    Is there a drum set brand /model that you have never tried but you would love too ? I would love to try a Sonor SQ2 Heavy Beech shell kit - I have a Sonor Vintage series kit with medium beech shells and roundover edges . I imagine the Heavy Beech SQ2 must sound monstrous. Honorable Mention...
  8. RickP

    Quality of drum shell - finest In your opinion

    We are always talking about finishes and sound and so realize this is part of the sound . Who do you think makes the nicest quality shells these days ? From my personal experience the nicest shells I have seen from the point of shell quality , smoothness and evenness of bearing edges my votes go...
  9. RickP

    What made you decide on your Main Kit ?

    I realize not everyone has multiple drum sets , so let’s just concentrate on your main kit . The one you consider your favourite ok ? What was it that made you decide on your main kit ? Was it price ? Sound ? Appearance ? Something else ? I decided to buy my Noble and Cooley Horizon kit for a...
  10. RickP

    Endorser influences you to purchase ?

    Rarely will I be swayed to use something that a drummer I admire is using . I have my own tastes and preferences that I have come to in over 50 years of playing . The one recent exception being the Sonor Protean 14 x 5.25” snare drum . I have been an admirer of Gavin Harrison for a couple years...
  11. RickP

    Do you have a favourite kit ?

    For those of us fortunate to have more than one kit , is one of them your favourite ? If so , which one is your favourite and why ? My favourite kit is a Noble and Cooley Horizon kit . It is a shell bank , but the 24/13/16 configuration has rapidly become my favourite ( all my others have 20”...
  12. RickP

    What is your workhorse snare from your collection?

    Hey Folks Since we have so much free time these days , what is your workhorse snare drum from your collection these days . The drum you had been playing most the last month or so before this health scare came up . For me the pictured Noble and Cooley 6 x 14 Walnut SS - it is the 4th snare in...
  13. RickP

    Who are the top three drummers you admire and why ?

    Just like the topic says - list your top three favourite drummers and the reasons why . For me : 1) Danny Seraphine - sure we all loved Buddy - but Danny was my first hero . I had a drum teacher that used to transcribe charts of records and he had me learning Chicago’s greatest hits. I learned...
  14. RickP

    Hi hat foot chick volume

    Hi all , I play in a local Big Band and find often that the foot chick aoubd of my huhats is not cutting through enough . I have tried a variety of Hihat cymbal types , as well as different angles on the bottom cymbal . I use very lightweight hihat stands and wonder if this is where the...
  15. RickP

    Your next planned purchase

    Hey Forrummites What is your next planned purchase ? Drum set ? Cymbals ? Snare drum ? Come on feed up inquiring minds want to know !! For me personally I am going back and forth between some 602 thin crashes in 17” and 19” or a Sonor Phonic reissue snare with Rosewood veneer in and out .
  16. RickP

    New Sonor Benny Greb snares being released

    Looks like Sonor has two new Benny Greb signature snare drums being released this year.
  17. RickP

    Sit in request on the gig

    I was playing at a Private Event last night when one of the attendees came up to our singer and asked if he could sit in on the drums . My singer of course deferred to me . I said No , politely but firmly for a couple of reasons . 1) He should have asked me first . Asking the singer is a...
  18. RickP is gone

    As of May 27th - will be shut down. A very sad day for fans of that message board. I have made a number of excellent transactions on tat site and it was a great resource for all things cymbals.
  19. RickP

    What drums intrigue you that you have NEVER owned

    What drums intrigue you that you have NEVER owned ? For me personally Tama had never been on my radar till recently with the introduction of the Star series . I am especially intrigued by the Star Walnut series Sonor I have always had a fascination for a Sonor drums going all the way back...
  20. RickP

    Shell Bank

    Shell Banks ( i.e. collection shells in the same finish from same model/Manufacturer) have started becoming in vogue these days. I must admit I have become intrigued by this idea. I was up to six different kits from six manufacturers in different finishes and just decided it was time to pare...