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    Recommendation for Zildjian or Sabian "ping style ride"

    Hi all - I'm looking for a ride with great stick definition and a strong bell. I'm not interested in crashing. I have an A Ping ride already, but looking for something that is a bit less bright. Thanks for the suggestions!!
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    Meinl hihats that are similar to Zildjian K Sweet hats or K Light hats

    Hi all - Anyone know what Meinl series hats are similar to K Sweets or K Lights? I currently have the Benny Greb Sand Hats, but don't like them as much. I love the Benny Greb crashes and ride, just the hats don't work for me. I was thinking that Meinl stuff similar to K Sweets or K lights might...
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    Roland TD-17KV-S thoughts

    Hi all - For those of you who have experience with this kit, any reason not to buy it or something you really dislike? Don't worry about why I want this kit vs. another or what I'm using it for. Just want fellow drummers with different (or similar who knows) tastes and needs to share their...
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    Are mahogany/poplar shells versatile?

    Hi all - I'm interested in the opinions of those of you who own a mahogany/poplar kit regarding versatility. I've never owned one or played one, but really like the sounds I hear on youtube videos. Are those shells all purpose? I've heard from people that they're a one trick pony, but not sure...
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    DW wood for shells

    Hi all - I currently have a Maple/Spruce shell and am looking for a second kit for the practice space. I’m debating between Maple/Mahogany or Contemporary Classic. I’m somewhat scared of doing a Maple/Mahogany because it would sound very similar to the Maple/Spruce kit, but the Mahognay/Poplar...
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    Difference between Ludwig's Vintage Black Oyster and Black Oyster Pearl

    Hi all - Curios as to what the difference is between those finishes. In pictures they look the same to me, but I've haven't seen them in person. Thanks all for the comments!!
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    For those of you who tune to notes....question

    Hi all note tuners. I have a question for you when tuning the batter higher than the reso. How do you select the octave which the top head is tuned to and what do you then tune the reso to (number of semi-tones). For example, if I have a 10, 12, 14, and 16 and want to tune them to 3D, 2B, 2G...
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    Drum depth preferences floor vs. rack toms

    Hi all - A few days ago I posted a kit configuration for feedback regarding different drum sizes. After I read all the responses I searched through older threads to get even more opinions and I noticed something that has been confusing me. A lot of drummers prefer shallow rack toms, but deep...
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    Tuning question (simple question, don't worry)

    Is there a formula (or rule of thumb) for what pitch to tune each head to (when seeking the same pitch on the reso and batter) when you want a particular note for the fundamental of the drum when hit? I know it for minor thirds, and perfect 4th. But I'm struggling with the one for same pitch on...
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    Drum size thoughts

    Hi all - Thinking about a new kit with the following sizes. I'm a fan of larger toms for rock. I realize it is all personal taste, but I'm looking for feedback on something that I may not have thought about in coming up with this. So here we go.... 24x16 bass 12x9, 13x10 rack 15x12, 16x13 floor...
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    Why is there a lack of love for 22x18" bass drums?

    Hi all - Just trying to understand the lack of love for 22x18" bass drums? I've got both 22x16 and 22x18 and they're both great. I've never had transportation issues with either or stage space issues either. Or the famous "booooooom".... Is it just a fad that there is a lot of dislike for this...
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    Bass drum experience with a 24x16"

    Hi all - Has anyone had any experience with a 24x16? Does it feel that much different than a 24x14"? The reason I ask is I have a 22x16 and 22x18 and they're really not that different. All thoughts are appreciated.
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    Mahogany kit recommendations

    Hi all - I'm in between a DW Contemporary Classic or a Ludwig Legacy Mahogany kit. Anyone here have experience with either (or better both)? I'd be interested in what you like/dislike of your kits. Thank you much!!
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    Modern Ludwig Vistalite and Atlas mounts

    Hi all - Has anyone used or know if the current Atlas Tom mounts are safe to use on a Vistalite Tom? The wheels feel sturdy enough but I haven’t seen anyone try it. thanks!
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    Zildjian A Ping Ride question

    Hi all - I don't believe this cymbal exists, but is there a darker version (K) of the A Ping Ride? From what I've heard on youtube the K Heavy Ride sounds the closest, but can't really test one around here.. Thanks!!
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    Sabían Paragon vs Zildjian A Custom

    Hi all - Do any of you have both types of crashes (Sabian Paragon vs A Custom) and wouldn’t mind sharing your comparison? Thanks!!
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    Lefty question

    For those of you who are lefty, what did you end up doing in terms of sides? Do you play lefty, righty, or open hand on a righty kit? I’ve always played lefty, but it is a headache when you’re sharing a kit or attending a jam. I’m thinking about open handed on a righty kit, but it is a...
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    Recommendation for a drum machine

    Hi all - I've used a Boss DR-550 for a long time, but am in need of a replacement. I saw that Boss has discontinued all its drum machines. Do you have anything to recommend? I use it mostly for learning (programming in complex beats and playing to them, etc). The most important thing is that it...
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    Any experience with Ludwig Legacy Mahogany?

    Hi all - Any of you out there have experience with both a Ludwig Classic Maple and Ludwig Legacy Mahogany? I have CM experience, but not with the Mahogany. I can't find a local kit to play would be interested in your experience with it for the music you play. I play a bit of everything so I'm...
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    22 bass drum depth

    Hi all - I’ve seen a bunch of threads on the difference between a 22x16 vs a 22x18 and something doesn’t seem right. It feels like most people prefer the 16, but the 18 seems to have more body and detailed sound than a 16. I don’t hear the boom on my 18 that many talk about, but I hear lack of...