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    Approaching the Instrument

    I think if you have a static approach to your playing then you are not serving the song and immediate situation. You must feel an appropriate 'feeling' for the song and application of the song in the present moment independent of the past and future.
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    Are You a Tweeker or No?

    Otto said: All you have to do is say "yes" and anyone who knows who you are by your username is open to interpret the term in a negative light. Be aware of how you respond to things folks.... I have debated for a while if it is worth responding to this. I...
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    Best piece(s) of advice you've gotten from this forum?

    Gavin talking into a banana like it was a phone...implying to keep your ego controlled and dont be ashamed to be silly when the mood strikes no matter what sucess you are told you have. (a close second was his comment about the need for your band to trust your time)
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    Who are the top three drummers you admire and why ?

    Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi: It is told that when he met the Japanese Monk, Amrutbhai Modi, Gandhi began practicing a small ceremonial drum. Richard Feynman: He would play hand percussion on occasion. I believe there is a youtube video out there showing a performance. Theodore Ronald Brailey...
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    Andy is an Admin! Nice!

    Hi Folks, Searched around but my search skills must be poor. I've been a bit busy, making a 'living' in the health care IT industry so I have not been around...and i saw Andy with an ADMINISTRATOR Tag! Love it! Thank you for doing that Andy...may your Ban Hammer remain in its holster as your...
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    Is the never ending criticism on the "YT-drummer" always fair..or..maybe not..?

    I'm not so sure there IS a general discounting of 'YT Drummers'(whatever that is as it can be interpreted in may ways). To anyone who has something bad to say about people who post drumming videos on YT, I present.... Gavin Harrison "White Mist" with Pinapple Thief. (Vic Firth advert) I...
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    And here I go....

    Teaching is a business...what is sold is not a business. art is art...teaching is is business...and they can associate but are not the same. Business strives to take profit from something(in this case regulation of teaching art) Keeping the concepts clear and distinct...
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    And here I go....

    The idea of certing art teachers displays a popular confusion about art much like the idiotic 'nature vrs nurture' question. (spoiler: that question teaches that questions supply 'answers' in the form of the questions assumtions. e.g. the use of 'vrs' which excludes 'neither' and 'both' which...
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    Are You a Tweeker or No?

    Al you have to do is say "yes" and anyone who knows who you are by your username is open to interpret the term in a negative light. Be aware of how you respond to things folks....
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    Favorite song

    Clair DeLune, Debussy
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    "Gospel Chops"...I just don't get it.................

    ...and country drumming is too simple minded and jazz is too noodley and rock is too direct and boring and polka has to many polka dots... Seems the biggest missing piece in music instruction is the fact that what you like in music is subjective and of no greater intrinsic value than any other...
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    Learning New Songs

    Dont let music education intimidate you....get instruction on music theory and transcribing. It is worth the effort.
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    Can someone more experienced help me on tuning.

    I will comment on HOW to learn to tune...but there are so many ideas that I will not go into them. 1) Most of what you hear on recordings and even in live playing(where you cannot hear the acoustic instrument directly) is more impacted by post processing audio signal changes than...
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    The First Kit You Got

    Black Mateo 5 piece...aluminum snare...camber hihats, old 24" thick ride and a few cymbals that can more accurately be described as 'targets'. A very poor quality set that I was ready to move beyond within a couple weeks but took me over 3 years washing dishes and giving drum lessons to buy a...
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    18 inch bass drum, why bother?

    Guess what size bass drum I reach for when the guitar player is playing a baritone variant of the instrument and the bass player doesn't range off the top 2 strings and rarely past the 5th fret....yep...18". i tune the reso to thw next nice resonating tension past finger tight....and the batter...
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    Drummerworld forum mood/climate

    I would like to give an alternate but respectful view on using 'ignore'. It is simple to drop comments just before an expected reply so that it looks to others that you are saying something you are not. This kind of personality disorder driven activity, aka Trolling, can only be noticed if the...
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    Online music stores "My Rant!"

    I want one for my drumset! ; )...guess it would retail around $300 USD....but the sound!!! <<DUUUUHHH DUHHHN....dun dun dun dun >> (attempt at JAWS shark approaching music)
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    A loud acoustic hand clap with sticks

    If the song allows, this is the perfect time to train your bandmates timing...get them together and learning to clap on the beat together!....but, of course, they might need to be doing other things during the need for the clapping : ) ...but the idea of sneaking in timing training on your band...
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    drummer sues to keep his place in the band

    When I found out I needed to know more about law(or be very rich to afford good lawyers/have a very good entertainment lawyer in the family) than music to work in the music industry, I chose to provide mental health services to the poor...then, later, to provide I.T. Services to those who...
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    drummer sues to keep his place in the band

    These are the stories I direct people to when they say "Why aren't you out making money playing music?". music INDUSTRY