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  1. Chollyred

    Church drummers Pay

    I think cbphoto and pork pie guy have pretty much hit where I'm at. I gave up my church gig for a few months. It's never been a paid gig. They keep calling me to come back, but I don't know if I have the heart for it anymore. It's become more hassle than joyous.
  2. Chollyred

    Selling on Ebay vs. Reverb-Pros/Cons? Ebay is just atrocious for selling anymore..............

    I used to buy off eBay, but never again because of PayPal. My PayPal account got hacked and the culprit sent $500 to a girlfriend in another state. I was able to stop the transaction at my bank, but PayPal continued to try to take the $500 even though they agreed it was fraud. They claimed I had...
  3. Chollyred

    *Calling All Drummers* - Drum Gear Survey!

    Done! Mufflers are for cars!
  4. Chollyred

    Your WORST Sounding Cymbal - Mine's a "Ringer"

    I had a set of Zildjian Scimitar hats and 18" crash/ride. The hats were thick and actually did ok when beat to death with the shoulder of a stick. No chick, more of a chunk. Kinda reminded me of the way a Checker taxi was built. The crash/ride was cringe inducing. Obnoxious overtones that would...
  5. Chollyred

    Drummers you hope to see perform live

    Right now I'm beginning to think ME! I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever get a chance to play live again... :(
  6. Chollyred

    Church drummers Pay

    Hmmm....Will be watching this thread. I played percussion, timpanist, and drums in churches for over 10 years and it was always considered voluntary.
  7. Chollyred

    Cymbal set up

    I have a 16" Zildjian fast crash to my left, and an 18" Zildjian fast crash to my right, over a 21" Sweet ride. Thinking about adding something with a little more sustain. Don'r need it often, but sometimes you just need to ring out. Will likely place it to my far left.
  8. Chollyred

    Thrones for a big guy--6'6" 300 lbs

    Doesn't stop you from using cell phones either! Huh? :D
  9. Chollyred

    Thrones for a big guy--6'6" 300 lbs

    I also have the Gibralter 9608MB. While working from home during this....stuff... I'm using it as a desk chair. After 9 hours, I'm starting to get a little sore, but how many people sit on a drum throne for 9 hours straight? I'm only 5'8", but run 285.
  10. Chollyred

    Drum throne

    My throne has a backrest. When playing, I hardly ever feel it. When playing, I'm really leaning away from the backrest. I do find it great between songs to lean back against and kinda stretch my back out a little. As a matter of fact, as I'm working from home some during the virus, I'm using it...
  11. Chollyred

    Any gigs cancelled due to the virus?

    I have a lot of friends that have had gigs cancelled starting this week. I have been talking to a group of guys about joining their band. There's no rush now. My wife and I went out for dinner Saturday night between 5:30-6:00. Normally this place is packed. We pretty much had the place to our...
  12. Chollyred

    No logos, stickers, or duct tape!

    Good eye! Apparently whatever they printed the logo with took a slight bit of gloss off of the head. So far, it hasn't come off with the Goof Off (will keep trying). Most people would never notice. the light has to be just so to see it. I think the reflection from outside made it appear a little...
  13. Chollyred

    What's the most difficult instrument you've ever tried to learn or play?

    I'd love to be able to sing! I'd have to describe my voice as a sort of barimonotone. One night at rehearsal I got fired up and sang along with everyone else. Afterwards, one of the guys asked me what key I was singing in. I said "Mine!" I've played drums since I was 7 and had good teachers and...
  14. Chollyred

    No logos, stickers, or duct tape!

    Anyone that uses regular duct tape on a kick reso should be flogged! That was the hardest thing to remove. Had to get the top finish layer with the nylon threads off before the Goof Off would dissolve the Adhesive.
  15. Chollyred

    No logos, stickers, or duct tape!

    Was given a DW vented reso that sounds great on my 22" PDP CX kick, but it had some obnoxious stickers an duct tape on it. Soaked it down in Goof Off, and with a lot of elbow grease, managed to get it all off. Since a lot of drummers poo poo having a DW logo on a different brand, took those off...
  16. Chollyred

    Guitar Center made good!

    No. The church let them come in and use the sound system and record from the board. The band's drummer pilfered my stick bag. Got a text from the pastor today. the sticks mysteriously re-appeared Sunday. I told the pastor that I had already bought replacements and to keep them for the church. I...
  17. Chollyred

    Guitar Center made good!

    you only get two years out of bass strings? I know guys that haven't changed their strings in 15 years!
  18. Chollyred

    Guitar Center made good!

    Left my stick bag at the church for a couple of weeks just to keep from carrying it around. One night, they let a local band come in to do some recording. Apparently their dirtbag drummer went through my stickbag and stole 2 pair of Vic Firth American Classics in 5A. Looking around for...
  19. Chollyred

    So proud of Yolanda :)

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^ What HE said!!!
  20. Chollyred

    Best drum rug?

    Mine is a 5x7 oriental rug I found at a thrift store for $3. Nice enough where my wife tried to claim it. (nope!)