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  1. Pat Petrillo

    Any London Drummers with Ringo Snare?

    Hey guys! So I’m doing a session at ABBEY ROAD Tuesday and Wednesday this week Nov 6 and 7, and I’m in need of a Ludwig OBP snare. I know Aydee has one, is there anyone who would like to come to the sessions and allow me to use it? You can record a track of mine and take a pic in the worlds...
  2. Pat Petrillo

    "Grooving Responsibly & Filling Creatively" lesson

    I did a free lesson called "Grooving Responsibly & Filling Creatively", @ last week. Enjoy and share, please...
  3. Pat Petrillo

    My Zildjian K Organic

    My Zildjian K Custom "Organic: Ride Hi everyone! I want to introduce everyone to the ride I've been working on with Zildjian for over 5 years, called the "Organic" ride. There have been prototypes on since 2011, and it is now finally in the Zildjian line for purchase. In...
  4. Pat Petrillo

    Drum Studio Live Lessons/Events

    Hi everyone, As you may know, Drum Studio Live has launched with the Live Lesson features twice per week. Mondays is the "Intermediate" Lesson, and Thursdays are the "Advanced" Lessons, although everyone can benefit from each one. The lessons are FREE for the month of June. After that, it...
  5. Pat Petrillo

    Pat Petrillo new Kickstarter campaign here!

    Hello, drumming friends I hope this new year finds you all doing great in your drumming and life endeavors! For me, my life has taken a change for the better in both areas that I would like to share. Having been a member here for many years, I hope you will allow me to present my new venture...
  6. Pat Petrillo

    Zildjian/Petrillo 21" "Organic" Ride

    OK, guys So, there has been lots of talk about the Ride I developed with Zildjian. Here it is They sold out of all the prototypes at PASIC. It MAY come into the line. We will see after they meet this month...Fingers crossed. It is...
  7. Pat Petrillo

    Ludwig signs QUESTLOVE!

    Official now...Ludwig in the house! Great to be part of the Renaissance ! Talk amoungst yourselves :)
  8. Pat Petrillo

    Thinking of releasing DIGITAL DOWNLOAD ONLY thru HUDSON..

    and I would like your thoughts if you would buy Digital Download DVDs? Hudson is moving away from actual physical product.. Would anyone prefer a physical DVD or would you be opposed to downloading either "per lesson" or complete package? It's the Groovalution Video Lesson series, from US...
  9. Pat Petrillo


    Hello everyone As you may know, voting for the DRUMMIE Awards from DRUM! Magazine here in the States are underway, and I have been nominated for BEST DVD for "Learn to Read Rhythms, Better!". I know there are some great products out there, so, please feel free to vote for the DVD of your...
  10. Pat Petrillo

    Pat Petrillo plays the Evans G14 and G2.

    Hi Everyone I thought this would be the appropriate place to put this video I did in my room using the new Evans G14 on the snare and the G2 on the toms..Emad on the kik. Enjoy. No close mics...just room sound from video. Pat
  11. Pat Petrillo

    Online Lessons: Opinions please

    Hi everyone! As my "Groovalution" Lesson Packs are about to go live at, I have a question for those who purchased lesson packs from any other teachers.. 1) Are they downloaded or streaming ? 2) Would it matter if they are streaming and accessible with a password, or...
  12. Pat Petrillo

    Open Master Class at LCCM!

    On Tuesday March 23, I will be doing a master class at the London Center for Contemporary Music that is OPEN to outside students!. It will be from 4-6 PM at LCCM and the cost is 30 GBP. Some private lesson spots also available. Contact me here at drummerworld PM, or.. LCCM 50-52 Union...
  13. Pat Petrillo

    Pat Petrillo UK Clinic Tour MARCH!

    Hi everyone Just wanted to say I will be in the UK in March for another clinic tour, as well as offering PRIVATE LESSONS at a few locations..So, if you live in the area. please come by, and if you would like lessons, PM, and I can give you details. Cheers, and see you soon! Sunday, March 21...
  14. Pat Petrillo

    Ed Thigpen Passed Away

    I had the pleasure of knowing him, and he was such a sweet person, kind and humble. Not to mention a great drummer. Rest in Peace, Ed. It was an honor to have known you.
  15. Pat Petrillo

    Full DVD downloads from Hudson..

    Open for discussion As some of you may know, Hudson music in now offering full digital downloads of selected products direct to your computer. (See banner ads on main page). You simply download and install a program, and you have your own store you can access 24 hours a is the iTunes...
  16. Pat Petrillo

    New P4 Pad Demo Video here!!

    Hi everyone! Just completed a demo video of the P4 Practice Pad in action! Check it out here on LudwigTV Thanks very much Pat
  17. Pat Petrillo

    40th Anniversary of Abbey Road Tribute Video

    Hi everyone On my last tour to the UK, I made a short video tribute on the 40th Anniversary of The Beatles Abbey Road. I hope you dig it. All the Best Abbey Road 40th Anniversary Video tribute
  18. Pat Petrillo

    Happy Birthday, Ringo!

    My personal gratitude for your great inspiration, and for being such an influence to me and so many others thru the years. Keep doin' your thing for years to come. Happy Birthday. Cheers, Peace and Love!
  19. Pat Petrillo

    Lib DeVitto Sues Billy Joel.

    I think this opens up a great discussion in regards to contractual agreements, "hired hand" drummer, or "band member", royalty agreements, etc. Although we do not really know the agreement they shared re: songwriting/publishing on various songs, if it's not written down, it's not valid...
  20. Pat Petrillo

    Pat Petrillo UK Clinic Tour June 8-12

    Hi, everyone I will be returning to the UK for another clinic tour in June. HERE ARE THE FINAL DATES Monday, June 9: ACM, Guildford. Tuesday, June 10: Poole Percussion/Percussion Works Drum Studio, Bournemouth MASTER CLASS. Wednesday, June 10 Brighton Institute of Music, Brighton...