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    “New” Tama 12x16 Bass Drums

    Being offered in Star series drums and Starclassic Maple and Starclassic Walnut/Birch:
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    Chick Corea Video on Roy Haynes Cymbal

    Chick just posted this on YouTube the other day:
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    INDe ResoArmor Kits

    Let me preface this post by saying that I do not intend for this question to be a criticism of Josh's work at INDe at all; it is more about me trying to figure out budgeting questions and market value (especially when thinking about unpredictable future times). Josh has increased his offering...
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    Mapex Saturn Evolution?

    Does anyone know when Mapex intends to update their website with detailed information about the Saturn Evolution series? Two months since NAMM, and updating a website with an already developed product should not be that hard.
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    Undersized Drums

    Does anyone know which drum sets feature undersized shells? I've heard that Sonor (German-made) shells are 12mm undersized, and Ludwig Classic Maples are 6mm undersized. I also think I heard that the old high-end Premier shells were undersized.
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    Great Finish

    I finally found a Canopus kit in “electric plum” lacquer. Looks beautiful!
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    DS Custom Rebel Drums (Italy)

    Does anyone have any experience playing or general hands-on at a shop or NAMM of DS drums out of Italy? They appear to do fantastic custom quality work and the pricing is incredible. It’s like N&C or GMS level of attention to detail but $400 or so less expensive! (That is, 18/14/12 kit in...
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    Oriollo Bop Kits

    Hey all: Just thought I'd repost a new video link here that Vukan just uploaded. It's a Phantom (aluminum shells) bop kit (16/14/12) and sounds really nice: And this one:
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    Bill Stewart on Canopus Yaiba Set - Wow

    Just thought I'd share this Bill Stewart solo, playing with Peter Bernstein and Larry Goldings. This house kit looks like a red sparkle Canopus Yaiba jazz set, and it sounds just as good as Bill's usual Gretsch USA Customs. Great playing, great sound from the kit!
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    Pearl Opti-mount to Inde Drum Mount?

    Is there any way to fabricate a plate that would enable one to replace the 7/8 tube attachment on the Pearl Opti-mount with Josh Allen's Inde tunable drum mount?
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    Odery Tom Mounts vs Pearl?

    Does anyone know if it is possible to order some Odery tom mounts in the USA? I'm thinking of replacing the Pearl option-mounts with Odery's system that uses L-rod instead.
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    Bop Kit Choices?

    I've watched a lot of video demos about these kits, but I was curious to hear feedback from anyone who has played these kits. If looking for a bebop 18/14/12 setup, which kit is worth the investment? I'm familiar with all their hardware features, with Yamaha and Tama mounts being my favorite. -...
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    INDe Drums

    Any INDe drum owners on the forum? Those of you with INDe kits, are you happy with them? I’m considering an 18/14/12 set and really like Josh’s new ResoArmor finishes, but those finishes are super expensive (same cost just about as a USA Custom kit). Given that cost, I’m concerned about the...
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    16" Evans Calftone Not Fitting?

    I've been away for a long while, but I'm getting back into drumming. I recently had Precision Drum help me convert a 14x16 Tama Starclassic Bubinga floor tom into a mini-jazz bass drum, and I purchased a tom-sized Evans Calftone EQ4 head for the batter side of the now bass drum. However, the...
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    Good Deal on Sonor SQ1s?

    I noticed that Cascio Music (Interstate) is running a Sunday thru 4/9 20% off sale on gear. This means you could pick up a Sonor (German-made) SQ1 birch kit for 20% off, which puts the 20/14/12 configuration at $2K vs. $2600. I think the SQ1 shells are a throwback to the earlier Sonor shells...
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    Oriollo Jazz Kit Demo

    I just noticed that Sinclair Lott posted, finally, a demo of his Oriollo Phantom (aluminum) jazz kit: Sizes are 14x16 bass drum (wood hoops, I believe), 12x14 floor tom, 8x12 tom in black galaxy finish, I believe. Kit sounds really good, I think!
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    Metal Drum Kits & Jazz

    General question for debate: Can metal drum sets sound "right" enough for jazz music? I ask because the climate-durability factor of metal kits is appealing but I have yet to hear such a set sound really good in jazz context. Oriollo sets have a lot of potential, I think, based on tuning range...
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    Any Thoughts about the New Sonor AQ2?

    A few demos of these reinventions of the Select Force Maple (combo of North American and Asian maple) series have started appearing online. Has anyone played an AQ2 or see it in person? The jazz configuration set is priced around $1K US. I posted a link above to a pretty good demo of the...
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    NAMM 2018 New Gear Thread

    Just wanted to get this thread started! I noticed that Bosphorus Cymbals has a new line out, which I believe they'll debut at NAMM: the Syncopation Series. Boston Drum Center has a pretty good demo of the hats, crashes, and rides, which has just been posted. There are two lines in the...
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    Zildjian A Avedis Rides & Max Roach?

    I’m a big fan of Max Roach and I’ve read that he often used Zildjian As (versus the darker Ks). I was recently re-listening to “Parisian Thoroughfare” where Max plays with Clifford Brown and his rides indeed sound brighter like As. If I wanted to attempt to capture that...