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  1. RickP

    New Drum Kit Suggestion

    The Yamaha Stage Custom is a solid choice. Good sounding drums, well built and reliable all for a modest price and usually includes good hardware. Add a cymbal pack of Paiste PST 5 cymbals and you are good to go.
  2. RickP

    Kit for Wedding Band

    This is exactly what I use for my Wedding band gigs - 20/12/14 kit ( Sonor Vintage series currently) - I take a metal shell and a wood shell snare ( depends on the room which I use). One ride that can cover a lot of different styles ( usually a 20" Paiste 602 Medium ride) , two crashes ( 16" and...
  3. RickP

    What's a piece of drum gear that you like the IDEA of having it, but you have reservations or simply no use for it?

    Double Pedal - I have one on my practice e-kit and have got relatively proficient at it . Won’t gig it as the music I play doesn’t call for it . Cable remote hihat - the use intrigues keas ai am a huge fan of Gary Chester’s New Breed book . These were very popular in the90’s . Rarely see people...
  4. RickP


    I have been playing gigs for over 45 years . always had a day job but hugged regularly all this time . Currently I play in two bands and sub on others when asked . I play a wide variety of gigs from Dive bars to Weddings and Corporate events . Since the Pandemic I have been doing a variety of...
  5. RickP

    Fibes > Corder > Darwin > ? > Fibes

    Fibes was first started up by Bob Grauso and John Morena and afternoon a few years was sold to the CF Martin Company . Corder bought Fibes and stopped making fibreglass drums and changed the Company name to Corder . Sammy Darwin purchased the Company from Corder and naked them Darwin drums ...
  6. RickP

    new 2 me pre loved kit

    I figured as much - I was just pulling your leg about the Pearl badge .
  7. RickP

    new 2 me pre loved kit

    Why would Darth want to diminish the value of his Renowns ? 😀😀😀
  8. RickP

    What's your latest purchase?

    Sitting on it is what sold me on it . It is very comfortable, the memory foam type padding doesn’t compress completely and leaves a very firm but comfortable surface to sit on . I would never buy a throne without trying it first. I plan to keep this for rehearsals and for playing guitar .
  9. RickP

    What's your latest purchase?

    Picked up one of the new Rogers drum thrones . I was shocked how comfortable this throne is . The padding is very firm and the throne base is very lightweight and solid . It weighs about half the weight of my Tama Ergo Rider and Roc N Soc nitro thrones .
  10. RickP

    DW Drums from a Non-DW Player's Perspective

    The fact that DW was located in California had a lot to do with their rise in the drum world . They could provide access and support to LA based drummers that other Companies could not do as well . DW jumped into the Endorsement pool with both feet very early in their lifecycle .
  11. RickP

    Nice compliment due to new gear!

    I use lightweight stands and hihat but do not skimp on the throne . I learned years ago the importance of a quality throne and unfortunately that means a heavyweight throne . My thrones are a Roc N Soc nitro and a Tama Ergo Rider .
  12. RickP

    What brand of drums - you have never owned but would love to .

    We have done this before , but it has been awhile and I am curious what forum members choices would be . my choice when we first did this was Sonor , but since I have a Sonor kit my new choice would be Tama in particular Tama Star series . Some background on the significance for me . Tama has...
  13. RickP

    Let’s see your Engraved snare drums

    John’s engraving pricing is based on the complexity of the engraving . Back in 2009 his engraving jobs started at $450 USD and went up from there .
  14. RickP

    Let’s see your Engraved snare drums

    Hey Folks Let’s post some pics of your engraved snare drums . My only engraved snare drum is the pictured 14” x 5” Ludwig Black Beauty from 2009 . This particular drum was purchased from Todd Trent ( former Ludwig A&R guy). It had chrome hardware ( Imperial lugs , P 85 , triple flange hoops...
  15. RickP

    Gretsch Piccolo Snares

    One was also used for the Tom Petty song “ Last Dance with Mary Jane “ this shows the versatility of these wonderful drums
  16. RickP

    Gretsch Piccolo Snares

    The Noble and Cooley Maple SS Piccolo is the finest example of a piccolo snare I have ever played . Phil Collins used one for years , even when he was a Gretsch Endorser .
  17. RickP

    The kit that got away

    I believe Chris Whitten was using a N&C Horizon series kit by the time he was with Dire Straits . This is a maple ply shell with an inner ply of African Mahogany .
  18. RickP

    What's your latest purchase?

    Dibs on it next !!
  19. RickP

    What's your latest purchase?

    I have one of these too and love it ! It plays well with the 18” 602 thin crash I own .
  20. RickP

    Billy Joel Drummer Liberty DeVitto on His New Memoir, Making Peace with His Old Boss

    There are two sides to every story . Liberty mentioned in an interview that some things were said to Billy about Liberty that were discovered to be untrue when he discussed it with Liberty when they reconciled .