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  1. jeffwj

    Drum/Percussion teachers near Princeton, NJ

    I have an elementary school aged student who is moving to the Princeton, NJ area. His parents asked me to try to locate an instructor for him. He has been studying with me for a year or so and is playing snare, drumset, and mallet percussion. Does anyone know of a teacher in that area who...
  2. jeffwj

    Published in Modern Drummer

    I have a series of three articles in Modern Drummer magazine starting this month (Sept. issue - they are ahead by a few months). Subscribers should already have the issue. It hits the news stands on August 4th. This month's article deals with single stroke roll development. I have been...
  3. jeffwj

    Anyone going to PASIC?

    PASIC is next week in Indianapolis. Anyone attending? I'll be there!!! While there are clinics on all kinds of percussion instruments, the drumset artists there will include: Shawn Pelton Gordon Campbell Billy Kilson Florian Alexandru-Zorn Gregg Bissonette Rodrigo Villanueva Jason Sutter...
  4. jeffwj

    Day of Percussion

    Just checking to see if anyone is going to the Virginia/DC Day of Percussion on Feb. 8th or the Maryland/Dlelware Day of Percussion on March 2nd. I should be able to stop by. Here is a link for both. Virginia/DC...
  5. jeffwj

    I've been nominated for a Drummie (and so has Drummerworld)

    I just found out that my book, The Level System, has been nominated for a Drummie from Drum Magazine. If you have checked out the book and think it is valuable, please go to and vote for The Level System. And, of course, Drummerworld has been nominated for...
  6. jeffwj


    Is anyone here attending PASIC next week? I will be doing a meet and greet at the Alfred booth that Saturday at 3pm. Bill Bachman will be doing a clinic there too. Hopefully, I will get a chance to meet some of my online friends in person. Thanks, Jeff
  7. jeffwj

    The Level System

    After years of writing, editing, and shopping for publishers, The Level System is now published and available through Alfred Publications. I am excited. Thanks to everyone here who has shown interest in the book. Jeff
  8. jeffwj

    Drum Competitions

    I noticed that there have been some people coming onto the forum to promote themselves in competitions, mainly the Hit-Like a Girl contest. While there is nothing wrong with getting your name out there, I think that sometimes it turns into a popularity contest. Yesterday, I even noticed "If...
  9. jeffwj

    New Website - Please answer a quick question

    I have just designed a new website. It seems to look good on my computers, but my wife's laptop is not displaying my full business name. Instead of Johnson Drum Instruction, it is only showing Johnson Drum In. I tried it on my computer on Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Chrome. I want to...
  10. jeffwj

    Virginia show with Wayne Bergeron

    I just wanted to let everyone know that I will be performing with the Swing Machine big band tomorrow, May 1st at the Carlyle Club. The guest artist is Wayne Bergeron. If anyone is in the area and interested in attending, the info is below. Jeff
  11. jeffwj

    Out of Print Drum Books

    I was wondering if anyone has their favorite "out of print" books. I really like the Art of Drumming by J. Burns Moore. I'm not sure if it is out of print but it is sometimes difficult to find. I also had Rock Steady from Vinny Appice. I lent it to one of my students a while ago and haven't...
  12. jeffwj

    Math is fun???

    Here's a cool site that deals with permutations. It will list possible combinations based on the information that you enter. I thought I would find all the combinations that could be listed for 8 eighth notes between two hands. Sort of a pg. 5-7 Stick Control idea...
  13. jeffwj

    Opinons wanted - should I?

    I have been finishing the latest revision on my book. It has been through numerous revisions in the past years and I have gotten pretty good at Finale music notation. When I started, I could barely write a single exercise in Finale. Week after week, month after month, year after year, I have...
  14. jeffwj

    Guest Artist - Wipe Out

    Pre-Conan Max. I never saw this one before. Jeff
  15. jeffwj

    I should have asked this earlier but...

    Will anyone be at the Modern Drummer Drum Festival this weekend? I'm driving up from VA tonight. It would be cool to meet some Drummerworld people in person at the event. Jeff
  16. jeffwj

    Will anyone else be at Drummer's Collective this Sunday?

    I will be going to the Hudson Music Teacher Integration Program day at Drummer's Collective on Sunday. I was wondering if there are any other teachers on Drummerworld that are going. There's supposed to be 50 of us and after talking to Mike from Hudson, it seems the event is sold out. Anyone...
  17. jeffwj

    What brand practice pad is this?

    What brand of practice pad is this? I haven't seen it anywhere before. Jeff
  18. jeffwj

    Inspirational Story

    I never heard of drummer Dan Caro. But now I will show this to my students. No excuses. The preface is long, but necessary. Video one Video two Jeff
  19. jeffwj

    8 Part Series on Latin Percussion with Bobby Sanabria

    Bobby Sanabria talks about drumming and Latin Music. Also some great performances. Part One Part Two Part Three...
  20. jeffwj

    Drum VHS videos

    I am thinking of putting my old VHS drum videos onto DVD. There are some titles that have not been released onto DVD, so I need to back them up somehow. Has anyone been through this process and if so, what did you use? I looked at the Roxio Easy VHS to DVD, but the reviews on Amazon are...