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  1. slhanks04

    One foot out the door

    Cheers all, a few months ago I had my right leg amputated below the knee due to a long and drawn out battle with an infection. Anyway, I'm back on two feet as I now have a prosthetic leg, and I have no intention of giving up drumming. However, without the ability to independently move my foot at...
  2. slhanks04

    Trying to find a 13" Ludwig tom

    I have a Ludwig Evolution Maple kit in Mahogany Burst finish. On Ludwig's website, they show that they make a 10x13" mounted tom in the Evolution Maple line. I'd like to add one to my kit, but I can't find one anywhere. I've checked Guitar Center, Musician's Friend, Sweetwater and Sam Ash. Does...
  3. slhanks04

    Drum and gear pricing

    Something I've been curious about for awhile, why is it that drums, cymbals, and many accessories are the same price no matter which retailer you buy them from? Guitar Center, Sam Ash, Musician's Friend, Sweetwater, American Musical Supply, etc - all offer the same stuff at the same price. GC...
  4. slhanks04

    New guy from Arizona

    Hi, I just joined the forum yesterday although I have been a fan of the site for many years. I started playing when I was 9, played all through high school then quit when I joined the military. Picked up the sticks again in my mid-20's for a few years, including a few cover bands - then our...