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  1. CYP

    Tim Baltes drumless tracks

    Played over another Tim Baltes track today, so figured I'd just post here rather than start a new thread (mods have "encouraged" this behavior in the past :))
  2. CYP

    Tim Baltes drumless tracks

    Glad ya dig! Haven't really worked on it much as of late but certainly hearing it all over huh? Fun to at least attempt the Dilla vibes even when faking it :-)
  3. CYP

    SOAD - Lonely Day - Drum Cover

    Oh man you just took me back 15 years! Dug the trippy vid in the beginning. Way to play heavy stuff w/ blast sticks!
  4. CYP

    Practicing DRAGONFORCE

    Nice sounds man! Are we hearing bass drum triggers? Dig the blast-ish punkish stuff.
  5. CYP

    Squib Cakes drum intro

    Oh yeah! Such a great tune and intro. Way to make it happen on the pad kit!
  6. CYP

    Manu Katché - Sledgehammer

    Nice pocket!
  7. CYP

    Tim Baltes drumless tracks

    Thanks much, Rock!
  8. CYP

    Tim Baltes drumless tracks

    Do you all know Tim Baltes? He's a great drummer and all around funny dude, and he makes awesome "drumless tracks." They are currently available on bandcamp as a "pay what you want" model. Pretty generous and really fun to play too! Here's "String Cheese Means Snack Time." Also if anyone...
  9. CYP

    50 songs in 2 years

    Hahaha! You crack me up. And glad you're a fan of Play it, Chester, I like that moment as well :) Hmmmm come to think of it I did choke on an orange for awhile once as a young child.... ;) Thanks again!
  10. CYP

    50 songs in 2 years

    Thanks so much, Sacco! That really means alot :)
  11. CYP

    50 songs in 2 years

    I didn't take it as such!! Zappa is not an intentional influence but certainly an artist that I love. And his drummers were always AMAZING. To be honest I need to spend more time with his catalog on the whole :)
  12. CYP

    50 songs in 2 years

    Thanks so much! I've been getting the Zappa comparison a lot and I am not mad at that at all!!!
  13. CYP

    50 songs in 2 years

    Here's a reel I made of 50 tunes I've written/performed over the past couple of years. Many of them I have posted here before so you may see snippets you recognize, and I've gotten a lot of great feedback and motivation from having done so... so thanks to the DW community!! And hope you enjoy :)
  14. CYP

    Charlie Hunter virtual collab

    Charlie has been posting a bunch of vids that people are jamming to after the fact. I actually did this one too (), but funnily enough hear the beat in a different place! Nice playing, Tony.
  15. CYP

    Swiss Matthias' short beatz thread

    Diggggg man! Super funky drummer vibes and those fun little sextuplet things in there are cool :)
  16. CYP

    Relative Stillness (percussion composition w/ marimba, vibes, glock, drums, congas, darbuka...)

    Thanks Andy! It definitely was a ton of work 🤪... super fun process too !
  17. CYP

    Relative Stillness (percussion composition w/ marimba, vibes, glock, drums, congas, darbuka...)

    Here's a new piece I wrote after being commissioned by an old friend, enjoy!
  18. CYP

    Bass Drum Quintuplet Grid

    Over Kneebody's "Still Play"
  19. CYP

    Afro Green

    Man nice! I learned this one a while back... love this tune and arrangement!
  20. CYP

    Quarantine Johnston 3-5-7 Watermelon - Drum Exercise/Composition

    Oooo thanks! Always an influence for sure :)