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  1. CYP

    Tim Baltes drumless tracks

    Do you all know Tim Baltes? He's a great drummer and all around funny dude, and he makes awesome "drumless tracks." They are currently available on bandcamp as a "pay what you want" model. Pretty generous and really fun to play too! Here's "String Cheese Means Snack Time." Also if anyone...
  2. CYP

    50 songs in 2 years

    Here's a reel I made of 50 tunes I've written/performed over the past couple of years. Many of them I have posted here before so you may see snippets you recognize, and I've gotten a lot of great feedback and motivation from having done so... so thanks to the DW community!! And hope you enjoy :)
  3. CYP

    Relative Stillness (percussion composition w/ marimba, vibes, glock, drums, congas, darbuka...)

    Here's a new piece I wrote after being commissioned by an old friend, enjoy!
  4. CYP

    Bass Drum Quintuplet Grid

    Over Kneebody's "Still Play"
  5. CYP

    Quarantine Johnston 3-5-7 Watermelon - Drum Exercise/Composition

    Welp folks, I know there’s plenty of #coronacontent out there. When @richstitzelmusic hipped me to this cool extra credit version of an awesome @mikeslessons, I expected to enjoy trying it as an exercise, and then I transcribed it randomly adding some pandemic phrases to the mix. Then...
  6. CYP

    When in Doubt Funk (Drum Transcription)

    WHEN IN DOUBT, FUNK Rai Thistlethwayte posted this ridiculous clip on instagram a few days and back, and it had the funkiest linear drumming on the bridge!! I’m pretty sure he played it on a Casio keyboard or something, but boy howdy did it kick my buttocks! Here’s my interpretation :)...
  7. CYP

    iPhone Ringtone "Opening" - Percussion Cover

    Lots of time for nonsense in quarantine, so here's some: Hope y'all are staying safe :) -Campbell
  8. CYP

    Flashes by Evan Marien x Dana Hawkins (Drum Cover)

    This is a record that came out 7 years ago to this day featuring the great drummer Dana Hawkins, and has drumless tracks to be purchased on Bandcamp as well. Super fun music to play!
  9. CYP

    Drum Cover - "California" by Childish Japes

    Was working on this new tune today by Childish Japes! I'm sure many of you know their drummer JP Bouvet, really tasty player. Trying to approximate some of his approach here to this tune in 5. Enjoy!
  10. CYP

    Original Compositions (Live Drums)

    Hi everybody! I've been instructed to keep all of my further posts into a single thread, so here's the beginning with a new short tune I wrote called "You Have It."
  11. CYP

    "Falter" live from Rockwood Music Hall NYC

    New live vid of my band Songsāra, hope ya dig!
  12. CYP

    "Free form" drum solo (drum-led composition experiment)
  13. CYP

    Alixir (one time only, get your 5 over 4 and 7 over 4 polyrhythmic grooves! Right here folks!)

    Here's a new song I wrote about a person. I hope you like it. (Now with link....oops!)
  14. CYP

    "Dimensions" Drum Solo

    Quick clip of a solo on my tune "Dimensions" from 12/29/18.
  15. CYP

    Little Drummer Boy ("Pie Rum") Hip-Hop/Jazz Reharm

    Hey frands! Here's another contribution to the Musical Advent Calendar 2018, this one a silly take on Little Drummer Boy with some Hip Hop type grooves and jazz reharms in the arrangement (vocally and otherwise)... Hope you dig! Campbell
  16. CYP

    "I'll Be Home for Christmas" Remix

    Hi frands! Been a minute. My band Flightless Birds recently remixed the Christmas classic "I'll Be Home..," and I wanted to share with y'all!
  17. CYP

    Short(ish) idea in 5/16
  18. CYP

    New live vid

    Hey folks! Just dropped a new live video of my band from this past April, let me know what ya think!
  19. CYP

    Original tunes w/ live drums (videos)

    Hey folks! Been a minute. One of the community members suggested I start a thread to continue posting vids of original tunes, so here's a new song I wrote and a new thread— enjoy!
  20. CYP

    Gospel transcription of a fellow Drummerworld community member, Kaide!

    Hey friends! I was super inspired by Kaide's (Kai Jokiaho) cover of Charlie Puth's "How Long," so I went ahead and transcribed is whole approach. Here's a video of that if you'd like to check it out: And you can check the whole...