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  1. Xstr8edgtnrdrmrX

    What's your latest purchase?

    your'e kiiling me with that K custom!!! and the set. You aren't getting rid of that are you?
  2. Xstr8edgtnrdrmrX

    List of boutique builders

    I still want an Ayotte those things!!! and Eames drums also pique my interest
  3. Xstr8edgtnrdrmrX

    I’m worried that live music is over

    plus, we have been given the "thumbs up" to head to my wife's cousins cabin in the middle of nowhere Michigan if we want, so we have that option as well
  4. Xstr8edgtnrdrmrX

    I got some drums... shouldn't be looking at them,,,you should be whacking them
  5. Xstr8edgtnrdrmrX

    RIP Jimmy Cobb

    Kind of Blue....😞
  6. Xstr8edgtnrdrmrX

    Leland Sklar....The best ever

    yep...subscribed to that channel the week it came out, being a bass player as well as a drummer!!!
  7. Xstr8edgtnrdrmrX

    I’m worried that live music is over

    yep...I will probably be the first to go if civil unrest happens...I am a middle/high school band director. I have lived homeless before though, so the idea of escaping urban centers and going rogue in the wilderness is a possibility. I am not convinced that it will come down to Mad Max style...
  8. Xstr8edgtnrdrmrX

    I’m worried that live music is over

    we have been playing together long enough that we could probably show and hit it on the fly...we have not practiced since February, but hell, it is just simple swing and blues. I use brushes, and rarely play anything that is more than a simple stewing 2 and 4 at around 100bpm. We do...
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    I’m worried that live music is over

    ...and the people complaining the loudest and starting the riots will be the ones who raced out to be "normal" again....because ignorance breeds ignorance
  10. Xstr8edgtnrdrmrX

    Intuitive time

    interesting... I have always thought of the beat as being a hammock...and when you are "on", you are comfortably placed in the middle. sort of cozy and swinging; getting in is tricky, and you have to practice. Every once in a while, you have to bounce out to the less stable and tighter wound...
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    Show us your storage solutions

    I am "lucky" in a way, in that most of my drum stuff is stored in the band room at school where I work. We use my drum set as the school jazz band kit, so it is always up and ready to go. Our percussion storage room is huge - the kids joke that I live there - so I have some space of my own in...
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    What is YOUR strongest quality or skill-set on the kit?

    you are not missing anything...
  13. Xstr8edgtnrdrmrX

    What is YOUR strongest quality or skill-set on the kit?

    yeah, this is part of my resume as well. My pay scale fits many budget levels...
  14. Xstr8edgtnrdrmrX

    Which headphones do you use to practice?

    I use the headphones for me to hear.... and the PA for the neighbors to hear. They love it.....
  15. Xstr8edgtnrdrmrX

    A cymbal of my ignorance

    1932 Zildjian......ogloglogloglogl
  16. Xstr8edgtnrdrmrX

    Intuitive time

    I have rarely used a click in the studio either, and never use it live. To me, live is the test. Live is where I mix click timing with moment-to-moment adjustments based on what I hear, what the band is feeling and what the audience is feeling. But for me, I can't make the adjustments without...
  17. Xstr8edgtnrdrmrX

    Intuitive time

    For me, subdividing is the ONLY way to organize the space between pulses. Anything else is guess work. You break the space down to the smallest division that makes sense to use given the tempo. The slowest I have ever needed to go was 48bpm in college. Also, at that tempo, we used visual...
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    Bands with the drummer as bandleader

    absolutely...every Police guitar part just makes me smile, and go: "man, that was PERFECT for what just happened"
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    Wrist injury/tendonitis!? Help

    I had the same thing happen to me years ago when we. got a mesh head e kit for our one practice space. What I noticed is that the heads on the e kit don't absorb the shock of the stroke like regular drum heads, and that was it for me. I changed the pressure that I use as I hold the sticks and...
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    Bands with the drummer as bandleader

    I agree about Copland and the Police...but I think that whoever replaced Rutsey in Rush would have had to have some competence given the songwriting ideas of Lee and Lifeson. And Neil is one of my personal gods, so I am not slighting him at all. Funny, too, that for me, Lifeson is really who...