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  1. Xstr8edgtnrdrmrX

    Your 3 most fav Drummers From Each Decade You Have Been Playing

    So...glomming on to the 3 most influential drummers" thread.... for me it would be 1970's - the decade that I started Neil Peart Phil Eheart Stewart Copland 1980's Clive Burr Scott Rockenfield Charlie Benante 1990's Mark Zonder Tim "Herb" Alexander Chad Smith 2000's Stanton Moore Bran...
  2. Xstr8edgtnrdrmrX

    Custom made cocktail drum

    So I think I am going to have my local shop make me a custom cocktail drum to use with my country/rockabilly band. I am pretty much sold on it being maple shell, but am just curious about suggestions for the ply thickness and the diameter. I don't plan on putting any "Attachments" on it...I...
  3. Xstr8edgtnrdrmrX

    A bit of my playing

    Hello all!! Benn hanging around as a noob in the forum now for about a week, and thought I would post up a link to a few of one of my bands albums. We are called Go Robot, Go and have been around forever, We do lo-fi/indie/garage/surf-punky kind of music...I always tell people it is a mix of...
  4. Xstr8edgtnrdrmrX

    Hello all!!!

    What's up fellow beat keepers! New to the forum, and excited to talk and learn about my #1 passion!! Have been playing drums since first grade (1976), and am a band director/percussion instructor for my 9-5. Dad was a jazz drummer around town, so I actually started playing before first grade...