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  1. ineedaclutch

    Floor tom sounds choked, do any of those leg attachments work?

    +1 for the Pearl feet. The only kit I don't have them on is my Tama SCM as those are excellent. Also, the different venues and the way their stages are built will greatly alter the sound.
  2. ineedaclutch

    In defense of new gear...

    I'm not sure, but like @AzHeat and I mentioned, most apps will do this.
  3. ineedaclutch

    In defense of new gear...

    More like click for four bars, no click for four bars, and click for four bars. Rinse and repeat. You can choose the number on most metrenome apps.
  4. ineedaclutch

    The roots of drumming—Downfall of Paris

    Brown socks was too distracting.
  5. ineedaclutch

    Got my new Sonor SQ1's today....Meh..

    Well, there is your problem. You didn't pay them enough to care. I blame you, really. So inconsiderate. ;)
  6. ineedaclutch

    American football!!!

    Another option is college ball.
  7. ineedaclutch


    This is where I draw the line. _____________________
  8. ineedaclutch

    Yamaha Crosstown Lightweight Hardware

    Yamaha should supply one, but it shouldn't be difficult to find one that fits. Where's that live stream bud?
  9. ineedaclutch

    GC Wouldn't Let Me In

    Next you'll be telling him to use Pearl plumbing pipe tom arms. Where does the insanity end? Alliteration foo!
  10. ineedaclutch

    Tama snare decision.

    If you want a matching snare it should be matching, no? Go for the B/B.
  11. ineedaclutch

    Ever regret buying a drumset?

    1st gen Gretsch Catalina Maple. The shells were decent, however the hardware was absolute crap. The isolation mounts for the toms did not fit properly and had to be bent into shape to get them to almost seat. Almost every wing nut on the kit, from the tom mount to floor tom legs, stripped out...
  12. ineedaclutch

    Why no Motown drummers on Drummerworld?

    @Ransan The songs you mention probably start with a six stroke roll. I'll check when I get a chance, but that was a really popular intro.
  13. ineedaclutch

    The feel of a drum

    I took my metamucil today so I check all three boxes.
  14. ineedaclutch

    Future 'Vintage' Drums

    I think high-end wood drums will be sought after in the future. It really depends on advancements that are made in drum manufacturing and materials. Once products are drastically altered, people pine for the old.
  15. ineedaclutch

    Which is better? Yamaha Stage Custom, Mapex Mars, Mapex Advantage Nouveau.

    Those have the plastic lugs that @Rayl posted. Run away.
  16. ineedaclutch

    May be getting some Renowns - Which ones are these?

    The only bad thing I can say about them is that they are a bit on the husky side. You definitely won't mistake them for lightweight drums, but I think that is part of what makes them sound so good. Some have an issue with the odd number of lugs on the rack toms, but I never found that to be an...
  17. ineedaclutch

    Which is better? Yamaha Stage Custom, Mapex Mars, Mapex Advantage Nouveau.

    This depends on the generation of both kits. Do you have any links or pictures?
  18. ineedaclutch

    RIP Jimmy Cobb

    He will be missed. I remember listening to "So What" from Kind of Blue and taking off the left headphone so I could really hear the ride. Memories. I think I'll do that today.
  19. ineedaclutch

    Which is better? Yamaha Stage Custom, Mapex Mars, Mapex Advantage Nouveau.

    That's what I was thinking. If it is, I would stay away.
  20. ineedaclutch

    Anyone Here ever have to fill out an NDA before working on someone’s project

    I'm seeing a large brim felt hat, leather bracelets, and a scarf.