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    Some Good News, for a change?

    Saw this on another forum... hopefully this will help some of us here: Songwriters, along with other “gig economy” workers in the music industry ranging from...
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    Live sound, snake or individual XLR cables, or?

    What's more practical for running mic cables to the sound board, a snake with a box, individual cables, or a multiple conductor XLR like the Mogami 2931 (with four skinny XLR cables in one cable? I have to get 20-35 feet to the board sometimes. I could use short (cheaper) xlr cables to a snake...
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    Odd band drama

    I played for a band for a year or so... It was like pulling teeth to get them to record anything at all, for any purpose. And they had the stuff to do it! I kept trying to get them to put video on youtube to show potential venues what the band could do - never happened. At the last show (months...
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    Claves on drum set, need support ideas

    Looking to use a real pair of claves on the drum set from time to time, usually just for an intro and then switch to snare and drum set. I have a small tray on the high hat stand - I'm going to try cutting a V-groove in a block of foam to support a clave and play it with the other one. Anyone...
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    Zoom cam for live lessons?

    I got a new computer recently (cheap) and was wondering about the quality of video and audio necessary for maybe taking drum lessons on line. The audio and video quality of the computer leave a lot to be desired - audio might be ok, not sure though. Looking at the Zoom q2n camera, it says: "A...
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    Renown owners - cases / bags that fit?

    My Renown 16" floor tom barely squeaks into a normal 16" fiber case, due to the leg mounts extending 2.5" past the shell, including a large wing screw with a washer. Do the nominal 16" size Ahead armor bags fit around these floor tom leg mounts? What's working for you?
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    How does your band get gigs?

    I'm curious to know how bands get shows. Word-of-mouth, demos, use an agent? Advertise somehow? I'm in an ordinary cover band that's been around for years, but I just joined about six months ago. They seem to be at a standstill as far as getting shows goes. With few or no shows on the horizon...
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    unusual notation

    See the symbols above and below the repeat in the beginning of the ninth bar (first bar in the second line, after the eight bar intro... similar to brackets. They occur at other repeats, too. Anyone recognize these? What are they and how do they work? Other Sousa songs in this book use these...
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    Condensation when moving drums

    My drums stay in a cool, dry basement until the occasional gig occurs. If it's humid and warm weather, the stands instantly get wet from the moisture in the humid air condensing on them. The stands ride in a 5-gallon bucket, no bag or case for them. No air conditioning in my van. I can only...
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    band's practice set

    I joined a band recently, and when a practice had been cancelled without anyone contacting me (I called first before I spent too much time packing my drums) I reminded them about what a lot of work it is to move drums, and wanted to know about the drum set in the closet that I hadn't seen yet...
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    Gretsch snare snap-in key practical?

    Just got a used Gretsch snare with the snap-in key holder but no key... Is it practical or just a gimmick? Does it make noise when you play? I figure the more drum keys, the better, rather than not having one handy, but if it's no good I won't waste ten bucks on one.
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    Mike Balter mallets sold to Zildjian

    Saw this news in an email today: Mike Balter sold his company to Zildjian. Balter mallets to be made at the Vic Firth plant in Newport, Maine
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    Greetings from PA USA

    Hi, I've been lurking for a while, reading up on newer drum sets to replace the Tama I've been playing for thirty + years. Found a good deal on a slightly-used Gretsch Renown rn-1 8 10 12 16 22. Surprised at how the eight-inch sounds, much more practical than I would have guessed. It's great...