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    having lots of fun with this: great to use instead of a metronome for groove exercises, and inspiring for your own fills as well... there's tons of different grooves and bpms available, e.g. or this...
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    New tricks?

    Interesting what you can do using all the latest techniques: Push-pull in the hands and heel-toe for your feet... How long have these things been around? Buddy Rich would have been surprised I guess...
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    What makes this sound?

    The other day I got some kind of fault on a recording which produced a sound like this: unfortunately it only happened once and I can't replicate the fault... anyone know what's causing this kind of sound? It's cool as an effect!
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    Mazur on Moeller

    I love strong opinions... however people from different disciplines seem to be talking past each other, as in technique for drumset vs. rudimental/competitive drumming, To me Moeller these days means not so much arm movement but finger control for taps after an accent. That's how Jim Chapin...
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    Brittany Howard on BBC

    Fantastic drummer on that, who is it? (there's another track from that show called He loves me on the bbc iplayer)
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    Bonham fills

    in the Beato video Jack Jones does (at 11:10) the iconic Bonham fill in Stairway to Heaven. It's similar to the end of Rock'n'Roll, which is a still bit of a mystery to me. One of the best efforts around is by Brian Tichy, at 1:47: Here is the original: Tichy gets extremely close, but...
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    Vinnie with RLJ?

    identify the drummer in this footage - With 70s hair it's hard to tell... almost looks like Vinny A. got to be Vinnie C. playing all the intricate parts so tight (original on album mostly Gadd). Killer band anyway, also who's the guitarist?
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    Alan Dawson plays Take 5

    Filling big shoes in his own way... solo starts at 10:00, Brubeck seems to approve!
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    David Cola

    Really interesting vlogs, one of a younger generation of drummers trying to make it as a pro in music. Skills are up... hire this guy for any gig and you won't have to worry a thing!
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    Colin Bailey

    Not just a technique monster, he is fantastic in a jazz trio, and unique sounding:
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    EPIC drum fills...

    They probably aren't done in pop music anymore, but what are the most epic fills ever recorded? First one I would think of: Alone by Heart, at 2:00... (Denny Carmassi)
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    Classical and drums

    I like classical music and drums, but the two don't seem to mix very well. Here's a new work by a composer who added a bass part to a Bach partita and then invited drums and bass: (music starts at 4:15) It's very tastefully done, but does it add or take away from the original piano piece?
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    For Keith Emerson fans

    I wish there was more stuff like this, a live band that plays stuff that Emerson could have written today, not just ELP covers...
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    grooving on electronic kits

    Here is an amazing track from the early 90s: I think it is Peter Erskine... Do you reckon they replaced his acoustic sound with samples, or did he play on pads (which must have been fairly horrible in those days)?
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    Best way to trigger backing tracks?

    I'm looking for a device for a drummer to start backing tracks for live performances, where not the entire song but a only few sections have a backing track (stereo mp3, one side being a click). I.e. in certain places during the song I need to start these tracks on the right beat, maybe by...
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    Dennis and Gergo

    This is why Dennis Chambers is the best IMO; groove, chops and dynamics, great ideas from 4:15 he's trying all sorts to confuse the others (Stern mouthing 'help me' at one point!). In one 80s DCI video he said he used to practise his grooves over...
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    Dante Agostini

    Found an old book by Dante Agostini, so I looked him up: I'm not a big fan of composed drum pieces, but these unison kit players sound really good. Sadly he died in 1980, but seems to have quite a big legacy in Europe.
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    the groove is thick in New Orleans

    Check out the feel on this: drummer is called Doug Belote
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    Funk play along and Future Sounds

    This is me playing along to a funk playalong track, with a bit of Groove Study 9 from Future Sounds. I found it so much better to do these exercises with music, as they can be very dry otherwise. Latin loops work really well, being very syncopated so most permutations in Future Sounds sound ok...
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    Getting to grips with compression and levels

    Having done some trial and error using compression on recorded drums I really didn't know how it all worked. But this explains it quite well: Also it is now clear why they ask for consistent levels on each hit when recording: the compression...