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  1. Alain Rieder

    Polymetric & Melodic Drumming - Master Patterns 1 in 12/8 & 3/4

    This series of patterns is from a new drum book I'm writing, which is on melodic drumming. The patterns are played both in 12/8 and 3/4.
  2. Alain Rieder

    Steve Gadd - One Point Five - Groove Analysis

    In this article I dissect a groove by Steve Gadd, based on an Afro-Cuban bell pattern, which can also be played on a ride cymbal.
  3. Alain Rieder

    Time Manipulation - the eBook version is available @Hudson Music

    I'm proud to announce that the digital version of my Time Manipulation Drum Book is now available for download at Hudson Music. All of the audio examples are embedded into the ebook, so you can listen to them by tapping on screen. The audio can also be downloaded. Choose the English or French...
  4. Alain Rieder

    Rhythmic Modulations in Herbie Hancock's Chameleon

    Chameleon is a well known jazz-funk composition by Herbie Hancock. In the original studio version, around 12 minutes into the track, there is a less known part with interesting rhythmic modulations. I wrote a blog post about it, complete with charts and two videos. Here is the first video, but...
  5. Alain Rieder

    Polyrhythmic Ostinato 5 workout

    Here is a link to an article that I wrote in 1998, but I recently added a video to illustrate the concept. This is Exercise 4 from my Time Manipulation Drum Book (page 25), played with Ostinato 5 (page 127). In this video example, I played each pattern 4 times, before moving on to the next one...
  6. Alain Rieder

    Shifting eighth-note hi-hat accents

    Polyrhythmic eighth-note hi-hat accents Here's an article I wrote many years ago, which explains how I take a polyrhythmic ostinato an apply it to a groove exercise from my Time Manipulation drum book. The article is full with charts and audio, plus a video that I added recently. The concept...
  7. Alain Rieder

    Eighth note ostinato & shifting accents

    I shot this video to demonstrate an advanced application of my Time Manipulation Drum Book. I take a simple groove exercise (the first one of the book) and make it more advanced by adding a polyrhythmic ostinato. The exercise is made of 16 one-bar patterns that are played in sequence, each one...
  8. Alain Rieder

    Polyrhythmic Ostinato Exercise

    Hello! Here is a link to a video that demonstrates how I use my own drum book to take a rather simple exercise and make it more advanced by adding a polyrhythmic ostinato on top. The basic exercice is written with an eighth-note ostinato, it is made of 16 one-bar patterns that are to be played...
  9. Alain Rieder

    Time Manipulation Drum Book review in Modern Drummer

    Hello all, I'm pleased to inform you that there's a fine review of my Time Manipulation drum book in the March 2019 issue of Modern Drummer Magazine. Cheers Alain Originally published in 1992, this classic method book garnered praise from top drummers and educators. Now the author has updated...
  10. Alain Rieder

    Implied Rhythmic & Metric Modulations

    This is a short video to demonstrate some of the rhythmic modulations shown in my Time Manipulation Drum Book. I basically improvised cycles made of four bars of "normal" time, then four bars of random variations based on concepts developed in the last section of the book...
  11. Alain Rieder

    David Garibaldi & TOP

    As you may have heard, Tower of Power are touring Europe at the moment for their 50th anniversary, and they started the tour in a remote place of Switzerland called Fully. I was at the concert, but I also attended a "band masterclass" that took place on the same day at 11am. The masterclass was...
  12. Alain Rieder

    Time Manipulation Drum Book release

    This is an announcement for the release of my Time Manipulation Drum Book! I have made the book available through a secret link. This is a print on order purchase, the regular price is 40 Swiss Francs + shipping, and there is a 20% discount for one week, starting from today. Buy the book...
  13. Alain Rieder

    Cross Rhythmic Pattern 2 in 7/8

    This coordination exercise is a six-measure cycle The accent pattern resolves every twelve sixteenth notes (and there's fourteen sixteenth notes in the measure). I played the two lines once as written, and then once again but doubling the unaccented notes I played a "wood" block with my left...
  14. Alain Rieder

    Coordination exercise in 7/8

    Here is a basic but interesting cross rhythmic exercise in 7/8. It is a teaser for a much bigger project that I may publish someday ! You can hear how it sounds by clicking on the link .
  15. Alain Rieder

    Time Manipulation Drum Book

    I wrote a drum book called Time Manipulation, that was published 25 years ago. Many people thought it was a great book, but it's been out of print for many years. I'm in the last stages of a revised and improved edition, and I will make it available again soon. Edit Note : it is now available...
  16. Alain Rieder

    Improvisation in 3/4

    Our goal here is to experiment with rhythm, so this is just a practice session. We start with a simple rhythmic motif and we let ourselves go were it leads us. Anything goes!
  17. Alain Rieder

    Sting - Paris 1985 - Bring on the Night

    Thirty years ago, I was invited to attend one of Sting's rehearsals and then a concert, and I tell a little about it on my blog ! Sting - Paris 1985 - Bring on the Night
  18. Alain Rieder

    James Taylor & Steve Gadd yesterday night

    I've been a James Taylor fan since I was 18. Yesterday was actually the second time I was seeing him in concert, and yesterday's concert was pure magic. The choice of songs, the band, the sound (first row), everything was perfect. Go see them if you can, while they're in Europe !
  19. Alain Rieder

    Vinnie Colaiuta back with Yamaha?

    It looks like Vinnie Colaiuta recently played at an event called Yamaha Art And it also looks like there's a new Hip-Gig set! Interesting!
  20. Alain Rieder

    Drum lesson - Polyrhythmic ostinatos

    A series of exercises destined to help use polyrhythmic ostinatos in funk, jazz-fusion, pop and rock grooves. Please comment or ask questions. Best regards Alain Polyrhythmic ostinatos I plan to make the mp3 examples available to iOS devices soon.