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    Gary Husband play along tracks

    check out the Gary Husband site for great videocasts , he is a Allan Holdsworth track minus drums( Gary on keyboards)
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    paradiddle exercise

    Here is an old exercise that my students enjoy.
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    Isolation drum rudiments

    Calling all drummers ! while the World is in lock down and we are in isolation because of the Coronavirus, lets talk to each other and share our ideas!.Please check out Facebook search- Drummers Alliance and share your ideas, here is my idea with a full video breakdown( tag your ideas as...
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    Randy Waldman charts

    Drummers and drum teachers!, I highly recommend the big band charts and music minus from the Randy Waldman website,the tracks are challenging and musical (Vinnie Colaiuta and Steve gadd played on the original album called Superheroes,you also get transcriptions of some...
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    Randy Waldman cover

    THIS TRACK IS CHALLENGING !, it starts with a drum solo and trombone cadenza, 4/4 2/4 7/4 3/4 and 5/4 time signatures, double time jazz and drum solo at the end!. The track is called Underdog from the Randy Waldman Superheroes album, Vinnie Colaiuta and Steve Gadd play drums on the original...
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    preparing for gigs and sessions

    Here is my approach to preparing for sessions.
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    Linear drumming

    I put this video together today, talking about Linear drumming, I first heard great players like David Garibaldi Dr. Steve Gadd and Mike Clark using it in the 70s, in 1980 I got the brilliant book by Rick Latham called Advanced funk studies, here is my take on it.
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    Allan Holdsworth play along

    I highly recommend the Gary Husband website for track analyses and play along tracks!. This is an The unReal Allan Holdsworth track with Allan on guitar, Jan Hammer keyboard solo and Jimmy Johnson on bass.Im playing to the track (minus click) love it!
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    Mahavishnu, Miles beyond drum cover

    Had a go at this Mahavishnu Orchestra track called Miles beyond, its in 4/4 5/4 and 6/4.I got the track from drummer/keyboards player Gary Husband website, you get drumless track, chart and brilliant talk through by Gary, Billy Cobham played on the original album called Birds of fire.
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    City nights drum cover

    Check out this brilliant track written by drummer Gary Husband, the track is available from Garys website, also check out the track on Allan Holdsworth album called secrets, features Vinnie Colaiuta on drums.
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    paradiddle warm up idea

    I like to play this exercise to push myself and warm up.
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    Keep the customer satisfied, drum cover

    Love this arrangement by Buddy Rich big band, the minus drums version came from the Buddy Rich play along book.
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    Rudiments warm up solo

    Here is some ideas using single and double paradiddles,paradiddle diddles,open ruffs and flams.
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    Basic Latin rhythms

    As a teacher, I try to get the student to try different styles of music, here is my lesson for basic Afro cuban rhythms.
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    The art of reggae drumming

    Here is a tribute to Carlton Barrett and Reggae drumming.
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    My vintage Fibes snare drum

    I made this short video to feature my 1977 Fibes snare drum, I also attempt a Billy Cobham track.
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    Zoom Q2N video/ sound recorder

    Just go a Zoom Q2N, here is my review.
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    Einstein learning principle

    Here is my take on learning, using an Einstein principle.
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    Steve Gadd lick, breakdown

    Here is my breakdown of a brilliant Steve Gadd drum lick.
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    Bemb'e rhythm drum lesson

    Here is my take on a Bemb'e rhythm, stage by stage lesson.