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    What's your latest purchase?

    Besides the Yamaha Power V Special kit, I also just got a Yamaha Tour Custom snare and 14" Zildjian Quick Beat hats. I think I'm done buying things for now. ;)
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    If I make only one worthwhile contribution to this forum, it would figure to be this. Typical me. ;) :D
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    I got some drums...

    I do. :) They are not great, but, I do- Notes- The marks in the mounted floor tom head are stick marks, not divots; the bass drum is still awaiting a thorough cleaning and is currently quarantined in the garage; the Beech Custom floor tom is on a DIY cradle I had on hand that fits it...
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    If you are looking for odd and unusual hardware, try McMaster Carr... it's not drum stuff, but it is almost everything else. ;) Locally, I'd suggest an Ace or True Value over a big-box store, their odd hardware choices are limited compared to Ace, etc. Imo.
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    I got some drums...

    I currently have the 10 and 12 on my 20" bass, and the 13 on the stand nest to it. Together they are the closest to "the drum sound" in my head, so, I have that going for me, which is nice. :) Apparently all the drums use high tension lugs and the Air Seal system, which are supposed to be good...
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    I got some drums...

    I do always appreciate your posts...Thanks. :)
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    Leland Sklar....The best ever

    As a long-time bass player, I can say that, to most, this man is revered for his musical accomplishments. And, rightly so.
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    I got some drums...

    ...but, not that old Tama set I was talking about (not yet, anyway). What I did get is a Yamaha Power V Special set...well, most of one, anyway. :) It has a 22" bass, and 10, 12, and 13 inch toms. The bass and the 13" are labeled MIJ (even though the insides are unpainted), the 10 and 12 are...
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    New Fiona Apple song "Ladies"- Cymbal?

    It;s deliciously trashy imo... I like it a lot.
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    New Fiona Apple song "Ladies"- Cymbal?

    I actually did what you suggested re: instagram, and Miss Wood actually responded. :) "I used a 19” Agop Mel Lewis crash/ride as the ride. a paiste giant beat 19” crash and 14” Agop traditional light hats" There you go...or, at least, there I go. ;)
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    Odd snare, odd snare head questions

    I put the EC2 on yesterday... It definitely sounds better to me. I have it tuned as nobody else probably would, but it works for me. The Hydraulic will have to wait. :)
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    ...I guess I'll try to be dumb more often? Thanks, all.
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    Proper Music

    Where I am, I (and most) live in shorts 9-10 months a year... It's just what's done. That said, most here (not I) put on jackets when it gets below 60F. :rolleyes: Similarly, I like older hip-hop and old-school rap, and old country. Most music I overhear here is newer hip-hop or new country...
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    Lockdown made me clean my cymbals

    I have a Zildjian A Custom 8" splash that I got used and looks like a rust monster sneezed on it... Not sure what to do about the looks, ot even sure how to start, but it sounds good, so i'm not in a hurry. ;)
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    Same new drummer, another dumb question

    I have come to the conclusion that I like toms that don't move. I see it as "lost energy" from a stick hit that could be used to excite the drum heads, but is being lost to extraneous movement. Much as on a suspension bicycle that flexes as you pedal and move, the motive energy is lost...
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    I’m worried that live music is over

    Originally, sheet music was printed on actual bed sheets, and was only possessed by the wealthy, and dishonest laundresses.
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    I’m worried that live music is over

    The hi-hats were named after a rambunctious Kentucky Derby party, 3/4 time was invented by a guy name Larry, and, originally, snare drums were legal to be used to catch game animals.
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    Reverse Order of Mounted Toms?

    My kit is unusual, apparently, but still "normal", apparently. It's just like me. :D Currently I have a 10" snare, 10" and 12" mounted toms, and a 13" floor tom, with a 20" bass. They are set up "almost" like quads, and I like them very much. That said, removing a tom or re-orienting them is a...