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  1. Alain Rieder

    The Tree That The Apples Fell From / Joe Porcaro

    I think Joe just turned 90, and he’s one of the nicest persons in the world! I haven’t seen him in many years, but I feel blessed I got to know him. I still have the promo copy of Toto IV that he gave me.
  2. Alain Rieder


    I think it's too boring and frustrating to spend time mechanically repeating sequences of strokes. Most of the time, I work on rhythmic concepts that I find interesting, in a rather slow tempo, and it provides me with the technique I need to use them in a musical context. Working your way up...
  3. Alain Rieder

    If you've not listened to this --

    I saw Jeff play with Toto once, but also another time with Greg Mathieson at the Baked Potato in L.A. It was a very small club, so I think I saw him play from about 3 or 4 meters. There's a rare CD from that gig
  4. Alain Rieder

    Help for transcribing drums

    Here is a great drum part by Ceccarelli from 1981. I think it is really advanced playing. Who wants to try to transcribe and play it?
  5. Alain Rieder

    Help for transcribing drums

    I think what he plays isn't in 5, it is Ad Lib more or less in the same tempo (probably with a fermata), during the last fill down the toms he slows down, which is very common in endings, and the actual ending is On Cue. I didn't feel the other musicians are actually counting, they are just...
  6. Alain Rieder


    Out of curiosity, what is the speed you would like to attain?
  7. Alain Rieder

    hi-hat ankle issues with many up/down repetition

    Difficult to help you without seeing you play, but it seems that you probably sit too close to the hi hat.
  8. Alain Rieder

    What's your top 15 Drummerworld number?

    John Bonham I've seen Bonham once with, you guessed it, Led Zeppelin! Dennis Chambers At least four times with the Mike Stern and Bob Berg Band, maybe five. I saw him once with the Brecker Brothers Band in 1992, and once in clinic. Billy Cobham I've seen him four times I think. First time with...
  9. Alain Rieder

    Kick technique issue

    I have observed that most people tend to play the first stroke harder than the second, and it should be the other way around. One of the keys to overcoming this is to practice playing the first stroke excessively soft.
  10. Alain Rieder

    Kick technique issue

    I cannot give any advice on your technique unless I see you doing it. Anyway I think you must use the right technique – which may vary depending on the person – you must have a pedal in working condition and practice in a relaxed way. I would advise to use my Time Manipulation Drum Book as a...
  11. Alain Rieder

    Time Manipulation Drum Book

    Here is an example of implied modulation in 12/8 inside 4/4
  12. Alain Rieder

    Tension in groin area when playing bass drum

    A good alternative to Chaffee's book would be the first and second sections of my own Time Manipulation Drum Book which exists in print and ebook versions. I was fully aware of Chaffee's system when I wrote mine, and it can be seen as another take on a similar subject. If you work on my book...
  13. Alain Rieder

    Tension in groin area when playing bass drum

    It's probably because you're playing with your whole leg instead of your ankle. Work on relaxation rather than speed, and your speed will increase.
  14. Alain Rieder

    over the bar line

    What is the context? Straight ahead jazz? Pop, rock, funk, world, fusion? I'm writing a book on melodic drumming that will greatly help you with these concepts in pop, rock, funk, fusion and world contexts. The book isn't available yet, but here is a teaser with 12/8 patterns played in both...
  15. Alain Rieder

    Cobham's yellow kit

    Hey! Sorry for not having read this message from a few years ago! I have to admit that I don’t know who you are, but maybe if I’d see your face, and if you’d tell me a little more !?
  16. Alain Rieder

    Setting up Skype lessons

    I started teaching that way one month ago, it works pretty well and my students are enthusiastic. I use my MacBook Pro's internal camera and microphone, as well as my Zoom Q4 camera as a webcam. I can rapidly switch from one camera to the other to go from my face to my pad or e-kit (I do this at...
  17. Alain Rieder

    What are you doing drumwise during the lockdown?

    Teaching my students on Zoom or Skype Writing a new drum book and shooting videos Practicing Working on my site
  18. Alain Rieder

    How do most enthusiasts view this guy?

    He's a great drummer, I've been listening to him since 1975, when he played with Frank Zappa. I saw him live with FZ in 1978.
  19. Alain Rieder

    Learning to play open-handed/ambidextrous

    12/8 is in 4, but not in 4/4. If you feel it in 3, it would be in 3/2 in this case. To me, this pattern is really in 4, but implying 3 inside of 4 is a key element in this music. A recent post of mine on this forum is a video in which I play a series of patterns in 12/8, and then I play the...
  20. Alain Rieder

    Learning to play open-handed/ambidextrous

    It's got more than one name, as I explain on my blog which I'm shamelessly sharing. My blog post is educational about this groove pattern as played by Steve Gadd. Don't worry, I get nothing if you click on the link ;-)...