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  1. OldReliable

    Blackrolite Tuning Woes

    Hi Drummerworld, I’ve got a Blackrolite on my set right now, and I really like the sound it can make. But, I’m having trouble with snare sensitivity, or more the lack of it. It’s got Stock Wires, stock Ludwig reso, and an Evans G1 on top. It sounds fine loud, but close to the...
  2. OldReliable

    Ludwig 2018 Wrap Changes

    Hey guys, I was looking at the newly updated Ludwig Custom Order Guide, and a few wraps seem to be disappearing. According to the guide, they’ve only got limited supply left, so get them while you still can! There’s a few new wraps aswell, which I’ll list. Here’s the link to the guide...
  3. OldReliable

    Hey Pachuco drums

    Hey guys, Royal Crown Revue’s “Hey Pachuco” popped up in my Spotify playlist, and I really like the drum sound. Does anyone know the drums Daniel Glass was using when that was recorded?
  4. OldReliable

    Weird Tuning Issue

    Hey guys, I had my drums tuned pretty tight for Jazz stuff, but I decided to retune them from scratch to get them tuned a good bit lower. The floor tom tuned pretty straightforward, but the rack tom was a bit harder. After giving the drum a 1/4 turn past finger tight, it seems that there’s 2...
  5. OldReliable

    Quick Drum Survey

    Hi guys, In my high school’s math class, we’re currently doing a unit on surveys. Each of us has to do a survey as a graded project. Naturally, I though I’d do one on drums. The survey is mainly about gear and gear preferences. We have a limit of 10 questions, so it doesn’t have a question for...
  6. OldReliable

    Wuhan into a sizzle

    Hey guys, I was browsing Steve Weiss’s site when I stumbled apon some of their house brand Weiss chinas. They seem to be from the same factory as Wuhan, but it’s only $89.95 for a 20”. I’ve always wanted a swish knocker as another sound for the jazz stuff I do, so I had...
  7. OldReliable

    Jabo Starks RIP

    Was on the r/drums subreddit today, and someone posted a photo that said RIP Jabo. I was surprised, so I checked Wikipedia and it says he died today. Oddly, I can’t find any other info. I really hope this is a hoax!
  8. OldReliable

    I finally got my Ludwig Club Dates back!

    So as many of you may know, my first Ludwig experience didn't go great. I was having a heck of a time tuning the 14" floor tom, and the all drums were sort of "off" sounding. I also noticed that the head gap on the floor tom was WAY bigger on one side over the other. I decided to break out the...
  9. OldReliable

    Best high quality affordable hardware pack

    Hey guys, My high school is doing a percussion ensemble piece that requires 2 sets, so I’ll have to bring mine to school. Since having 1 set of hardware between 2 sets in different locations is a pain in the rear, I’d preferably have 2 sets of hardware. What’s the best affordable hardware pack...
  10. OldReliable

    Malicious pop up ads appearing

    Hey guys, Just wanted to let you all know that there are pop ups on iPhones now affecting our site that have malicious code in them that always redirect to those “Congradulations! You’ve won an Amazon Giftcard!” type ads. I know this has been a huge problem with DrumForum, but...
  11. OldReliable

    Is EQ4 equal to or better than PS3?

    Hey DRUMMERWORLD, I’m having a debacle, as usual. I’ve currently got Remo’s on my set and I’m loving the Coated PS3 on the kick. It’s a great sounding head, and it’s probably my favorite bass head I’ve played so far! But, I feel Remo’s quality control is lacking lately. I’ve worn the centers of...
  12. OldReliable

    Just Got Tama Classic Pedal!

    I was up at my favorite drum shop (Dale’s), and I took a look at the new Tama Classic Pedal. I really dug the design and feel, so for only 99 bucks I jumped on it and got one. I’ll set it up tomorrow and let you guys know what I think of it! OldReliable
  13. OldReliable

    Tight snare tuning

    Hey guys, I’ve been using my 90’s Ludwig Blackrolite as my main snare, and I’m absolutely loving it! I dig a lot of crack and pop out of my snares, so I tune it up pretty high. However, when the pitch of the drum gets pretty high, the lugs sometimes make a creaking sound. I...
  14. OldReliable

    Drums are out of round!

    Hey guys, If you remember, I started a thread about my new Ludwig Club Dates a while back. I’ve been loving the sound so far... when I can keep them in tune! The drums, especially the floor tom constantly detunes, so tuning to intervals with a tunebot is impossible. I also noticed a gap...
  15. OldReliable

    Should I go to NAMM next year?

    Hi DRUMMERWORLD, I’ve always loved watching the NAMM videos on YouTube, and getting to see all that new gear! This year though, I feel like I really have the urge to actually go and experience it firsthand. I’m currently in High school, so I’d fall under the student category of admission. Do...
  16. OldReliable

    NEW Silver Dots!

    Over on the Ludwig Neusonic thread, Bermuda shared that there will be new Ludwig Silver Dots, and they will be manufactured by Remo exclusively under the Ludwig name. I attached a screenshot from a Neusonic teaser video that shows them for a few seconds. I'll definitely be picking a set of...
  17. OldReliable

    Who makes Gretsch’s Aqua Satin Flame Wrap?

    I’ve been thinking about rewrapping a set of Tama Silverstars that were originally in Indigo Sparkle. Younger me placed them by a window, and now half he kit is bleached out to a gross weird blue gray! I was looking for a more vintage looking wrap, when I stumbled apon Gretsch’s Aqua Satin Flame...
  18. OldReliable

    Classic Jazz drum solo song

    Hey guys, I was listening on Spotify to one of my jazz playlists, and I stumbled across this awesome Jazz song that is basically a drum solo, like what Moby Dick is to rock. The song I’m talking about is Cozy Cole’s track “Topsy part II”. I’m really impressed how it just grooves along, and...
  19. OldReliable

    Zoom H6 Opinions?

    I’ve been looking for a quick solution to Tape my drums and have them sound good, and the Zoom H6 seems like it could solve my problems. Have any of you guys used them, and what do you think about the audio quality? Thanks, OldReliable
  20. OldReliable

    Any modern pedals like a Speed King?

    I’ve been looking into a better pedal to upgrade to from my Iron Cobra that came with my old Silverstars, and one that comes up a lot as a great classic pedal is the Ludwig Speed King. Unfortunately, they aren’t made anymore! I’d prefer to get a new pedal, since I’ll be gigging it. Does anybody...