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  1. Robsoni

    Evanescence - Bring Me To Life -- & 500+ subs on youtube, thanks!

    Check it out, playing covers at least once a week, lately it's been twice, Wednesdays & Saturdays. Also started to collaborate with others on yt, one such video out already with Nico Loray. Went over 500 subs on youtube last week :) Thanks to all subscribers here too if you happen see this :)...
  2. Robsoni

    Kesha - Tik Tok - what do you think?

    Ke$ha - Tik Tok Latest cover (posting one every saturday on youtube) - subscribe if you like please :-) What do you think? Posted some months back here first time, got feedback and tried to fix those things in my playing
  3. Robsoni

    OneRepublic - Counting Stars

    OneRepublic - Counting Stars Covered a song with lyrics to match today's situation. ...'no more counting dollars, I'll be counting stars..' money can't buy health or happiness so #stayhome and play!
  4. Robsoni

    Starlight - Muse

    Starlight - Muse Here's my latest, been posting new covers to youtube at least once a week, and plan to do so in the future as well - subscribe to see them. Not linking them all up here to avoid spamming whole forum, links to all of them in my signature ;)
  5. Robsoni

    Still Into You - Paramore

    Still Into You - Paramore Any feedback appreciated
  6. Robsoni

    Gangnam Style - Psy :D

    A bit different genre Gangnam Style - Psy @Push pull stroke trying to fix that thumb :)
  7. Robsoni

    Love Never Felt So Good - Michael Jackson

    Not very advanced dummer here, but making progress. Not native english speaker :) Love never felt so good - Michael Jackson