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    I got some drums...

    ...but, not that old Tama set I was talking about (not yet, anyway). What I did get is a Yamaha Power V Special set...well, most of one, anyway. :) It has a 22" bass, and 10, 12, and 13 inch toms. The bass and the 13" are labeled MIJ (even though the insides are unpainted), the 10 and 12 are...
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    What's yours? I've been using the one I've used for ever as a bass player, but it's basically insufficient for use with drums. It's mostly okay with a pad, but, I want better. :) Looking at the Tama Rhythm Watch, but open to suggestions. What are you using? Dedicated met, app on a device...
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    New Fiona Apple song "Ladies"- Cymbal?

    Firstly, I have to say how much I enjoy the drums in this song from drummer Amy Aileen Wood... sublime pop music drumming imo. But, the cymbals (hats and...China?) really caught my ear. Anybody know what she's playing here, or have an educated guess? I think I want to go cymbal shopping. :)
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    Same new drummer, another dumb question

    Hello all... ...In a recent thread here Pearl drums I saw mentions of "tom bounce", and had a thought: Does this mean "response" from the drum re: the stick (bounce back), or Does this mean the actual drum itself reacting in opposition to the stick (swinging/wobbling on the mount)? Thanks. :)
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    Please help I.D. this drum set

    Re: questions from a co-worker, I present these pics- I was told "they're older and been sitting a while, I don't know what they are, they're drums and they're in the way." Looking at the pics, I see some cheap cymbals and basic stands... and these drums, which, I think might be an older Tama...
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    Odd snare, odd snare head questions

    I have a Pearl Short Fuse snare drum that's 10"x4.5". It's my main snare, tuned fairly low. I prefer a fairly dry sound, as I play a lot of funk and rock stuff. It has an Evans Snare Side 300 reso and a Remo Ambassador X batter, but I also have 2 other batter heads here to try. One is an EC2...
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    What would you do?

    Let's say that you are a fairly new drummer looking to grow and improve, and thinking that a new to you drum set would be inspirational and you are also tired of your starter thrift store drums. You know a bit about what to look out for, but, still, new to this. You are likely looking for a...
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    Help me determine what I have?

    ...I'm a fairly recent drummer, and I've been trying to determine exactly what my "origin" kit is... You know, the "first" one. Fwiw, I still play it all the time. :) For me, it's my thrift store starter kit... a 20" Sonor Force 2003 bass drum (no front hoop or head) and two random toms...
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    edit: What Is It? (pics added)

    ...was out and about today (responsibly) and found a new (to me) pawn shop. They had a cymbal they showed me, had the usual stamp that said "Zildjian Turkish Cymbals Made In USA" or whatever but no serial number... A ride, 22" I think... Nice patina, but nicer tone, lots of depth to the...
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    Relatively new to this, and I have a dumb question...

    ...please forgive me. How are "concert" or suspended cymbals different from "drum set" cymbals, if at all, besides their respective placements? Is there any difference in hammering or lathing, in tone, or in use, from a drum set user's perspective? ...go easy on me, please. :D Thanks!
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    Would you clean paint off of a cheap cymbal?

    ...or, just leave it as is, because it's "just"a cheap cymbal? Situation- When I got my cheap drum kit (my first real kit!), included was a Paiste PST3 18" crash/ride, with spray paint on it. In my opinion, it's not a truly terrible cymbal, and could likely find some use with me, but... the...
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    I need a stick bag...suggestions, please?

    Hi... I'm relatively new to drumming, and in gradually acquiring my drum set I have also acquired a few pairs of sticks along the way... However, I have yet to find a bag with which to carry them. I currently have 4 pairs of sticks, a set of rods, and a set of brushes... Will likely add mallets...
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    DIY Small Kit For Practice, On A Budget

    Anyone interested? I used a hi-hat stand and a Tama floor tom from thrift stores, hats from a pawn shop, a Pearl Short Fuse snare from Craigslist, an unused bass pedal and some scrap lumber to make a fun practice mini-kit for about a hundred bucks. :D Anybody else doin' it on the cheap...
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    New drummer, new kit...sort of

    Hi. I'm a long time bass player, but have always wanted to play drums. After many, many years of air drums and tabletop drums, and months of playing a thrift store find of some unmatching drums and some accessories,, I finally began the search for a kit that I could learn on, possibly grow with...
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    ...Hi, I'm new to this.

    Hi, again... I've been an on-and-off semi-pro bassist for the last couple of decades, but, full disclosure..? I've always wanted to play drums. Literally, since I was ten or eleven years old...drums. The band leader at grade school said, "Every kid wants to play drums!" and gave me a...
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    Recent drummer, first-time poster

    Hello all. I am relatively new to the life of a drum set owner, but I have always wanted a set of my own, since I was 9 or 10 years old. The first musical thing I ever wanted. The school band manager said, "all the kids want to be the drummer" and gave me a trombone... This indirectly led to me...