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  1. thebarak

    Monitoring guide track with open-back headphones

    Has anyone tried monitoring a guide track with open back headphones in order to still hear their acoustic kit at the same time? I know a lot have discussed isolation/closed back/in ears and that this is the opposite approach, but my application is not for hearing protection as I will not be...
  2. thebarak

    Melamine: Just cleaned the kit.

    Just cleaned my kit so I thought I would comment out loud. Melamine sponges, commonly sold as Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, will make dirty coated Ambassador drum heads look like new again, in seconds, with just a little water. They also take the black bronze cymbal residue off the drumstick tips so...
  3. thebarak

    If you are having copyright takedowns etc on YouTube videos, there is a great site that allows you get a fake band to back you up! I used it to make this video yesterday:
  4. thebarak

    I made some drumming videos

    I recently decided to start a YouTube channel of playtime at home. If any of my fellow drummers wants to see a crazy old man squeezing out nonsense in a blanket wrapped bedroom, Please take a look. Only four short clips up so far, but I want to keep it going! Please help with :::::: subscribe...
  5. thebarak

    How do you pack and ship cymbals?

    I'll be selling some soon and I want to make sure that they survive their journey.
  6. thebarak

    Pre-fab sound booth for the house anyone?

    Has anyone used one of these: ..or something similar, to play open drums in your house and control how much sound gets out? Notes: I can hear birdsong through my walls. I have jalousie (louvered) windows. There is no...
  7. thebarak

    Solo gigs

    Is anyone here doing, or considering doing, short sets with no accompaniment? Just a drum solo piece or two or more, live? If so, please describe your venue, your genre, and your audience, and how well it is received.
  8. thebarak

    It is damped, not dampened.

    I'll be the first to admit I was wrong. In past discussions and in previous journalistic writings, I have incorrectly used the word dampened, instead of damped. Damping is what we might do to drum heads with moon gel. Dampening is what we might do to drums with a wet sponge or a garden hose...
  9. thebarak

    My chick is too loud.

    I have these Zildjian A series 14” New-Beat hi-hats, mainly because I used to like them in the old days, and they are a standard ubiquitous pair. But for my playing today, which is quiet, I find them too loud. I can play them quietly with my sticks, but the foot chick is too loud when they...
  10. thebarak

    Protection Racket Bag. Excellent.

    Just thought I would express satisfaction for a moment. I bought a new 14X18 bass drum bag by Protection Racket to protect my new bop-sized bass drum. I find it to be very high quality and a perfect fit. I will be replacing tom bags with the same type soon. The old bags were very inexpensive...
  11. thebarak

    Which Gretsch Bop?

    I plan on buying a Gretsch kit in bop sizes, 14X18 bass drum, 14X14 floor tom, 8x12 tom. Before I just go ahead and buy that Renown, can anyone tell me if they have personally compared Renown with Brooklyn or Broadkaster, and if so, are these two USA-made kits much better than Renown, and in...
  12. thebarak

    Squealer love

    This week I bought a Pork Pie Little Squealer 12" X 5" snare drum. Today I took it to the place where I can get loud, and I love it. It may be the best snare drum I have ever had, and I am judging it against all my others, all of which were 14" diameter. Believe it or not, all this was with the...
  13. thebarak

    Gear flipping on a small island.

    An island economy is different. When I lived in Los Angeles, I would constantly buy gear, use it, then resell it. I was a serial gear flipper. Last year I moved to O’ahu. It is still quite easy to buy almost anything, but when it comes time to sell your mistakes, or any gear you are tired...
  14. thebarak


    Any other forum members on O'ahu, or is it just me?
  15. thebarak

    Overview of all available heads

    I did look first, both here (the drummer's Google) and on the actual Google and YouTube. But I don't see the article I really want to read. Does it exist? Is there a comparison of all commonly available drumheads, as applied to the same drum, in the same tuning, so that there is a single...
  16. thebarak

    This is very good

    This Irish guy has moved beyond the dangerous kitchen and scored out some TV dialogue. Very impressed with what he did! or
  17. thebarak

    Billy Cobham plugged in.

    Roland just sent me their new video of Billy Cobham playing the new Roland kit. They really shouldn’t have, because it demonstrates exactly why I got rid of all my electronic drums. The snare drum that poor Billy is sweating over, has a tiny fraction of the sounds and dynamics that he can easily...
  18. thebarak

    Anyone regret buying a compact mini kit?

    My shiny new Yamaha Stage custom (20X17 bass,14 snare,10,12,14 toms) is sounding too huge for me, too rock'n'roll for my jazzy style, and I am hankering for the tight, high, snappy sound of something like a DW mini-pro. They just make me happy for some reason. Those small shells are like turning...
  19. thebarak

    Mute - Bottom Hat cymbal

    Just got a set of Vic Firth Drum Mutes and they really do cut the volume immensely, except the hi hat chick and splash are almost full volume because there is no mute for the bottom cymbal. It is odd having this sound three times as loud as the whole kit. So, does anyone have a tidy solution...
  20. thebarak

    A bad kit shipped to UK?

    Just noticed this story in my news feed. News article: So which well-regarded word-of-mouth drum manufacturer is in New Jersey?