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  1. microkit

    DIY $4 Axis Pedal Trigger

    I got some piezo contact pickups from eBay or Amazon to hook up to a PDP/KAT pad I have. Was going to hook up a curved beater to strike downwards and never even considered that the geometry of the pedal and DD linkage prevent it. With some foam, carpet tape, scissors, and the velcro included...
  2. microkit

    Bell Brass Snare On The Cheap?

    So I kind of love the Tama BBs of yore, and feel they sound a bit like a snare with reverb added, like how a wide open unported reso kick gives you an added resonance. A few things: - not spending $900+ on a Tama, Oriollo, or similar. Probably not even the $500+ on an Ahead, Pearl or DW or...
  3. microkit

    Thoughts on different white colors for kits? Not satin flame or pearl or oyster, but solid white

    I remember first learning about the different blacks for car paint, metallic/flat/gloss/green black/blue black etc. Has anyone compared different whites? I'm interested in rehabbing shells if I get a pro or mid-range shell pack cheap enough, and I don't love the generic white wrap I've seen...
  4. microkit

    Can Someone Explain The Stagg Or Wuhan Series' To Me? 457, S, Western?

    Bonus if you can explain the 'other' Wuhan brands (Agazarian etc).
  5. microkit

    Thoughts On Best Way To Rack A 16" Floor Tom?

    I'd like to do an offset tom setup with a stealth rack. I've been thinking of cutting big toms or getting custom shallow toms for a 14-16-20 (gong drum as floor tom) or 13-14-16-20 setup, but it would be much cheaper and easier to just buy an existing kit and mount the toms offset. I'm thinking...
  6. microkit

    Comparing Wuhan to other major cymbal manufacturers?

    I've played some Wuhans and think of myself as familiar with their tone and weight (obviously they vary some). What would they be most similar to in the ranges of Ziljdian and Sabian? A? AA? I think of them as pretty light and vintage-ish but not dark and jazzy, if that makes makes sense.
  7. microkit

    Shell Drilled Tom Mounts On High End Drums?

    Thoughts? I'm ambivalent on iso mounts, and looking for feedback. I've seen the old school mounts on USA Gretsch, Ludwig, and Yamaha with their YESS mounts. Yam makes a big deal about it being at a nodal point and not interfering with resonance. Basically planning a custom kit and not sure where...
  8. microkit

    Tama Starclassic Performer Birch 90s (?) help

    Hi all. You've been a tremendous help in dating and explaining this era of Tama stuff when I was dating my snare. What can you tell me about this era kit? All birch? What made it a 'performer'? I like the sizes, and might even want to go bigger on the rack toms. Thanks! Vid from youtube...
  9. microkit

    How Much Crap Can I Put On A Bass Drum?

    After looking at Iggor Cavalera's kits and offset tom setups and guessing my tom needs, I'm plotting a setup with offset toms on a stealth rack. I'm thinking a Ludwig rail, or possibly two, to hold a ride, crash, and remote hats on the kick. Could it work? Any down sides? Offset pic from the...
  10. microkit

    Thoughts On Short Stack Floor Toms?

    I've seen some shorty kits, and usually the floor tom is near full depth, or maybe 16x12. Has any heard or played 16x8, 16x10, 18x10, or similar?
  11. microkit

    Pros who play low-ish end or midrange kits?

    I've been thinking about this for a while. I know Brann Dailor played new Rockstars before going to Starclassics, and Suicide Silence's drummer played old Rockstars before upgrading. I've seen an Electrical Audio vid with Japanese band Nirf recording with Steve Albini, one of the satin PDP kits...
  12. microkit

    PDP Model Hierarchy

    Please link if this has been discussed, I could not find anything. I've seen thins sort of thread a lot for Mapex and Maybe Tama. How about PDP? As far as I can tell: Platinum/Concept Mexican CX and MX X7? Asian CX/MX/805 Any help is appreciated. I like birch and want to compare apples to...
  13. microkit

    DIY Axis longboard conversion

    OK, so I figured out that a piece of aluminum bar stock the size of a longboard footboard is $10-11, and all I would have to do is cut a piece off to clear the upright arm and drill four holes, which I can do. Is there anything preventing me from flipping the heel block to get the heel 'axle'...
  14. microkit

    Sabian AAXplosion/ AA Xplosion help

    I know some of the AAs at least have changed names. Are these the same cymbal? I can't see the hammering or lathing too well, they sound enough alike that the difference could easily be age (one is brand new) and they're within .3oz of each other on a postal scale. Same bell profile, too. I'm no...
  15. microkit

    Modern head on 26" or 28" kick?

    I'm thinking of what I'd like for my next kit, and I can't seem to hear any demos of an Emad (or anything similar, doesn't have to be an Emad) on a big kick. Does anyone play, or has anyone heard, such a thing? I feel like everything I've seen/heard with a 26 or bigger is setup like Bonham, with...
  16. microkit

    New-to-me Tama 80s Tama Swingstar Snare

    Found a shell on ebay, 6.5" depth, clean, and decided to watch it. While buying a Pearl used, that I thought I could flip, found a used 5" Swingstar in GC used for about $60 shipped. Now I'm $90ish into this drum, including the extra shell, (which I suppose I'll sell or trade. I understand these...
  17. microkit

    Snares won't tighten on vintage Lyra 14x9?

    Hey all, I refurbed/refinished a 60s Lyra snare, using whatever parts I could get that filled the OEM holes. I think the strainer is a Worldmax, and I'm not particularly suspicious of it. No matter what I do, I can't get the snares particularly tight. in the past, being able to choke the snare...
  18. microkit

    Help with hardware for Tama Starclassic Performer Birch Snare

    I'm 99% sure that's the snare I got. It's indigo, 14x5.5, and I snagged it from GC used for $100. I was able to deduce that it's an older/cheaper SC because of the stamped butt and light-ish strainer. Are there any good swaps for these parts? I'm having a hell of a time finding much by just...
  19. microkit

    Anyone play huge drums?

    I'm talking old Dave Grohl, Vinnie Paul, Jean-Paul Gaster sizes. For a while I was curious why there aren't many 14" rack toms, and now, I'm curious to try, say, a 14-15-13, 3 up set up. Would it be a flubbery, blubbery, boomy mess? I think huge short stack toms would look great, kind of like...
  20. microkit

    World Percussion Radial 10" splash at Alto?

    Wanted a 10" to mount on kick and maybe never use, saw this for $22, and used it to hit the minimum for free shipping on my order. I can' find anything about it, it's a house brand? Bronze/brass? Anyone know anything? Thanks.