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  1. Supernoodle

    Don't Stop Believin' (Journey) - The Drum-Setup Edition!

    Like the way you have set up your toms! Mine are the same (plus a 16 on the right). So many drummers prefer only two toms with massive space for the ride and big gap from rack to floor... Great playing, and playing open-handed seems to simplify that song.
  2. Supernoodle

    Sheffield Songo - (Peter Fernandes)

    Wow, excellent playing! Also I vote this for one of the the best home recorded drums on here. Do you have just overheads to pick up the toms?
  3. Supernoodle

    What are your all time top 3 cover versions of your favourite songs?

    Weird Al: Eat it She drives like crazy Can't watch this
  4. Supernoodle

    What I've learned since I started recording myself

    It's great to hear what your drums can sound like when mic'ed like in a studio. I also found surprisingly little difference between snares (wood, metal, piccolo...) in recorded sound. Rimshots especially seem to be similar on any snare.
  5. Supernoodle

    Dennis Chambers appreciation post

    My favourite DC work is with French guitarist Bireli Lagrene, on the albums "Front Page" (2001) and "Foreign Affairs" (1988). Also the track Blue Matter with Scofield is a classic. Check them out In the studio messing about... :)
  6. Supernoodle

    Tom and snare rims

    Another issue is live micing. Lots of sound people use clip on mics which only fit standard triple-flange hoops.
  7. Supernoodle

    Adler Technique (Henry Adler)

    Fabulous! Is that the famous "Henry Adler Video" that someone flogged for years on rmmp? Watching now, love those old and wise instructors... Edit: never seen traditional grip explained this way (at 9:00), it makes sense!!
  8. Supernoodle

    How do most enthusiasts view this guy?

    Wow - thought he was wearing a face mask there for a minute! :)
  9. Supernoodle

    Partido Alto example by Goran Rista

    wow that sounds difficult! Seems to me the vocal lines end on 1, instead of starting on one...
  10. Supernoodle

    Drums Only...

    Very nice! Great idea to just record the drums, most covers have the original mixed on top, which can cover up mistakes, and also uses copyrighted material without permission. Wish I was that tight, and I've been playing for 30 years :o
  11. Supernoodle

    How do most enthusiasts view this guy?

    I've been to several of his solo performances and he was very friendly and soft-spoken. Wouldn't blame anybody for trying to make money out of their work. Also I imagine meeting loads of fans personally can be stressful. On a side note, fans of Bozzio's Zappa recordings will notice a very...
  12. Supernoodle

    Favorite song

    Fancy Poultry
  13. Supernoodle

    Traditional grip and high tom

    Found another clip where Tony Williams' technique can be seen clearly (at 1:23) Looks like a lot of arm motion for singles on the floor tom!
  14. Supernoodle

    Traditional grip and high tom

    yeah, like maybe a little more inwards than 'handshake' position. Check out his 1985 clinic, part 1 To be honest I don't quite know how he did it! Same with Buddy's left hand, a bit of a mystery...
  15. Supernoodle

    Traditional grip and high tom

    Seems you are using 'palm upwards'. Most players angle their wrist inwards, which means holding on to the stick only using your thumb for larger strokes. If you don't want to let go like that watch Tony Williams, he uses the 'inward' angle with full grip, but then the range of motion is...
  16. Supernoodle

    The Ride is The King

    Ride is king in jazz... how about rock? My favourite sound for slower tempos is on "Rocket Man" by Elton John, or on classic Pink Floyd tracks. Which cymbal can you buy these days to get that sound??
  17. Supernoodle


    having lots of fun with this: great to use instead of a metronome for groove exercises, and inspiring for your own fills as well... there's tons of different grooves and bpms available, e.g. or this...
  18. Supernoodle

    New tricks?

    I don't think there's a double pedal involved -- right foot only using the Jojo Mayer thing, getting a note out of the heel upstroke. The metal guys use it too.
  19. Supernoodle

    New tricks?

    It must feel really good to play that with so much clarity and speed, just imagine doing it...
  20. Supernoodle

    New tricks?

    Interesting what you can do using all the latest techniques: Push-pull in the hands and heel-toe for your feet... How long have these things been around? Buddy Rich would have been surprised I guess...