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  1. MrInsanePolack

    Cymbal Companies and Consistancy

    Its time cymbal companies started manufacturing consistancy. I know Paiste does. That's it. Just off the top of my head, I can't think of another company, or industry for that matter, that is as wildly inconsistent as cymbal manufacturers. When I break a cymbal, say an AA thin crash, I should...
  2. MrInsanePolack

    Guitar Center Shuts Down!

    ... temporarily for the pandemic. They made the announcement Friday. I just found out trying to source a copy of Stick Control. Sucks because the web says my local GC has a copy. Now I can't get it. Doh! Not all are closed yet. Here is the announcement...
  3. MrInsanePolack

    Goofy or Silly Original Songs

    Title says it all, no paradys. Could be anything, as long as the idea of the song is silly or goofy. I'll start with a short list: Beep Beep - The Playmates The Purple People Eater - Sheb Wooley Barbie Girl - Aqua I know almost everyone hates Barbie Girl, but it is pretty silly. Love em or...
  4. MrInsanePolack

    Dixon Cornerstone

    In these times of isolation, I've been screen shopping like numerous others. I'm not a GAS addict. I usually buy gear I need and use, and that's about it. Then I saw this Purple Titanium Hammered Steel Dixon Cornerstone snare. It was love at first sight, and my want for it is unusual and...
  5. MrInsanePolack

    Rudimental Practice and Your Brain

    This is not scientific. It's just something I've noticed lately that I do. I've been doing lots of pad work in the past 6-8 months. I've noticed that as a pattern becomes fluid and comfortable where I don't have to count or think about it, the pattern develops its own soundtrack in my head. It...
  6. MrInsanePolack

    More Guitar Flakiness

    I received a text early Monday morning from a guitarist I know. It had an "I'm sorry I dumped you and want you back" vibe to it. I tried to work with the guy like 6-8 months ago. It didn't go well. He had a bunch of stuff written already, in really weird time signatures, and didn't give me a...
  7. MrInsanePolack

    Needs More Cowbell!

    Friday night is date night at my house. At 7pm, my wife and I curl up on the couch and watch WWE Smackdown. We mostly just oogle the lady wrestlers and their butt glorifying outfits, and make fun of the rest. Last night, during one of the many talking parts, one guy had a cowbell. He go too...
  8. MrInsanePolack

    Hating on the Stock Snare

    I don't understand the hate. Or the desire to have a non-matching snare. Furthermore, I don't buy it. No one ever puts into words what exactly they DON'T like about the stock snare. Its always just "garbage", or "not my sound", or "I just don't like it". Adjectives fly when describing bad...
  9. MrInsanePolack

    Inversion anyone?

    Anyone use an inversion table for their back? We get lighter hardware, smaller drums, comfy thrones, and exercise good posture while playing. How do y'all keep your back in tact otherwise? As I get older, my flexibility is diminishing in my back. Twenty years ago I could bend at the waist and...
  10. MrInsanePolack

    Since DW bought Slingerland... this the time to jump on a vintage Slingy kit? If DW starts producing new Slingerland drums, will it drive up the price of the vintage kits once released? Vintage Slingerland drums are pretty reasonably priced right now, and aren't too hard to find if one really looks. I'm not talking...
  11. MrInsanePolack

    I Found a Video with Me Performing

    I can't believe I found this. It's from 2000, in black and white, and recorded on VHS. I had no idea this even existed. It's our whole set, so like 40 minutes. Takes a couple of songs to actually see me, but now I have a vid to post. Enjoy or don't, that's up to you.
  12. MrInsanePolack


    Three guitars, two singers, one bass, and a huge drum kit. Ladies and gentlemen, it's Helloween!
  13. MrInsanePolack

    Musical Terms

    I think we are all familiar with the term groove. Where did it come from? Is it because a record has a groove for the needle? If so did music not groove before records? Same thing with deep cut. I hear DJs use this term quite frequently. I get that it's a classic song that is huge, but why is...
  14. MrInsanePolack

    Question About Metering

    I just want to make sure I've got this right. I'm going to try to keep it as simple as possible so as not to be confusing. My metronome is on my phone. In 4/4, it has 16 buttons divided into 4 groups of 4. It's basically a grid. I can put sounds at any spot on the grid. I divide it evenly into...
  15. MrInsanePolack

    Backwards Fills

    By backwards I mean ascending, or from low notes to high notes. They aren't very popular. There are some, but not many. Why is this? Are ascending fills harder? Do they not sound right? I only even thought of this because I just heard one and was a bit shocked at first. It was cool. I dug it.
  16. MrInsanePolack

    Recording Videos Without Breaking the Bank

    I don't have video equipment. I have drums (obviously), a phone, a laptop, and a want to make videos to post. I don't have a lot of money to spare. How can I make videos for y'all to see that aren't noisy crap? I want to do this so I don't come across as a voice with no backup. I play, really I do.
  17. MrInsanePolack

    Jazz vs Metal. Polar Opposites or Unknown Friends?

    Well, similar in approach or nothing alike? Are they Communism vs Fascist (Ford vs Chevy, black vs white, up vs down) or distant cousins that like to hang out? Both are hard to understand for the untrained. Both are a bit extreme compared to "normal" music. Both take a lifetime to master. And...
  18. MrInsanePolack

    iDrums, SmartDrums, Whatever

    When will technology hit the drum set? What should it do? And I'm not talking electronic drums. I'm talking drums that Bluetooth to your phone and tell you which head is out of tune and which lug to turn, which heads need changing, any malfunctioning piece of hardware, autocorrected snare wire...
  19. MrInsanePolack

    Food Before the Gig

    So what is it? I was always sandwiches or salad. Subway was my best friend before the gig. Took me a bit to realize that fast food and pizza just didn't agree with me before a bunch of drumming activity. Neither did anything containing caffeine. Playing dehydrated sucks. Subway was great because...
  20. MrInsanePolack

    Trying Again

    So yesterday I answered an add looking for a death metal drummer for a project, possibly to turn into a band. I haven't been in a band for 17 years. It left a bad taste in my mouth. This should be different though, it's just for the love of the music. No dreams of making it big or ruling the...