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  1. Captain Bash

    Origin ovangkol test

    You don’t by any chance like the ”carry on” series of films from the 1970s.
  2. Captain Bash

    Origin ovangkol test

    Andy, fair point, practicalities should trump all.
  3. Captain Bash

    Your least played snare(s)

    your point about overly loud snare drums is somewhat similar to my own, in that I had a Keplinger brass drum that was just so painfully loud I sold it. It was so loud I had to alter my technique, which for me is a sure sign something has to change. Overall just way out of balance with the rest...
  4. Captain Bash

    Origin ovangkol test

    The rack it hurts my eyes my poor eyes, nice drums but.....what is that rack monstrosity ohhh so ugly. sonically great but visually appalling, the gear not the man.
  5. Captain Bash

    BIG BELL rides from lesser known brands?

    If you want a really good bell sound get a UFIP from one of their heavier lines, like the Bionic series. The bells on UFIPs are in my experience the best. I have top end rides by Bosphorus, Istanbul, Zildjian and Paiste but for a heavy rock gig I always pull out the UFIP simply because the bells...
  6. Captain Bash

    Firm Throne Seat

    Tama 1st throne, the round top I use is very firm, which is why I bought it, well that and the four legs. Great piece of gear.
  7. Captain Bash

    For better or worse, I sound like me.

    Same for me, given the same room heads, sizes and tuning, I pretty much sound the same on any kit unless it’s really extreme construction difference, such as stave set vs thin ply shells for me it’s 80% drummers touch and 20% gear.
  8. Captain Bash

    DCP Threads

    I fully agree with the stance taken by the moderators on this, from a purely selfish standpoint the DCP videos are a very useful resource to narrow down decisions. I also like the DCP videos because the gear is demoed by mortals that play well but are not so dexterous and skilled I can’t...
  9. Captain Bash

    Do I need to do something/fix this used 22' Agop 30th anniversary Ride ?

    I wouldn’t overly worry about this, I would just leave alone and play it as is. It’s the opposite of a perfect Paiste. I use a 22 Agop 30th as my main ride every Friday and it’s a fantastic cymbal. Both restrained and bold at the same time, I love the wonky bells and the variety of tones you...
  10. Captain Bash

    Your least played snare(s)

    My least played snare is pearl ultracast 14 x 5.5“ it’s a nice drum but for some reason it never gets picked, however I am lucky enough to have a beautiful 14 x 5.5 Brady Jarrah ply from 1998 that does everything the ultracast does but with more personality. Maybe this means it’s time to move...
  11. Captain Bash

    What is your workhorse snare from your collection?

    Dunnett Titanium 14 x 6.5 absolutely great drum, unlike many metal drums it doesn’t generate weird over/undertones. Sits well with my Yamaha MCAN or my Stave kit.
  12. Captain Bash

    too many cymbals?

    If you have more cymbals than drums on your kit you are a cymbler not a drummer ! I recently rectified my addiction to Turkish bronze as compared to Japanese maple ply by adding a second 10“ tom to make my set-up a balanced 5 drums 5 cymbals. This allows me all the expressive voicing but...
  13. Captain Bash

    Any gigs cancelled due to the virus?

    Ohhh I don’t know, I work in some out of the way places Aleutian Islands, Siberia and remote jungle. Using the local vegetation, stream water, sea water etc. is ok but you will once back in civilisation go straight for that double quilted bleached white toilet paper. it’s not an essential but...
  14. Captain Bash

    Bosphorus Hi Hats

    The Bosphorus Groove hats (I own 14” and 15” versions) are great all round hats, they sit somewhere between bright n dark. The New Orleans series are definitely the quieter of the two series, they are pretty thin and very responsive, ideal for playing small pubs/clubs when you want to play...
  15. Captain Bash

    Cracked Stave Shell

    Hi Brady Drums, Thanks, I am not in the USA but the UK, I guess I could ship it over to the USA. Thanks for the advice.
  16. Captain Bash

    PDP Concept Maple vs. DW Design Series

    I have no experience of either brand/kit but one thing to consider is how the drums actually respond to your playing with your sticks. The direct comparison videos posted by stores like DCP are useful in this respect ( not sure they are PDP /DW dealers ) in that you can hear different drum...
  17. Captain Bash

    Steel snare drum question

    I am just going to say if we’re mentioning high end steel snares then the 90s king of them all is the Ayotte Keplinger. A stainless steel that cuts, has great sensitivity and unlike many steel snares has pleasing overtones.
  18. Captain Bash

    What for?

    Ohhhh it’s obvious, its one of those brand xyz snare toilet bags.Take on all the liquids you like and unload with confidence mid song. Actually sounds like the singer gargled with last nights snare bag. It’s good for the toady vocals.....
  19. Captain Bash

    Cracked Stave Shell

  20. Captain Bash

    Cracked Stave Shell

    Anyone have any experience in fixing a partially split mid stave shell. Bit distraught, decided to give my Brady Stave 14 x 7 snare (Jarrah) the once over, as I do every month or so and discovered a nasty crack emanating from snare side. Don’t get me wrong this isn’t a complaint about Brady...