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    Do you have a favourite kit ?

    I think what you mean is that no one is going to MAKE another set like that in this lifetime. LOL
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    Steel Drum Videos

    I enjoy the low-end bass and cello steel drums. The lead pans, not as much.
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    Promark sticks - clickier than others?

    No, a stiffer stick is LESS clicky. The click is very high-pitched frequencies, which are the ones that are most easily muffled. The extra stiffness in a stiffer stick leaves the tip on the drum a tiny bit longer, which muffled the highest frequencies a touch.
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    Help on a situation

    Do the Morello Stone Killer exercise, and make up your own variations on it. Once you can record yourself playing it and cannot hear the difference between your doubles, singles, and paradiddles, then ask for some more challenges. LOL
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    Psychedelic Red Ludwig Drums

    Those are great, I love that finish
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    Wood color theories

    I have not heard any recordings of their pine drums. But I thought about mentioning them.
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    THe Conway Slingerlands have been Rescued

    I’m sorry to hear someone stole your drum. I think you’re right, they will probably have no idea how special an instrument it is.
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    Wood color theories

    Pine is usually softer, so it’s going to be on the darker/drier end. In most cases, probably too much. But if you find a pretty dense piece of pine that’s of a denser species or subspecies of pine, and/or it grew someplace cold/dry so it grew very slowly, you could probably make a...
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    Guitar Center Shuts Down!

    King Gong, baby!
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    New song lyrics for the covid generation

    There are a couple songs that can keep the hook intact— “Who can it be, knocking at my door? Go away, don’t come round here no more.” “Don’t stand, don’t stand so, don’t stand so close to me”.
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    COVID 19 Nurses Perspective PLEASE READ

    Wuhan is a long way from Korea. And the border is not NEARLY as porous as ours is with Canada. Lol
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    COVID 19 Nurses Perspective PLEASE READ

    I have no trouble believing the North Koreans have no cases. It’s not like their general population does a lot of mixing with the rest of East Asia.
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    What are you doing drumwise during the lockdown?

    I recommend having a pillow with a head on it next to a RealFeel. Switching back and forth between them every few seconds is a help .
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    What are you doing drumwise during the lockdown?

    Throw a snare reso head over a pillow. You’ll love your pad after you try to play clean rudiments on that lol
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    Yamaha Stage Custom ?

    I think most of their finishes are great, actually. I wonder why they’re so much better at finishes, and toms.
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    New Orleans Club Scene

    Nice ghost notes. I’m going to have to play around with that today when I practice
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    Are Factories Running Right Now?

    Yeah, I’d say 4 months is absolutely the best scenario. That’s assuming people really do social distancing. And I bet NYC is going to have to go on true full lockdown for a couple/three weeks before they get it under control. I suspect they’re going to have to stop everything at the city limits...
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    Yamaha Stage Custom ?

    I prefer a thinner head for those, and for toms in general. They sound choked at low volumes with those thick heads, at least to me. I use the thinner fiberskyns on toms, especially rack toms.
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    DCP Threads

    Yes to all of this.
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    Yamaha Stage Custom ?

    Wow. Not even close. It’s a buyer’s dream at that price range, especially toward the $1500 end of things. Every major brand has a great kit at that price level. Quality and selection have gotten sooo much better in the last 20-30 years, especially in that price range.