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  1. Peedy

    What exactly is a "Buttery" sound?

    A friend of mine who’s a pro plays whatever the guy paying him wants to hear, but he grew in the jazz world (1970s jazz anyway). He uses the word buttery in comparison to rock cymbals that chirp at a high frequency and decay quickly whereas a good jazz HH (for instance) are lower and slower...
  2. Peedy

    DCP Threads

    To be honest, all of the replies (ok, except for the funny ones) pretty much amount to this: Well, yeah, those are the rules. . . which of course don't apply so long as and wherever it's good for me. Just seems that way. I will now go back to rolling my eyes every time I see another DCP...
  3. Peedy

    DCP Threads

    My real name is Isadore Phineas Freely. I. P Freely.
  4. Peedy

    DCP Threads

    My response would be that the rules only work when they work the same for everyone. If doing advert threads are good, let’s change the rules so we all know going in. I don’t have any issue with DCP. I’m not a hater. I just roll my eyes every time I see one of his threads. Pete
  5. Peedy

    DCP Threads

    Let’s imagine then that 50 more people or businesses do the same thing. And they’re all good people, and all their videos are useful and appreciated by many. Does it get stopped at 10 or 30 or whatever? Pete
  6. Peedy

    DCP Threads

    Still gonna put my vote in the “crossed the line” category. IMHO, once we flex the rules for folks that are friends or associates etc, it’s downhill from there. Pete
  7. Peedy

    DCP Threads

    I’m good with that. I frequent the local GC and would give them generally high marks. But it wouldn’t be appropriate for them to post that kind of adverts posing as discussion. Pete
  8. Peedy

    DCP Threads

    Correct me if I'm wrong but it sure seems like all of the DCP threads are nothing more than adverts from a retailer rather than discussion between drummers or other interested parties. My recollection is that this isn't allowed by the user agreement. Rain the poop down on me, I can take it. Pete
  9. Peedy

    Your least played snare(s)

    That is very sad. Those are amazing drums. Wires can be had for a small fortune from time to time on eBay. Pete
  10. Peedy

    Do I need to do something/fix this used 22' Agop 30th anniversary Ride ?

    I would guess sweat over a long time. Clean it off the best you can an see what it sounds like. I am, however, wondering what kind, size and weight it is. If it were paper thin for instance, I’d approach it differently than if it were a heavy bottom HH. Looks like it’s on the bottom. If so...
  11. Peedy

    Muting for Jam Sessions

    on my home kit I mute the bass drum beater with two toddler socks over it secured with plastic ties.
  12. Peedy

    Help, 18" ride cymbal?

    I think so much of the ride cymbal size discussion has to do with things like the size of the room you’re playing, type of music, mics or the lack there of, etc. I’ve gone as small as a 700g 12in A Zildjians from the mid 1930s. I needed a ride that leaned hard toward bell during the Christmas...
  13. Peedy

    Looks like I get a vacation!

    Best wishes to you Bo. Stay safe, everyone. Pete
  14. Peedy

    How to re-flatten plastic muffling rings.

    I’ve used an iron on the coolest setting to great effect. Just put some cloth between it an the iron. Pete
  15. Peedy

    Worship drummer - variety?

    Personal favorites are, and, or were Newsboys and Audio Adrenaline. Audio Adrenaline is done while Newsboys have a new lead singer. Pete
  16. Peedy

    Looking for a Pingy Ride

    I had an original Sabian B8 Pro 20in Ride. Wow, ping in da morning and ping in da evening. Pinging ALLLL day long. I would argue, however, that it did one other thing extremely well, it made me want to purchase better cymbals. Pete
  17. Peedy

    Editing older Post

    An edit should generally be about clarity. Pete
  18. Peedy

    Cymbals choices for Houses of Worship.

    Good news! You get to decide how hard to strike the cymbals so the volume control is in your hands. On a more serious note, there will be times when a louder strike will be called for. And then you’ll already have what you need in front of you.
  19. Peedy

    Your next planned purchase

    Time for me to purchase a wood snare drum. Vintage 70s Premier is likely. Pete
  20. Peedy

    Should I stay or should I go?

    That would be fine so long as his meandering came back around to the beat (like a sine wave). Take a listen to Macy Gray and Amy Winehouse (lots of other Jazz/R&B/Soul singers do it too). This idea is a part of their style. BUT, the musicians are clued in from the start and its part of the...