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  1. dwsabianguy

    The Mars Volta - Drunkship of Lanterns

    I'd asked my friends for songs they'd like to hear me play on a live stream, but I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to get anything in stereo without sacrificing a lamb and one of my computer's processors, so I scrapped that idea and just made a regular video. This was the first song...
  2. dwsabianguy

    Self Quarantine with the Gretsch!

    It’s self quarantine season so I’m spending a lot of time at home puttering around. After the Rush tribute efforts earlier this month I decided to set up a four piece of green Gretsch in the studio. Okay, they’re Caribbean Blue. And then I added a 10” tom, then the 13, then an 8...
  3. dwsabianguy

    More Rush - The Trees

    This video is from our first show of the couple we did last October; the venue did absolutely zero promotion, but we had a guaranteed amount of pay, so we set up the whole thing, played our asses off, and considered it a public rehearsal. About halfway through this one woman showed up, and...
  4. dwsabianguy

    Video Demo of a few bottom snare tunings

    I swapped the original Ludwig head for a Hazy Ambassador, and figured I'd take some video of my tuning experiments. Turns out I don't actually need to tune my bottom heads as high as I have been... Here's the Video!
  5. dwsabianguy

    Gavin Harrison’s Earth finish Porcupine Tree kit for sale The first Porcupine Tree news I’ve heard in years! He’s auctioning off the kit used for Deadwing and Fear of a Blank Planet, among other...
  6. dwsabianguy

    Three Pairs of Drum Overheads and a Song of Sorts

    The way I see it, the best way to hear the actual impact of microphone choice is to hear it in context of a mix, and since I have three pairs of overheads, I threw a song together so I could hear the differences. And filmed it, so of course here’s the video: 414s vs. KM184s vs. R84s Ribbons...
  7. dwsabianguy

    Evans UV2 on my Black Beauty

    I wasn't an enormous fan of the UV1 (at least, I didn't like it more than a coated Ambassador), but I had to try the UV2 on something. It ended up on the Black Beauty, which has previously sounded great with a Vintage Emperor on it. Overall, the UV2 is a bit brighter than a Vintage Emp but still...
  8. dwsabianguy

    Six New Demos on the 2112 YouTube Channel

    I've been teaching drum lessons at 2112 Percussion here in Raleigh for, what, three or four years, and sometimes they let me take home a couple snares so I can make videos of them. This time I got my hands on a Legacy Mahogany Downbeat kit and a bunch of snares, including a couple 8x14s that...
  9. dwsabianguy

    A minute of Freewill

    My Rush tribute band "Cygnus X-2" is back together for a couple shows in October, where we've axed the opening act and added eight tunes to make for an actual three-hour show. It's a lot of notes to learn and execute, but all the songs have been coming together surprisingly easily, and my chops...
  10. dwsabianguy

    The SS Cygnus II, or Big for Neil’s sake

    My Rush tribute has a couple shows coming in October, and since I’ve acquired and sold some drums since last year I have been able to change some things around. Last year the only matching kick drums I had were Ludwig stainless from the 70s, a 24 on the left and a 22 on the right. Those got...
  11. dwsabianguy

    K Con Medium-Thin Low Demo

    I guess this thread covers both the Playing and Gear topics, but I'll just post it here. A few months ago I traded a bass drum for a couple Zildjians, with this being one of them, and though it's a nice cymbal, it doesn't really mesh with the rest of my cymbals, and I made a video demo as part...
  12. dwsabianguy

    Drum Solo on the Square Badge Gretsch

    Made a point to get some video of this Gretsch kit before I take it all apart and replace the mounts and whatnot. You might have seen my posts about this kit in other spots; here's the whole shebang on YouTube.
  13. dwsabianguy

    Gretsch Bell Brass 6.5x14 Demo

    I'm paring down my collection a little, and in doing so I'm trying to document the fact that I had them, and how they sounded. This Gretsch was the first to sell, and got a ten minute video. It was outfitted with a Remo P77 and generic snares on the bottom. Thing sounds great, but I end up...
  14. dwsabianguy

    Six Ludwig Snares, Two Thorough Videos

    Hey everyone, I've recently opened up a YouTube page for 2112 Percussion, where I've been a teacher for 4 years. We get a lot of really cool drums through the shop, and I've been toying with the idea for a while, so for our first video, I got to take home six Ludwig metal snares from the shop...
  15. dwsabianguy

    Sonor Force Custom Brass 6.5x14

    I can't find any info on these outside of one page on Sonor Museum, so here's a video demo of this apparently rare drum. It's one of the early overseas Force drums, and it sounds great! Sonor Force Custom Brass Snare Drum 6.5x14, with an Evans UV1 on top. This drum came to me through one of...
  16. dwsabianguy

    A Live Original Tune, featuring the Rogers and three-part harmonies

    My band Maj Deeka has been writing our asses off in the last year, and I think I can say beyond a shadow of doubt that this is my favorite song so far. Gotta love three-part voice crossings, even if we're not the world's best singers. Avarice, by Maj Deeka Thanks for watching!
  17. dwsabianguy

    Some Original Instrumental Funk and Xanadu by Rush

    Got back in the video editing saddle long enough to put together a video of Xanadu from that Hemispheres show I put together back in August. It's not perfect, but I'm still pretty happy with how it turned out! Xanadu, performed by Cygnus X-2 And my band Maj Deeka has been taking off in a big...
  18. dwsabianguy

    Limelight - full band live cover

    I put a Rush tribute act together to play Hemispheres, but you can't just play Hemispheres; people will complain that you didn't play Tom Sawyer and whatever else. So we put together a few standard Rush tunes as a first set, and I got multitrack recordings from the M32 and several camera feeds...
  19. dwsabianguy

    Cygnus X-1, Book II: Hemispheres - Full Band Cover

    So it's Hemispheres's 40th Anniversary in October, and I convinced a couple of my friends and fellow Rush fans to join forces to one up Rush themselves and learn the whole got dang album and play it live. Here's the first four and a half minutes of the title track. I'm really happy with how...
  20. dwsabianguy

    18 minutes from my new band's first gig

    Hi everyone, it's the wee hours of the morning on the east coast and I'm puttering around in my studio until my comforter gets out of the dryer... Here's a video! I have a new band here in Raleigh, which we tried to name about 200 names before we ended up with the name Maj Deeka. It features...