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  1. Rotarded

    Selling on Ebay vs. Reverb-Pros/Cons? Ebay is just atrocious for selling anymore..............

    eBay is a cesspool any more. I listed 12 (non-drum related) items, all over $250 in value, in January. I received 32 offers at or less than 60% of the price I was asking (out of 48 total offers), and had 3 no pays on BIN auctions. I get it that people are looking for a bargain, but it was just...
  2. Rotarded

    Basement Mancave/Echo Chamber Need Help.

    EXACTLY! The reason I went with vinyl plank was because my sump had failed twice, and the float stuck once as well, flooding my basement 3 times in 20 years. I saved the berber carpet once, but not the padding. I was VERY LUCKY that I avoided losing any drum equipment in any of the incidents.
  3. Rotarded

    Basement Mancave/Echo Chamber Need Help.

    Vinyl plank, over moisture barrier, over the concrete. Pressure treated 2x6 , plywood, carpet.
  4. Rotarded

    Basement Mancave/Echo Chamber Need Help.

    I used 4" thick high density foam, heavy curtains, and a stage/riser with carpet in my cinder block basement. It made a huge difference and was cheap as I sourced the foam from a shipping company's "waste", and curtains from thrift stores.
  5. Rotarded

    Your least played snare(s)

    DW Collectors 5"x14" Black Nickel over Brass. It just has never moved me, and is one of five brass snares in the arsenal. It's going to get offloaded soon.
  6. Rotarded

    What is your workhorse snare from your collection?

    Added a few snares in the last 4 months so there has been some rotation. My '76 6.5x14 NYC Bd of Ed Acrolite has been the workhorse over the last year, but the DW Bell Brass has moved near the top of the rotation since I got it in late Nov.
  7. Rotarded

    Special or odd dates that you've had a gig

    Have a standing gig every St. Patrick's day at a local craft brewery, in a hipster neighborhood. Played an out door private party/football watch party. Were were paid to play pregame festivities, between quarters, halftime, and a brief set (5 songs) after the game. All Food, beverage, and even...
  8. Rotarded

    What's your latest purchase?

    Been busy combing FB Marketplace and Craigslist in the last 2 months. Scored all of this for a total of $630 DW 3mm Cast Bell Brass Snare, Gold hardware, 3 position butt plate (5.5x14) Roc-n-Soc Throne seat DW Black Nickle over Brass Snare, Satin hardware (5x14) DW 9303 Snare Stand Zildjian 20"...
  9. Rotarded

    Pricing A 65ish Ludwig Kit?

    That looks to be a Downbeat kit (12,14,20, Downbeat Snare) from 1965. A good cleaning and I'm sure it will be better than good. This was a transition time from Chrome over Brass (COB)hoops, to Chrome over Steel. A magnet will not stick to COB and the presence of COB hoops helps the value. I...
  10. Rotarded

    Band drinks for free

    I'm with J-Boogie. Irrelevant. Almost very venue gives us a bar tab, and almost every night someone buys us beers/shots.
  11. Rotarded

    Very First Kits

    In 1976, after years and years of beating on anything and everything, my Mom and Dad told me we were going shopping, yet my twin brother was not going with us. We jump in the car and head out arriving at Hauer Music (Dayton, Ohio) minutes later. There were 2 Ludwig kits on the showroom floor...
  12. Rotarded

    Hanging out with bandmates outside of playing

    We do have "band outings", and we gather in smaller groups a couple times a month, but it's difficult because of jobs, families, and other obligations, as we are all around 50 years of age. Our keys/guitarist's wife told him "you didn't join a band, you joined a boys club"
  13. Rotarded

    Help dating a used DW Performance set

    My kit is pewter sparkle as well
  14. Rotarded

    Help dating a used DW Performance set

    Performance series individual drums are produced in runs, and sold in varied bundles or individually, not necessarily as complete kits, nor as "custom" kits. Therefore the serial numbers would not be consecutive, nor could they be even close. Add-ons are readily available and would not affect...
  15. Rotarded

    What's your latest purchase?

    Couldn't pass up this one. An hour drive, an hour of cleanup, a baseball bat tone control, and this.
  16. Rotarded

    Use me, Bill Withers cover

    My band's version of Bill Withers' Use Me. Demo CD session. Each instrument track recorded in one take, except keys, no click. 15" 60's A Zildjian Hats (SM57) NYC Bd of Ed 6.5"x14" Acrolite (SM57) DW Performance 18x22 Bass Drum (internal Beta52a)...
  17. Rotarded

    Drum Cave spring cleaning

    Spent the day cleaning up the drum cave. The winter was spent building the Stainless BOP kit and pretty much turned the room into a Tool/Parts/Cleaning debris field. Hung some more high density foam around the room for more acoustic damping/noise reduction. Tomorrow we rock!
  18. Rotarded

    Thift Stores. Sometimes you just get lucky.

    I love Thrift Stores. Blue tags were 75% off today.
  19. Rotarded

    Larry's snare givaway, the eternal gratitude!

    Words cannot express the gratitude I have for Larry's grand gesture in gifting me the LB417BT Black Beauty. It came at a time where my world, which I felt, was in shambles. I was wrapped up in my own "problems" , which in the grand scheme of things were far less than many others have. Larry's...
  20. Rotarded

    Gretsch Free Floating Brothers

    I have been using the 5.5x10 as my "acoustic" small set-up snare for a couple of years and just loved everything it does, so when I got the opportunity to pick -up the 5.5x14 version, I didn't hesitate. These Gretsch/Kaman/Legend free-floating snares are no longer made, and you don't see them...