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  1. gish

    DCP Threads

    Wasn’t aware of the backstory on Viking razors; their product line never interested me anyway. Been using a Merkur 34C for years now, and am 100% satisfied.
  2. gish

    New Orleans Club Scene

    Nice! Great groove, great feel, creative hi hat work shifting the left foot chicks from the downbeat to the upbeat. Really liked your playing on this, thanks for sharing!
  3. gish

    DCP Threads

    Count me amongst those who love and support the DCP videos. What I especially like about their videos is they are not 100% positive about the products they are presenting. I feel like they’re not just blowing smoke up my ass; they tell you everything, warts and all. An example would be the...
  4. gish

    Thrones for a big guy--6'6" 300 lbs

    6’4”, 285 lbs. I’ve used a Pork Pie saddle style throne for the last several years. I’ve found it to be very strong and stable; have played many long gigs on it with no issues. I tend to think you’d be fine with any double braced, heavy duty throne with a spindle height adjustment.
  5. gish

    Single Pedal

    From what I’ve seen any pedal being played by JoJo Mayer seems to be the fastest.
  6. gish

    Need advice on bar gig miking, 2 channels only

    For bar gigs I typically just mic the bass drum. The rest of the kit bleeds into the vocal mics anyway.
  7. gish

    List your equipment failures

    I have an IC double pedal, but went back to single pedal a few years ago. I still use the IC minus the slave, so I always have an extra spring, beater, and spring attachment should something go on me. Spare parts built right in!
  8. gish

    Dixon's new North American maple kit for $850??

    10 lug bass drum, 2.3 hoops; seems to be a great bang for the buck. Hope my local GC gets one of these in so I can check it out.
  9. gish

    Wrapped drums and enclosed trailers

    I read an article a long time ago regarding drums and what climates they can be stored in. The article stated that if it’s too hot or cold for you, then it’s probably too hot or cold for the drums. Made sense to me so I’ve always tried to abide by it. Personally I would not store them in the...
  10. gish

    What's a vehicle you love but it's just a terrible vehicle to own?

    Yep you nailed it. Going through the same issues right now with my wife’s 2004. It either needs a head gasket or one of the cylinder heads is cracked, which is a known issue with these trucks. Going to pop the valve covers off this weekend and have a look.
  11. gish

    Video of our band playing

    Loved it! Very tasteful, supportive drumming, and I loved the band! Wish I lived closer so I could take my wife to see you guys. I could pour myself a whiskey and listen to you guys all night long.
  12. gish

    My New Canopus Kit

    Very nice looking kit Bones! I remember other posts of yours, searching for the right kit. Hopefully this is the one. I’d ditch the stock heads on that floor tom and start from scratch. Hopefully it’s just a head issue and not a problem with an edge.
  13. gish

    One less tom/cymbal - stripping down kit

    Couldn’t agree more Frank. Kit setup is obviously a very personal thing, and a 4 piece is not for everyone. It’s been working for me for a very long time now, and for a lot of gigs. For sizes, I really like 13-16-22; 12-16-22 works for me as well. As far as feeling limited with only 2 toms...
  14. gish

    Join A Sub Par Band Just To Get Back Out There?

    A few of these ideas had crossed my mind. Good stuff here, appreciate it!
  15. gish

    Join A Sub Par Band Just To Get Back Out There?

    Sadly Larry, right now I’m not finding any. These guys are only looking to play once a month; they say they can pack any club with friends/family if they don’t book too often. That schedule works for me at this stage; I have a very busy family schedule so I’m not looking to play out a lot...
  16. gish

    Join A Sub Par Band Just To Get Back Out There?

    You’re humorous. Your first post was something like “I don’t get why people ask for opinions”, then you give your opinion repeatedly. On an Internet forum intended for OPINIONS and discourse. Perhaps find your nearest exit door?
  17. gish

    Join A Sub Par Band Just To Get Back Out There?

    Bad enough that I couldn’t believe it was that bad. Translation, as in they can’t be this bad so I’ll go again next week and give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe it was the moon phase, or the polar vortex throwing them off, or a black cat ran across the road before we all got there. Nice...
  18. gish

    Join A Sub Par Band Just To Get Back Out There?

    I could use a bit of advice here. I’ll have been out of the live playing scene for a little over a year now. I’ve been looking to get back in a gigging band for several months now, but there has been literally nothing happening around here. So, I hear of a band looking for a drummer; I like...
  19. gish

    David Lee Roth residency in Vegas

    Lol gesundheit!
  20. gish

    I couldn’t help it. I missed THE sound.

    Hmm, surprised you went with a 12” instead of a 13”. After playing a 12-16 setup for many years I’ve found I really prefer the 13-16 interval I now have with the old Premier kit my wife got me for Christmas. You’ve typically favored a 13” over the 12” with a 4 piece setup, no?