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    One up and One down trend ?

    I think it WAS a trend, when a lot of popular music started utilizing smaller drum kits (again). Now, it's almost standard again. I think whether you consider it a trend depends on when you were coming up as a drummer. It felt like a trend to me too, because I started playing drums in the...
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    Sonor SQ2 Shell thickness and Wood choice guide

    That's the finish I have on mine. I'm surprised they replaced it with the wrap finish. Maybe the veneer was too expensive for them.
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    Sonor SQ2 Shell thickness and Wood choice guide

    Thanks for the info. I don't have an SQ2 kit, though I might someday. I have Sonor Vintage Series (9-ply 6mm beech), and SQ1 (7-ply 7mm / 10-ply 10mm BD birch) kits. Good to know how the different SQ2 shells compare to those. Looks like Vintage Series is the same thickness as SQ2 Medium, and...
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    Drumless songs

    The Vic Firth website has some good free drumless tracks, some with charts. I'd also highly recommend Jim Riley's book, Survival Guide for the Modern Drummer, which comes with well over 100 drumless tracks in all different styles.
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    What is your workhorse snare from your collection?

    For the last month, I've been using my Sonor SQ1 birch snare the most, but that's mainly because it's relatively new to me. I'd say the snare that gets the most use is my Yamaha RC aluminum 6.5x14. If that was my only snare, I'd be happy. TBH, I kind of like the idea of getting down to just 3...
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    10 China Cymbals Compared - Which Is Best For You?

    I thought the Istanbul Turk sounded great, and I liked the Xist as well. I've been a Zildjian guy for years, and while the 17" K in this comparison is not bad, I have yet to find a Zildjian china cymbal that I really like. For now, I've found a happy compromise with an 18" A Custom EFX cymbal...
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    Paiste Giant Beat vs. 2002 vs. Big Beat Video

    The Giant Beats would be my pick from this bunch! I think it would be cool to have some music play-alongs in these these comparisons, since cymbals often sound so different in a mix than they do solo. But I understand it's not very practical to do that. Whatever music you chose would have 50%...
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    Single Pedal

    I've used DW9000 for a long time, and recently got one of the new Yamaha FP9 pedals. The Yamaha feels much lighter to me than the DW, and I was able to get through a 3-set gig with very little fatigue. That being said, I think those who say it comes down to technique are correct. Any...
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    Recommended Heads for Sonor SQ1

    Congrats on your SQ1 kit. I got one myself a couple months ago. Mine is 10/12/14/16/22. The kit sounds pretty good with the stock heads, but I recently changed the top heads to Emperors and I like it better. They sound better at lower tunings. With the stock single-ply heads (Ambassador), I...
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    Stick Response of Single-Ply vs. Double-Ply Heads

    The other difference I've found between Ambassadors and Emperors is that I can generally get more volume out of Emperors. It's hard to describe, but with Ambs I reach a point where if I hit it harder, it doesn't get any louder. And I'm not a particularly hard hitter, but that's the main reason...
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    Tom positioning

    I'm 6'3" and my 12" tom is closer to me than the rim of the bass drum, the 10" is about even. Bass drum distance depends on your legs, tom distance depends on your arms. Someone with arms or legs shorter/longer than average might have to use stands or a rack to get everything in the right place.
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    Struggling with the floor tom

    I will +1 the suggestion to get a Tune-Bot. But I agree with other posters, that your 10" seems too low. If you have a good ear for pitch, or if you do get a Tune-Bot, I like to tune 10/12/16 in a "power-chord" interval relationship - the 12" a fifth higher than the FT, and the 10" an octave...
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    Need advice on bar gig miking, 2 channels only

    Thanks for all the advice everyone, I’ll let you know how it turns out.
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    Need advice on bar gig miking, 2 channels only

    Interesting, but it makes sense. It’s the low end that needs help.
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    Need advice on bar gig miking, 2 channels only

    Hi everyone, I have a bar gig tomorrow night and one of the guys in the band will be doing sound with his small PA system. 2 guitars, bass, drums, and vocals, classic and modern rock. I can use up to 2 channels for the drums. I have a couple of choices here: One mic on bass drum and one on...
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    Slightly Modified Yamaha Stage Custom Birch

    Nice kit! I also really like clear Emperors on my SCB. Do you think the 2.3 hoops were worth the cost?
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    Pearl Session Custom (Maple) vs Tama Starclassic (Birch)

    I like birch, personally. But it's all about your preference. Listen to the kits and choose whichever one sounds better to you, or the one that looks better, or the one with the hardware you like. They're both really good, neither will hold you back in any way.
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    Are DW Performance drum packs still considered overpriced in today's market?

    I have a DW Collector's kit that I got on clearance at GC - keep an eye on them, they occasionally have new DW kits on discount to used prices. It's funny reading KEEF's post, because I had a similar experience. I bought my DW's based on reputation and all the stellar endorsing artists, and I...
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    Just got fired from band

    Your bandleader sounds a lot like one I used to play with. Every gig was improvised. He'd flip through his lyric sheets (he sang and played guitar), and say hmm, not this one, not this one, OK yeah let's play this one! And he'd start playing. Me and the bass player would jump in after it...
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    Evans UV2 Heads......serious game changer.

    Same here, I tried UV1's on all my toms and my snare, and liked them a lot at first, but they're not my first choice anymore. I'm not sure what it is about them, but I feel like they have less overtones than a G1 or Ambassador. I've heard the UV2's in YouTube comparisons and to my ears they...