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  1. IBitePrettyHard

    Yamaha Stage Custom ?

    The next BIG step up from a Stage Custom is without a doubt the Gretsch Renown. It punches far above its weight. I bought mine a year ago and love it. It looks and sounds like a $4000 kit IMO. I have the 20/10/12/14 configuration in Vintage Pearl, and I have since added the 16x16 floor tom...
  2. IBitePrettyHard

    Rick Dior demos 35 amazing snares from his collection

    Very interesting collection of drums along with great commentary. Perfect video for people who are cooped up during the quarantine. Sit back, relax and watch 1hr 45m of snare goodness. Try not to get G.A.S. (gear acquisition syndrome)
  3. IBitePrettyHard

    Drum Selection

    Good selection in Wisconsin! My local MusicGoRound has nothing but crap. :p The 6 piece Gretsch Catalina is a good choice. They sound great for the price. Probably the safest choice of all the kits offered there. I would avoid the Ludwig Classic Birch for the sole reason that the tom...
  4. IBitePrettyHard

    The most portable kit?

    That's definitely a compact kit but at what cost?
  5. IBitePrettyHard

    Can anyone name that drumkit?

    Looks like an older Gretsch USA Custom. Smart choice! Nobody in their right mind would record with SJC drums. *runs*
  6. IBitePrettyHard

    What is your workhorse snare from your collection?

    My workhorse is this 2009 Supraphonic (14x5") with the 100th Anniversary badge. I couldn't ask for a better snare. Sound 10/10.
  7. IBitePrettyHard

    Tom positioning

    Has this ever been an issue on any other kit? I'm, 6'1", which means I have plenty of arm length, but it's never been comfortable for me. I believe it has to do with my long legs pushing me further away from the kit. Every kit I've ever played, bass-mounted toms have never been quite close...
  8. IBitePrettyHard

    Mixing headphones?

    I highly doubt the Vic Firth headphones have great sound quality to begin with. Paying another $60 for a mixer may not make the best sense. You can probably get better results by just getting in-ear monitors instead. Specifically KZ in-ear monitors on Amazon. Great sound quality, and for...
  9. IBitePrettyHard

    I found this for $100!

    Make a video so we can hear what it sounds like. :)
  10. IBitePrettyHard

    Struggling with the floor tom

    Don't get hung up on the gap between the 10/12 and the 16. Just tune the 16 to where it sounds best to you. Toms don't have to be tuned to a specific interval to sound good. (unless you have a huge array of toms like 8/10/12/13/14/16) Then it would be necessary to get smoother intervals...
  11. IBitePrettyHard

    What exactly is a "Buttery" sound?

    "Buttery" is being used more and more to describe certain cymbals and yet the dictionaries haven't caught up with what it means. I have a general idea of what a "buttery" cymbal sounds like. (They sound great to me!) But I can't quite put my finger on what makes a cymbal sound buttery. I've...
  12. IBitePrettyHard

    Pearl Midtown vs Gretsch Catalina Club Jazz

    The Yamaha Stage Custom is easily the best drum kit in your price range. That is the general consensus here on the forums. I am also a fan of the Catalina Club kit because they sound great, but the hardware and build quality are not quite as good as the Stage Custom. Also, the Catalina Club...
  13. IBitePrettyHard

    Pearl Vision SST Birch Value?

    Welcome to Drummerworld! $1300 isn't a bad deal.....but it's not a great deal either. Lots of cymbals, but Quantity over Quality. You'd be paying for a lot of crappy cymbals. Most of the stands appear to be Yamaha which is a huge plus. The Iron Cobra double pedal is also a huge plus. If...
  14. IBitePrettyHard

    Dixon's new North American maple kit for $850??

    Here's a perfect example of how bad Dixon's official videos sound. You've been warned. Is this because of compression?
  15. IBitePrettyHard

    Benny Greb's Signature Brass Snare DEMO

    And here's the wood version. Dry as the Atacama desert, but I love it.
  16. IBitePrettyHard

    1967 Ludwig Super Classic Restoration

    Amazing job! I never would've thought you could get paint off the wrap like that. How long did it take to scrape it off of each tom? And what did you use exactly? Can't wait for more pics!
  17. IBitePrettyHard

    Acrolite buying advice

    Yeah I'd say the average price of a used Acrolite is closer to $200 now.
  18. IBitePrettyHard

    New Ludwig Speed Flyer and Speed King reviewed by Carter McLean

    The Speed Flyer looks like a pedal I would definitely use (if I wasn't already happy with my Tama Speed Cobra). Pedals have improved so much in the past 25 years, everyone is making great pedals now it seems. I know some of you like the Speed King, but just watching Carter play it I can tell...
  19. IBitePrettyHard

    Acrolite buying advice

    Like other people are saying, don't sell the Tama SLP Maple. That's a great snare. The Acrolite would be a nice 2nd snare and give you a different sound. If you can afford it, buy the Acrolite. Just don't sell the Tama!
  20. IBitePrettyHard

    Dixon's new North American maple kit for $850??

    Dixon's own Youtube videos are garbage. It's a shame. They're so heavily compressed that I still don't know what they sound like. The only use those videos serve are to show how nice they look. Why do people use compression in drum demos? It's so stupid, lol. There's only a handful of...