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    Tama IC 900 hi-hat: Lever Glide vs Velo Glide

    I have an older Tama hi-hat stand right now and am looking to purchase a new 900. There's a Velo Glide on the kit at church, so I have experience with it. I've been very happy with it over the last 6 years. I wouldn't have any problems purchasing one for my own, but I'm curious about the Lever...
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    Shipping a 6-piece

    This is not intended to be a shameless "buy-my-stuff" plug. I have a 6-piece kit (2 rack, 2 floor, kick, snare) plus gig bags for everything listed for sale online. I'm even willing to meet someone halfway to help with delivery. I'd like to be able to offer shipping without getting destroyed on...
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    Bent snare hoops. This doesn't look right, does it?

    Like the title says, I could use another pair of eyes to have a look at my hoops. This is the batter side. The snare side is not as bad. The previous owner of this drum had both heads absolutely cranked. The head won't lay in the hoop either. I almost have to pop it in. When I took it off, I had...
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    Zildjian Large Hollow Stamp ID

    This is my ride cymbal, a 22" Zildjian. It weighs 2585g, and it has a very light, trashy sound and crashes very well. I never gave its age much thought until recently. I found this site: I was very surprised to learn that it dates to the...
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    Fiberskyn PS3 coloring

    I am getting new heads from my 20" Ludwig Signet kick. The batter will most likely be a PS3. I am intrigued by the PS3 Felt Tone Fiberskyn as a reso head: Problem is...
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    Ludwig Signet vs Gretsch Catalina Maple

    Hello, all. This is my first post and I'd like to see about getting some community feedback about a decision I'm facing. I have owned my first kit, a 5pc CB Maxx since 2003. It has run its course and one of the snare lugs has broken in half. With five lugs on the toms and six on the kick...