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    New kit on the way

    Fair play, have a nice time. I love Paiste 2002s
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    New kit on the way

    Congratulations on your new Stage Custom Birch Yammy's. Exciting waiting for a new drum set. Some of ye guy's mentioned poor bearing edges. It's highly likely that Yamaha will have this fixed and I found them to have a good customer service, that looked after me. The only issue I ever had were...
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    Very First Kits

    A wine red Pearl Export 1986 my lovely mother paid new for me. I'm grateful. Took the whole thing apart, drum by drum, Rods, Boxes, Spurs, Strainer, Hoops with every bolt and screw and greased up everything and put all back together. I just wanted to see the inside of everything and how it...
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    What is Lightest Drum Kit Available

    The Yamaha Hipgig Junior is good too. 16" Kick, 13" FT, 12 & 10 Toms. Can buy as a shell pack 5 Pce with 12" Snare. Can set up as a 4 pce for gigs if suitable. Fairly light drums, Mount's are attached to shell. Manu Katche Junior New Version, around a few years now. All birch, Chinese grown...
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    I'm on a Magazine Cover!

    Congratulations Nick enjoy the experience well done.
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    Light tripod hi hat stand - Thoughts?

    I have the Yamaha Cross Town Set around 6 mths. Hat Stand is 100 Euro. I like it very much. Similar tension to Yamaha 600 Hat Stand which I find comfortable. Very light but stable and can take all my playing hits. Can't rotate the tri-pod legs though, this isn't a hugh concern for me. I have no...
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    14x6.5 Yamaha Stage Custom steel snare drum.

    Happy New Year Fellow Sticksmen, What do you think about the Yamaha Concert Steel Snare. There kinda like a beginner series for percussion students. Similar to Stage Custom but better strainer throw off. They have different wires too I think. Would it be good in a drum set. Discontinued as far...
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    Paiste 2002 Crash/Ride

    Thanks for your replies, I probably will go for the 2002, 22" Crash cuz I find the crashability of the 2002, 22" Ride a wee bit harsh and too thick. I know it's a heavier cymbal for ride work. I've owned a set of Giant Beats for 10 years and are lovely instruments and loved that they were all...
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    Help picking new kit

    Hi Lando, I think you can a very nice set for 1800 Bucks. Like if your heart is set on the Pdp maple & your getting decent enough cymbals too, then follow your desire. The Yamaha Stage Custom is a fine set too. Slighter thicker shells in Chinese Birch Grown Wood, beautifully made by the boys in...
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    I'm really stressed over something so stupid

    Congratulations on your new kit. Tama Swingstar, why don't you get to know your set really well. The steel snare you got will sound good when you take the hoops off, snare wires, take a few tuning lugs off the shell and have a look inside. Put in a some cotton wool into each drum lug, this...
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    Paiste 2002 Crash/Ride

    Hi, Ya i think I can really work with this cymbal. I like crash/rides very much. I need to save up the spondookies and then onto a 2002, 19" Thin Crash for my next obsession. I does be likeing the Paiste Products a wee bit too much as I do the Yamaha stuff. Thanks keep Playing Drum Note
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    Paiste 2002 Crash/Ride

    Hi to all fellow drummer brothers out there and girls too. This is my first post, I'm new to forums, thank you Bernhard for setting up Drummer World it's a fine product in service to us. What do you guys think about a Paiste 2002 22" Crash also for Ride work. It's one of many on going searches...