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    Have you ever had this happen in your band?

    In two bands that I was in, we picked a couple songs to play only because we enjoyed playing them. We were almost positive no one in the audience would be familiar with them. Most of the set list was popular stuff, but everyone got to pick one song that they really wanted to play, popular or...
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    Still Have Love For My Old Swingstars

    I unpacked my old swingtars that I bought new way back in 85 so I could use remo silent strokes on them and get more practice time. Of course I had to give them a rough tuning and mess around. They sounded quite good to me. After thinking about them for awhile and researching some facts about...
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    Technique System Question

    I decided I wanted to improve my hands so I began researching the Moeller technique. In doing so, I came across other technique systems. This got me to thinking back years ago to one of my drum teachers. He taught me rudiments and he had playing them using four different strokes. Namely the full...
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    A revelation about my weak hand

    I apologize if this post gets a little long, but I'd like to give a little background on how I stumbled onto this. Like a lot of guys, I'm always looking for ways to tighten up my left ( weak ) hand. I work on some different rudimental patterns that place almost all of the accents on my left...
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    Questions about luan and other shells

    Question 1. Why is it that luan seems to be the only drum shell material where the grain runs vertical while all other woods run horizontal? If drum shell plywood is like other plywoods, each ply has the grain running in different directions to increase strength. So it should be no problem for...
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    I'm a proud father

    I know this is a place for drummers. I've played drums for more than 30 yrs. My gigging days are over for now due to my work schedule. But back to my premise. My 15 yr old son expressed an interest in guitar when he was 7yrs old People asked me why I didn't push him toward drums. For one, I...
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    In Praise of Old Swingstars

    About five years ago I finally realized a goal of building my own set with keller shells. At that point I packed away my old swingstars that I bought new in 1985. A couple weeks ago I got the urge to get them out and set them up. I tuned them up a bit and played to some favorite songs. When I...
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    Rhythm Library

    Is anyone familiar with the Rhythm Library Method by Gordy Knutdson? I practice it on the real feel pad with rudimental patterns and on the set with all four limbs. Once you get the hang of it, it's a blast
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    Has This Ever Happened To You?

    We hear and read a lot about "overplaying" and "playing for the music", and in the majority of cases I agree with those things. Nothing sounds worse than when the drummer steps all over a vocalist or a soloist or clutters up the music with too many fills. But have you ever listened to a song...
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    Drum Shell History Questions

    If I understand things correctly, back in the day some drum companies used shells made from combinations of different woods on their pro level drums. And the old Tama Imperialstar was a pro line kit that used a shell made from inexpensive luan. This leads me to a couple questions. Question #1...
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    musical notation question

    I was watching a youtube vid the other day and a guy was describing a concept that I don't believe I know how notate ( write down in music form ). He was talking about playing a basic 6/8 blues beat and then going into a fill consisting of 16th notes. If I was writing out something like this...
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    80s swingstar vs 80s imperialstar

    What are the major differences between these two lines? I'm talking about the old 80s versions, not any of the newer incarnations. Here is what I know about them, if I miss anything please correct me or add to it. The imperialstar was one of tama's pro lines and the swingstar was their entry...