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  1. Over50drumguy

    High hat stands

    Need a new high hat stand that doesn’t break the bank as I just picked up a new to me tama starclassic bb and will need a few other things as well . Was planning on hitting local stores but this popped up today ( limited quantities/ time to get) . Any first hand user reviews ? Well made...
  2. Over50drumguy

    Fished outta the trash . Should they go right back 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Like the title says , my friend fished these outta the trash . I told friends starting a year ago if they see anything drum related to grab it . You never know what people throw out . I’ve only been brought a few items so far , all of it junk lol . But I did keep a lower end pre Paiste ...
  3. Over50drumguy

    New to me kit on the way !

    Well after getting back on my old POS Frankenkit 2 years ago and in an effort to de rustify myself from a 20 year hiatus , after a year it quickly became clear to me I needed-.......(wanted😉) an upgrade . I found and lost out on a few this past year . Not gonna lie , after missing a NOS 7 piece...
  4. Over50drumguy

    Happy Halloween!

    What can I say I like Halloween and I like drums ......🤷🏻‍♂️
  5. Over50drumguy

    Checking out a used kit tomorrow. A little help ?

    Going to look at used kit tomorrow . The limited info that I have so far with a few bad pics ( that I can’t even resize to post here) and some info my friend gave me is ......... Fairly new ( less than 2 years) concept maple 7 piece 8,10,12,14,16 ,14 snare, 22 kick in pearlescent white very...
  6. Over50drumguy

    cymbal identification.

    From what I can gather the 20” ride , with hollow stamp “super” , star and moon symbol stamp , and stamped made in Germany, with a 4 printed under the bell may be a pre Paiste before they were Paiste??? The Zildjian 14” hats from what I can find on line by the stamp ( only on top hat) are 60’s...
  7. Over50drumguy

    Can anyone ID these Gretsch drums

    I know these pictures aren’t good but this Gretsch kit is close to the house and come with at least one Zildjian A crash out of the three shown that are in an ad near me . A set of hats also. Here’s the ad and some zoomed in pics ( not sure how they’ll show up here). Anyone have any idea what’s...
  8. Over50drumguy

    R.I.P Ted Mckenna

    Very sad news. Talk about an underrated drummer.
  9. Over50drumguy

    Look who I ran into !!!

    My music tastes span almost every genre. From blues,country , oldies, and classic rock to jazz, big band, (some) rap and metal, and every thing in between. Got a chance to meet and hang out with one of my metal drumming heroes backstage after his show. We talked music, drums , kids and sports...
  10. Over50drumguy

    What do you think ? Starclassic bb

    Been looking to upgrade . I check all the sites , Craigslist , reverb , Sweetwater etc... etc..... . Lost out on an 8 piece Sonor Ascent ( long story ). Like I’m sure everyone does, I’m looking for a good deal . But pricing ranges so much I never know what to think , or more importantly , if I’m...
  11. Over50drumguy

    Sonor Ascent 8 piece price help

    Hello, as my user name says , I’m an over 50 drummer who’s been off the kit and out of the game for a bit except for bagpipe bands. In searching for a new to me kit for a while now as I haven’t touched mine in 15 years and am looking to upgrade I came across a sonor 8 piece kit...