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    K Sweet Crash durability?

    Good day all! I'm on the look out for a new right-sided crash, I´ve recently cracked my 12 year old 18" A custom projection crash and then shortly after that I cracked my 10 year old 18" K Medium Thin Crash. I have an eye on the 20" K Sweet Crash but part of me is put off by the "Extra thin"...
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    Hello everybody, just thought I´d drop by to show off my new Hovland Drums solid walnut snare!! These drugs are handmade by Kirk Hovland from Wisconsin Black Walnut, these drums are a thing to behold and there aren´t many drumsmiths making snares of this quality of sound, build and looks. I...
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    My bands new video. AMTP - Truffles

    Hello, you lot!! Just wanted to spread the wacky word of my band around and showcase a bit of my playing. Well, the video doesn't 'show' me playing, but it's me playing on the track. We wanted to do something a little different with the video. Something that didnt involve us posing and...
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    DW 5000 Refurb..

    Hi Everyone, Hope you are all well. I'm just stopping by to see if anyone has any previous experiences with refurbishing pedals. I've had a DW 5002 2nd/3rd-gen single-chain pedal for about 10 years. The pedal is possibly twice that age, and over that amount of time especially with 400-odd gigs...
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    Lacquer clear coat cracks- Pearl Masters

    Hello there, Well ive finally got my backside in gear and signed up for DW. The post that will pop my cherry will be about a little re-accuring problem I keep encountering. Ive already posted this over in the PDF...