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    Yamaha Stage Custom ?

    It’s a Czech drum store and his name is Patrik and he’s really good!
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    DCP Threads

    Is it too soon for GC to offer a CORONA2020 discount code? Sorry I have been holding on to this one for 2 weeks, just had to get it out
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    Yamaha Stage Custom ?

    They are great, at the price point maybe the best choice; with the Tama superstar maple right there too. I have been waffling back and forth between them. The Tama has a better bass drum sound due to the maple imho. The Toms are fantastic on the Yamaha, not that there’s anything wrong with...
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    Things you said you'd never do or never own...but you do now! (Music content only)

    No! Cleveland, Toledo and Lansing lol Actually we used to say these things when we were teens and just laugh
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    Do I need to do something/fix this used 22' Agop 30th anniversary Ride ?

    Very interesting! I’ve never seen a cymbal do this.
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    Things you said you'd never do or never own...but you do now! (Music content only)

    Ha, I am pushing 50 but I’ll pull out sayings that have to be really old because my wife will ask where the hell did you get that from. It sounds like my 100 yo ggampa. Here’s a few gems: Mile high as the crow flies Not worth a tinkerers damn Long in the tooth
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    DCP Threads

    Damn some people just love to piss in the punch bowl.
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    If you had to pick 1 single pedal jazz/funk what do you get?

    I would buy the pearl eliminator, nothing is more adjustable
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    DCP Threads

    DCPs videos are among the very best online reviews.
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    COVID 19 Nurses Perspective PLEASE READ

    Truckers are to be heralded as well. I hate driving with them as much as the next guy but they keep this country going. You’d have nothing without them.
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    COVID 19 Nurses Perspective PLEASE READ

    Damn straight. Listen I have respect for the front line medical workers of course but the cashier at the wallyworld making 12 an hour sees 100+ people a day hacking and coughing all over everything fighting over gd toilet paper etc. f$&k that sxit.
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    COVID 19 Nurses Perspective PLEASE READ

    Uh, minus the poorly paid emts these medical people make 2x to 20x the money a stock person does.
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    Tama Superstar Snare 8x14 serial number help

    Beautiful Love the extended snares they used to put on in the 80s
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    COVID 19 Nurses Perspective PLEASE READ

    In all of this let’s give some mad respect for the people working in the grocery store, Walmart etc. they are risking just as much
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    It's All in the Wrists, Bonham Fans!

    Just no on Vinnie and Dave, come on. More like Vinny Appice
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    Every now and then...

    Yeah he could make a suitcase filled with sxit sound good
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    Self Quarantine with the Gretsch!

    That Great Gretsch Sound. Nice playing too
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    What Are You Doing While Riding Out This Period Of Social Isolation?

    Thank God I can work from home while the work lasts. Have a feeling we’ll be shut this week. Imagine not having internet through all of this
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    Can't search "rim shots"

    Hm rimshots pulls up a very different set of results than you all are getting...better clean out my cache.😂
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    Polarizing bands/singers.

    The Beatles.