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    Are there any high-quality recordings with calf heads?

    I can’t imagine there could be many, because Remo came out with Mylar heads in 1958, and recording technology didn’t start getting good until the late 60s/70s. I’m talking about toms and kick, not snare. I know there are a few jazz guys who used calf heads on snare for a while after Mylar came out.
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    Drums or cymbals?

    I’m talking about the basic tone quality of drums versus cymbals. I couldn’t care less about cymbal sound, relatively. I enjoy a good cymbal roll or sizzle on the hats, but I don’t even begin to obsess about cymbal sounds. I own good ones, but my collection is very small. Drums are a TOTALLY...
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    Is there any Metronome app that keeps poor time?

    I have found that playing with musicians who have bad time is far more difficult than playing with ones that have really good time. I wonder if there’s an app that has a setting for bad time programmed in so you can practice playing with players whose time is very poor. If there’s not one, I...
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    Did Ludwig ever make an 8x14 super-sensitive BB?

    Or just a brass or bronze 8x14 supersensitive. I’ve looked on reverb and eBay and Craigslist and have never seen one.
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    Hardest “simple” things to play on drums

    Anything that’s deceptively difficult, but seems really simple in concept— 1. Buzz rolls 2. Linear stuff 3. Morello’s Stone Killer exercise What else?
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    Great grooves to work on

    I’m slowly working my way through difficult/fun grooves, in a variety of styles. The list I’m working on includes 1. The Funky Drummer Groove 2. The Purdie Half-time shuffle, and related ones like the Porcaro groove from “Rosanna” I also work on the basic clave rhythm as well, and I’d like to...
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    South Indian percussion

    This guy is great Who wants to learn this for drum set and do some linear stuff on those 32nd note licks between hands and feet?
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    What about a “cosmetic” versus “functional” forum?

    I’d like to see the “Drums” subforum in the larger “Drum Gear” split into two different parts, one for cosmetic stuff like wraps and finishes, and the other for ACTUAL ACOUSTIC DISCUSSION. Every once in a while I’m in the mood for looking at pretty finishes, but wraps literally muffle the...
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    Need help with drum rack

    I bought a used rack system on eBay, but it came without adapters for tom clamps. It is a Yamaha rack, but all the adapters I can find on eBay are too big. I’ve bought 5 different ones, all too big. Here is a pic of the small clamp that came with it next to a clamp I bought that is too...
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    Hollowed-log ash wood kit on eBay It’s got a few light scratches, but looks fine. I’m considering buying it, but am not sure I like ash as a wood for toms.
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    What clamps and mounts should I buy?

    I have a rail mount between two Boom stands, round style about an inch or so in diameter. I’ve got 3 isolation mounts, but no clamps or adapters.
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    Sticks with the best balance

    Which sticks have had the best balance of any pair you ever played?
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    Why aren’t you better drummers?

    Just kidding. Merry Crimmus to you all, and thank you for making this place such a great learning tool and resource for everyone.
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    G-flat major?

    I'm playing the mallet/aux parts for "Kiss Me, Kate", and I would like to cordially invite whoever wrote the parts in G-flat major to kiss my butt. Who has time for that? I work 60 hours a week and have two kids under age 4. I don't have time to even mow my own yard, let alone learn mallet licks...
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    Let me tell you about the BS I dealt with today

    So I agreed to do a musical that opens next week. I only got asked 5 days ago, but I learn parts fairly fast, and I like to help out people in need, so I said yes. They said the instruments (xylophone, timpani, etc.) would be there tonight, at the first rehearsal since I got asked. That's good...
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    Thinking about building a cajon

    I want to build it out of solid Walnut planks. I know they're more expensive than plies, and more likely to crack, but the better sound quality is worth it to me. My only question is, how thick should the planks be? I'm thinking 22" tall by 16" wide and 16" deep. I figure the sides and bottom...
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    Question about stave construction

    Andy, you're the obvious target for this question, but anyone is free to jump in. Has anyone tried using horizontal sections of dowel fitted into holes to join staves together, to strengthen the shell? Seems like that would be stronger than just glue.
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    Ever tried a drumhead over a pillow?

    It gives you the articulation of a drumhead, so you can hear what you're doing, with the lack of rebound of a pillow, to help you learn to not rely on rebound. It's pretty humbling, I'll say that. A sheet of paper works too, although it won't last very long.
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    Finally got my Sleishman steambent snare going

    I got a Sleishman free-floating snare about a month ago for a steambent NOS rosewood Vaughncraft shell I found on eBay, and here is how she sounds--your impressions, drummers?
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    I got a brass 16x14 floor tom today

    From Echo Drums. I decided the only way to know if I liked brass better than spun fiberglass (like in my Jenkins-Martin kit) was to just buy a drum and compare side-by-side. It's close, they both sound so pleasing to my ear, but the JM kit wins by a nose. It's simultaneously more resonant and a...