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  1. Peedy

    DCP Threads

    Correct me if I'm wrong but it sure seems like all of the DCP threads are nothing more than adverts from a retailer rather than discussion between drummers or other interested parties. My recollection is that this isn't allowed by the user agreement. Rain the poop down on me, I can take it. Pete
  2. Peedy

    Show us that one cymbal you just couldn’t live without

    And then tell us why you’re so enamored with it . . . maybe even why we should too. (OK, fine, if it HAS to be hi hats we’ll count that as one for this thread). Pete
  3. Peedy

    Two Crashes as Hi Hats. . . hmmm, potential

    OK Bo Eder (et al), my New Years resolution was pretty simple after reading a number of posts about it: I took some of my crashes and tasked them as HHs in practice today. Sooo. . . 1. Any experiences out there in DRUMMERWORLD land? 2. Why do some combos work flawlessly while other favorite...
  4. Peedy

    Christmas Bob says. . .

    Christmas Bob says "MERRY CHRISTMAS!"
  5. Peedy

    Best Cymbal Deal Thread - Show & Tell

    A few of us thought we should start a thread detailing our best cymbal deals. If you have a story to tell, this is your space. Be a giver and share. New? Used? It's all good. I'll get the ball rolling. I watch eBay pretty religiously for old (mostly) A. Zildjians. I saw this one starting...
  6. Peedy

    Spinal Tap Moments

    Ya know what we're missing around here? A thread detailing Spinal Tap type moments. * Spontaneously combusting band members? (keyboard players - burn baby burn) * Metallica stealing yer schtick? * Groupies that you're pretty sure are as old as yer mom? * Or. . . whatever?
  7. Peedy

    DW-5000 Retro. Thoughts? Experiences?

    I’m thinking about replacing my Yamaha gig pedal on my live kit with a DW-5000 Retro. Anyone tried one? Similar to my c.1990 USA DW-5000 at home? Opinions?
  8. Peedy

    Experience w/ Oversized Crash Bell?

    I just received an 18in A. Zildjian c.1954-57. It weighs in at 1265g (thin) and sports an unexpected feature. . . the bell is nearly .75in wider than I thought it would be. The whole thing appears to be around 20% larger by volume compared to my other two 18in crashes or 20in crash/ride, all of...
  9. Peedy

    Gaffer tape on ride cymbals

    I've been thinking about putting some gaffer tape on my two ride cymbals (18 & 20in) for a while. I was wondering what the DW community's experience with it is. How much? Do patterns matter? Type, brand and or width of tape matter? Advice and any photos would be great. Background - been...
  10. Peedy

    Band Mascots - Am I the only one?

    Our band has a mascot, and his name it Bob. Am I the only one? Pic-1 is in situ. Pic-2 is how he'll probably look this weekend. Any others out there in drumming land? Put up a pic. Pete ps - Bob likes sunshine in the morning, long walks on the beach with his special someone and sick riffs...
  11. Peedy

    Cleaning Cymbals - Share your methods / pics

    I've been part of a few threads about cleaning cymbals. Admittedly, I own and play old cymbals so I'm going to be looking for a different result than most. But still I've seen a lot of different options and opinions about what works best. I'm always interested to learn new things. Shine a...
  12. Peedy

    1966 Catalog - Who makes these U.S. / Imported drums?

    My longtime habit of collecting has led me to own more than a few old catalogs. Thumbing through my 1966 Benentt Brothers Catalog has me wondering who makes the drums they sold back then. No brands included with the listing but somebody out there should recognize them. . . I could improve the...
  13. Peedy

    12 inch HiHat Users - Benefits? Trade offs?

    I finally put together a set of 12in HHs this week. Played the in practice today (liked them very much) but I’m a total noob otherwise. Is this just a phase I’m going through? When do you use them and why? They’re a tad quiet and I don’t use a mic so I also wonder if that’s going to be an...
  14. Peedy

    Finally going to use my Premier 2000 - Tuning/other advice?

    Well, here goes. I've owned this July 1975 COA Premier 2000 snare drum for going on six years now and I've never actually used it live. It cost me 6-7 times that of my Premier 1005 (big fan of that snare too) so it basically just became a permanent fixture on my home practice kit. BUT - I've...
  15. Peedy

    Calling all Trans Stamp HH Players

    In my never ending quest for the perfect HHs, I've expanded my vintage Zildjian 15" hats to include a 1947-8 810g Trans Stamp hat. I've paired it with both my 1935ish 1400g and 1960 870g Zildjians. Sounds amazing with both but in different ways. Do you think there's anything to be gained with...
  16. Peedy

    OLD 1930s HH set-up - Thoughts? (Photos within)

    I have an early 1930s A Zildjian HH cymbal that was clearly used with a smaller pairing, something like what you'd see in the below photo. The wear pattern is exactly 12.25 inches across while the cymbal is 13.75. Questions abound. What does a set-up like that actually sound like? Are there...
  17. Peedy

    What drum kit is this? - Plus my vote for greatest Drummer Photo ever

    Buddy Miles, 1970. Wow. Amazing on every level. The 70s are comin back to get us! Pete ps - A Zildjians if anybody cares
  18. Peedy

    That ONE odd cymbal you never thought would become your favorite?

    The Short: I'm cymbal curious and on a whim I bought a couple of vintage Zildjians just because. I thought I was buying them for the early 60s 13in crash (which I like) but this thing has totally blown me away. - 15in / 1440g - probably 30s to mid 40s - huge / deep hammer impacts just...
  19. Peedy

    Ummm. . . Why no Zildjians in Turkey?

    Had a flash of brilliance and thought I would source out some old K Zildjians from the land of their birth, Turkey. So I searched eBay sellers in Turkey and nothing, nada, zilch, etc. No current or former listings for any Zildjian cymbals of any kind, though tons of current Turkish brands...
  20. Peedy

    For a top Hi-Hat: How thin is TOO thin?

    Yesterday, I bought a 1930s 14 inch cymbal from an old music store back east. The info I had was that the cymbal was clean, straight and "very light". After getting the tracking info today I suspect the cymbal weighs about 550 grams. Any experience using a top hat that light? Bottom would be...