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    Is there such a thing as a bad Sabian?

    Owned a 16" AA Rock crash once. The worst drum purchase of my entire life.
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    too many cymbals?

    1 14" hats 1 20" crash 1 21" crash ride 1 21" ride 1 19" stack 1 18" ozone. voila.
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    Small Crashes Anyone?

    I never go smaller than a 18"dark crash. I genuinely hate small glassy crashes on heavy music.
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    Meinl hihats that are similar to Zildjian K Sweet hats or K Light hats

    Just buy the Zillys and just ignore the logos.
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    Ludwig Black Beauty - New 8-Lug vs. Classic 10-Lug

    Both sound absolutely banging. So many sweet low-mids in those snares.
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    Trying Evans UV2

    Wanted to try these but I hate the plastic sounding slap and the tubbiness you get from Black Chromes and Hydraulics. Not cheap either. Can anyone here convince me that I'm completely wrong?
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    Mixing Sabian / Zildjian Cymbals

    If youre not contractually obliged to use a single brand of cymbal, youre doing yourself a disservice by limiting yourself to one brand because it looks good or it messes with your OCD when you mix them up. You're completely reducing your sound pallette by sticking with one brand - I've Sabians...
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    Bigger Kits

    I used to play with 2 floor toms and it was actually pointless. Not one member of the audience noticed nor did it make a single difference to my sound. Just another thing to set up and barely hit. 4 piece all the way!!
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    Tama Star Cast Mounts - really wobbly?

    The floor tom legs on my 2016 Starclassic do exactly this. It 100% intentional to aid resonance. Cant remember if my rack tom does but they don't move around in slightest when I play.
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    Moving on from Evans Genera Dry...

    Evans G14. Single ply feel, double ply longevity. S´all ya need!!
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    Your personal least favorite set you actually owned.

    Never really disliked any of my kits down the years, there was always a little foible with one or two....Although a decent enough kit, Pearl MCX 22 kick drums are a little uninspiring and my Masters Premiums detuned themselves to death whenever I played them. I've always had gripe with some...
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    Roland Supernatural yes or no?

    TD17 does not have Supernatural triggering.
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    Roland Supernatural yes or no?

    I've got the TD-25KV and absolutely love it. I don't have the facility to practice at home (neighbours) and this e-kit is absolutely perfect. The whole ´no MIDI expansion´ ´Bad trigger snake´ ´no sample stacking´ is just baloney, the sounds on-board are varied enough to keep the creative juices...
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    Pro-Mark......Your Thoughts?

    Never liked em. All the sticks i´ve tried always felt too top heavy and weighted towards the shoulder. Always lasted when I've given the chance but I always flip back to Vater or Los Cabos (which are unreal sticks btw!)
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    Sabian HHX Complex and series revamp

    The new AAX line (especially the larger medium crashes/rides) is absolutely delicious.
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    Cobbled together kits? Different brands mixed in a single kit?

    And Jeff Buckley era Matt Johnson -
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    K Sweet Crash durability?

    Good day all! I'm on the look out for a new right-sided crash, I´ve recently cracked my 12 year old 18" A custom projection crash and then shortly after that I cracked my 10 year old 18" K Medium Thin Crash. I have an eye on the 20" K Sweet Crash but part of me is put off by the "Extra thin"...
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    Hello everybody, just thought I´d drop by to show off my new Hovland Drums solid walnut snare!! These drugs are handmade by Kirk Hovland from Wisconsin Black Walnut, these drums are a thing to behold and there aren´t many drumsmiths making snares of this quality of sound, build and looks. I...
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    My bands new video. AMTP - Truffles

    Hello, you lot!! Just wanted to spread the wacky word of my band around and showcase a bit of my playing. Well, the video doesn't 'show' me playing, but it's me playing on the track. We wanted to do something a little different with the video. Something that didnt involve us posing and...
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    DW 5000 Refurb..

    Hi Everyone, Hope you are all well. I'm just stopping by to see if anyone has any previous experiences with refurbishing pedals. I've had a DW 5002 2nd/3rd-gen single-chain pedal for about 10 years. The pedal is possibly twice that age, and over that amount of time especially with 400-odd gigs...