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  1. Steady Freddy

    Tama mini snares,

  2. Steady Freddy

    Free 5As

    I have a few pair of wood tip 5As. Some are new and some have been used a little. I would like them to go to some one who needs sticks. Some one starting out who may not have a lot of funds. PM me.
  3. Steady Freddy

    New Hardware from A&F

  4. Steady Freddy

    DCP's 20 best snare drums of 2019

  5. Steady Freddy

    "Best" in classified ads.

    It always amuses me when they say "this the best snare I ever owned." Well hey there Skippy, If it's the best snare you ever owned why are you selling it??? Are you just keeping the ones that don't sound good?? LOL
  6. Steady Freddy

    DW now owns Slingerland!
  7. Steady Freddy

    Pickle O snare

  8. Steady Freddy

    A & F drums!!!

    I' really liking some of what the offer. Different look and sound. Some of them are a little pricey, but I see getting one in the near future. Any one else liking them?
  9. Steady Freddy

    Mic'ing snares from the side?

    I noticed on a few of the drumcenternh videos that they had an Earthworks mic pointed at the side of the snare shell. I tried that yesterday with a SM57 and it worked pretty well. Didn't have a lot of time to experiment but it sounded pretty good. Anyone tried it?
  10. Steady Freddy

    Snare wires

    Nice article here:
  11. Steady Freddy

    Hi mass, low mass, and all that stuff

    Today for fun I set up a Yamaha Absolute and a DW Collectors 9 X 12 tom. Both have the same heads, I tuned both with a tune bot for high sustain and placed them both on snare stands. The only difference I could hear is that the DW had a little more low end towards the end of the decay. Even...
  12. Steady Freddy

    New stuff!

    Upgrading my recording gear.
  13. Steady Freddy

    New heads

    Trying something different. G1 on the 8, G12s on the 10 and 12, G2s on the floor toms. Sounds good!!
  14. Steady Freddy

    My Sunday morning project.

    I found this DW stainless steel shell on e bay a couple weeks ago. The only hardware included was the vent.
  15. Steady Freddy

    Bonham played a 26 X 15 Kick?
  16. Steady Freddy

    Stacked rectangular percussion bars?

    I forgot what they are called. They make a metallic sound when stuck. Two or three bars stacked on top of one another. Thanks
  17. Steady Freddy

    15 inch snare?

    Any one have a 15 incher and how dose it compare to a 14 inch in the same depth? Thanks!
  18. Steady Freddy

    Backing track

    First time using Sound Cloud.
  19. Steady Freddy

    Puresound Quality????

    I have a snare that didn't sound snarey enough so I decided to try a Puresound Super 30 on it. That got me a lot closer to the sound I wanted but the solder joints had a couple of real sharp points were the wires are attached to the end plates. I've experienced this before and had those sharp...
  20. Steady Freddy

    Three Dog Night covered two of my bands songs back in the day.

    Here's one of them...... Original: TDN version: