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    Thicker shelled drum suggestions

    Hi - who knows what thicker shelled kits are out there on the market? I'm finding that the thinner shelled toms sound really musical when played quiet, but seem to max out when played hard. Maybe it's my Gretsch Brooklyn? The toms are significantly quieter than my Black Beauty, and so I have to...
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    12" Gretsch Brooklyn Help please - bop tunings

    I've just got this kit and am starting the process of getting the kit dialled in. I've come across a tuning that makes all the drum notes and overtones singing in harmony which potentially will sounds great. The problem is that the 12" is cranked up to a bop pitch which doesn't have enough...
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    Bronze Snare thoughts: Gretsch USA vs. Ludwig Supra 14" x 6.5"

    Hi - I appreciate the construction and hoops are different so it isn't comparing like with like, but does anyone have experience of these two drums? What are your thoughts? THANKS!
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    Does Taylor Hawkins play a 20" bass drum?

    I was thinking about whether my next bass drum should be 20" or 22" (mainly play at home but play some rock out and about) and if he can get away with it, I can!
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    Extra Thin trashy crash cymbals - ideas please!

    Hi - I'm after your ideas for crash cymbals for very quiet playing (home playing and behind unmiked acoustic instruments) so I want something that opens up really easily. I like the sound of the Meinl Extra Dry crashes - trashy and dull rather than trashy and bright - but I'm having to play at a...
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    Evans Dixson Bass Drum Lift

    Hi - I have a 20" bass drum and was thinking of getting a bass drum lift. This one looks really well designed, but doesn't seem to give as much height as other cheaper ones. Does anyone have experience of it (or any bass drum lifts they recommend? THANKS!
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    What's the thickest yet lightest stick?

    Hi - I find thick sticks much easier on the grip that thin sticks and usually play the Vic Firth Thomas Langs. I don't play very fast and my technique is good - very relaxed grip and let the stick do all the work. These are most comfortable sticks I've ever tried and they sound amazing. Recently...
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    Gretsch chrome over brass snares

    Is there any difference between the Brooklyn chrome over brass shell and the USA G4000 shell. I can't find any information on this (though I appreciate that the hoops and snare wires are different). THANKS!
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    Snare wire rattle problem I just can't solve - help!!

    Hi folks - I've a George Way Hollywood that I can't get a snare rattle out of. I thought it might be the strainer and it might be, but it might be something else. No matter what snare wires I put on the drum - new or old Puresound 10 strand, 20 strand, 12 stand equalisers, stock Ludwig wires...
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    George Way snare strainer problem

    Hi - has anyone any experience with this? I'm finding it impossible to get any snares to lie flat on the drum. There's so much wobble and play in the mechanism that every time you engage the snares it pulls them off to one side or the other. Has anyone dealt with this? THANKS
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    Memphis Drum Shop- Is it me, or is this drum shop snare demo really unkind to the drum?

    First off, I'm not a troll or a hater, and Memphis Drum Shop should get an award for robbing me of hours of my life in a really wonderful way (I know I'm not alone in this!) But this drum really stood out because usually their snares sound great...
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    5 lugs better than 8?

    I've been reading all this stuff about reducing hardware mass to let the shell 'breathe'. Given a vogue for 8 lug snares, I wondered if anyone had taken off half their lugs and turned a 10 lug snare into a 5? Of course I'm going to try it because who doesn't like a bit of gear pimping, but I...
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    Sabian cleaning problem

    Hi - I've used some groove juice (which has always worked well in the past) on my Artisans and this is what's happened - a dark mottling to the finish in normal light. Under direct lighting they look shiny and nice. They sound the same so it's not the end of the world, but is there anything I...
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    Head help for the biggest beefy kick sound that the drum can manage!

    Hi, really I should buy a 24" kick, but that's not going to happen anytime soon, so in the meantime I wonder if there's anything I can do with drum head selection... I play a lovely maple/mahogany 22" x 14" kick with a large wooden beater. For many years I've been playing Remo PS3 batter (I've...
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    16" floor tom depth: 16" or 14"

    Which do you prefer? Does two inches make a sonic difference?
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    Pork Pie Hip Gig vs C&C Player Date vs Ludwig Club Date 2016

    It's another comparison thread - sorry. (I asked a related question about centre lug placement which has had some interesting feedback.) So, I'm in the market for something warm and 'vintage' looking and sounding. These kits have different woods and price points I know, but they are all aiming...
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    Centre mounted lugs & resonance - any thoughts and experience?

    We're seeing more and more of these now. Ludwig Club Date, Pork Pie Hip Gig, C&C Player Date, etc. They look cool, but does mounting the lug centrally impede the shell's resonance? For years Yamaha, Noble & Cooley, etc have been saying how lugs at the 'nodal' points optimize shell resonance...
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    Gretsch Brooklyn or Broadkaster?

    I'm eyeing up these two as my next kit and would love to hear from people who have experience of them. They have the same hoops and are both maple/poplar, but one is 6 ply the other 3 ply, and they have different bearing edges. I know I'd be happy with either (and am fortunate to be able to...
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    Iron Cobra Flexi glide cam shape help!

    Does anyone know, Is the Iron Cobra Flexi glide a linear cam shape or accelerator shape? Does anyone prefer them to the other chain Cobras? Thanks
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    Are you a Wood, Felt or Rubber person?

    ... no, I'm not talking about fetish wear (obviously lamb's wool is the winner in that department!). But I wondered what bass drum beater you use and why? I'm a DW wood man. I like the attack of all my drums to sound harmonious and I play with wood tips, not felt tips. To my ears the extra...