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  1. toddmc

    Not that it's a competition or anything....

    So I've noticed another little feature with the new forum format: Reaction scores (apologies if this has been discussed somewhere before but I couldn't see it). My question is- how is this calculated? Is it the quantity of posts/ threads submitted, number of "likes" per post or just how many...
  2. toddmc

    Cameo- a new level of celebrity prostitution?

    So I was informed via Instagram about a website called Cameo which specialises in "personalised shout-outs" whereby people pay a nominated amount for their favourite celebrity to make a short video for them. Keeping things drumming related here are some of the drummers (and prices) I found...
  3. toddmc

    Attack Rack

    So I came across this pic on FB and was wondering if anyone here uses one of these? Kits from left to right: Gene Hoglan, Paul Bostaph, Charlie Benante My initial impression was the attack rack on Gene's kit looks a bit "messy" compared to the hex racks (I think) Charlie and Paul use but it's...
  4. toddmc

    Anyone else ever "split the kit"?

    I've seen many a thread extolling the virtues of downsizing and the "less is more" approach- you may consider me a convert. However I find myself in something of a unique position (or so I believe) where I have taken a "monster kit" (not really but reasonably large nonetheless) and created two...
  5. toddmc

    Decal sticker removal from bass drum head??

    So has anyone here had any experience with removing a decal sticker (ie covers the entire surface) from a bass drum head? Just wondering if it's possible to remove the sticker without damaging the heads surface and preferably without removing/ defacing the head brand logo underneath. (A quick...
  6. toddmc

    The thread to derail the thread derail thread

    Ok, I've had my fun. Arky- please delete this thread before someone reads it!
  7. toddmc

    The Inside Story of Pantera

    Just a quick note to the metal-heads on this forum (all 3 of you) that if you haven't picked up Rex's book yet, do yourself a favour and grab a copy. Downloaded it last night and read it in one night- couldn't put it down. Plenty of funny moments (the band's first [and last] foray into skiing...
  8. toddmc

    DW Meme Thread

    Thought I'd have a go at some DW-specific memes. Here's the link for the meme generator if anyone else wants to contribute to the stupidity! : )
  9. toddmc

    It's nice to be noticed : )

    Just happened to come across this blog while researching Triggera electronic bass drum pedals (no photos were solicited by me or the other drummers). First time anyone has described my kit as "beautiful" but I'll take it!
  10. toddmc

    Posting on multiple drum forums- what's your opinion?

    Simple question:- Posting identical material on various drum forums: Shameless self-promotion or valid social networking tool?
  11. toddmc

    The Last Gig....

    Just thought I'd share some footage of the last gig I played with my old covers band "The Fuse" in December 2008 using the mighty Roland TD-6 (don't worry, there's not a metal song in sight)! : ) Songs are: American Idiot- Green Day Black Betty- Ramjam (NOT the Spiderbait cover version) Dammit-...
  12. toddmc

    Some metal drum covers

    Did these 6 x drum covers (and then kind of lost interest) : ) And no, I won't ask anyone to subscribe/ rate/ comment or even watch the damn things if you don't feel like it- watch or ignore as you will! Fear Factory- Self Bias Resistor
  13. toddmc

    Ludwig Element A2E with Roland cymbals/ TD-10 module

    Hey guys, lots of awesome kit pix on this thread so thought I'd throw mine into the mix. For anyone interested in the tech specs: Drums: Ludwig Element Power Fusion kit in black/grey burst finish with black lugs & rims. Shells- marbled birch inner and outer thin 6-ply shell with poplar core. A...