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  1. Captain Bash

    Cracked Stave Shell

    Anyone have any experience in fixing a partially split mid stave shell. Bit distraught, decided to give my Brady Stave 14 x 7 snare (Jarrah) the once over, as I do every month or so and discovered a nasty crack emanating from snare side. Don’t get me wrong this isn’t a complaint about Brady...
  2. Captain Bash

    Istanbul Agop 30th anniversary...lovely

    Finally pulled the trigger on some used Istanbul Agop 30th anniversary 15 hats 18 crash 22 ride. No bargain in fact v expensive even 2nd hand. Played them all afternoon, mmmmm they are fantastic they really do sound like old Ks, which is ideal for my duo (Fender Rhodes and Drums). I have played...
  3. Captain Bash

    Back to 5 piece

    I have been playing a four piece configured one up one down for a decade. Never really cared for using both 12 and 13 toms together as they are tonally too close. But by chance a Yamaha MCAN single 10 “ tom came up on eBay with hardcase that matches my existing gear. So set the kit up at band...
  4. Captain Bash

    Yamaha And Bosphorus

    Just a pic of my giging set up. Yamaha to maple 12,16 toms n 22 kick with 14 x 6.5 Dunnett titanium snare and Bosphorus cymbals 15, 18, 22, 20,20. Tama first chair, DW pedal, hardware Yamaha except hi-hat stand. I prefer to pick the best from many brands.
  5. Captain Bash

    Cold Weather and Drums

    I see from the news that the USA is being hit by a spell of cold weather, how’s this working out on your drums and or drumming. For example, I live in the wet and mild UK, my gig kit is stored in the un heated garage but our temps rarely fall below freezing. Are drums ok at -10 C blimey.
  6. Captain Bash

    Paiste twenty under SM Bosphorus hats

    Yes yes......Went mad and decided to mix up brands, and found my Bosphorus S. Moore top with Paiste Twenty bottom 14" really works a treat, bright and dark all at the same time and yet still matching. Rather like the old Zildjian KZ combo but somehow tighter and more exotic. I think it's time...
  7. Captain Bash

    Robot roadie

    I keep hearing in the news about how tech is improving our lives. Well when are they going to make a robotic roadie that can load my cased acoustic kit kit into my car and then set-up and then do it all in reverse for the home bound leg. Oh and the drum roadie robot needs to able to go up...
  8. Captain Bash

    Weight of bass drum for storage

    Hi, I am going to purchase some storage racking for a small garage. I want to store my giging kit (drums only) on one of the racks bays. My current band circumstances mean I have to load in and out twice a week and want to keep things reasonably organised and efficient for load in out. So my...
  9. Captain Bash

    Rehearsal room abused kits

    I rehearse once a week with a band and for reasons of convenience i use the rehearsal kit at rehearsal studio. The town I play in is dominated by metal bands. The drummers of the metal bands (who subdivide themselves into ever smaller niche sub genres; sludge, black metal, grindcore etc.) are...
  10. Captain Bash

    Friday night and not gigging !

    It's Friday night and I'm not playing / gigging, nice relaxing night with a few beers. No load-up, worrying about parking, sound check woes, and then no tare-down and no late night drive home. Come to think about it no wonder people don't gig. Friday nights as a punter are fun.
  11. Captain Bash

    Food tray

    I am on the look out for a low-mass solid brass or aluminium food tray so that I can snack inbetween songs. Ideally I would like an integrated cup holder and an area for porkpie, but am concerned this may lower the resonance of my kick drum. Any ideas ?
  12. Captain Bash

    Ash Die Back - loss of wood in Europe

    Ash tree set for extinction in Europe Cruel nature wins again !
  13. Captain Bash

    Help finding the perfect toasted sandwich maker attachment

    I need to be able to make toasted sandwiches for the rest of the band and so need to mount my trusted toasted sandwich maker close to my exotic Lake Bikal pangathangarian-exotic-ride. Obviously the chrome must be cheese overfill resistant. Can anyone recommend a solution to this problem...
  14. Captain Bash

    Angel drums - very nice

    Angel Drums, just came across this high-end maker of segment drums, via Steve Maxwell drums site. Wow sound is really nice, as is the look both the Ash and the Wenge float my boat. Apologies if this drum maker has already been discussed. Also nice to see some European makers producing top...
  15. Captain Bash

    Naked ultracast

    Finally stripped the shell of my smaller depth ultracast very pleased with the aluminium against the black hardware. I have no idea why they didn't keep the shell raw, it suits it's sonic characteristics better.
  16. Captain Bash

    Rehersal room kit asteroid attack !

    Due to booking issues, my band rescheduled our weekly rehersal to a new practice "studio". The house kit had tom heads that featured a special space theme. specifically looking like the surface of the moon or some planet pounded by asteroids for billions of years without the benefit of plate...
  17. Captain Bash

    Tips for easy loading - my car my way

    I am sure many on here as regular gigging drummers have to go through the grind of loading/ unloading our own cars/vans/ pick-ups at least once a week. It's not glamorous but it is a reality. What are your methods for loading unloading and general traveling. My tips are 1) always have your...
  18. Captain Bash

    English Garden

    Look what I found in my garden. Noonan maple stave (22, 16, 12) with solid brass keplinger (14 x 6 ) and full compliment of Bosphorus cymbals (Pang, Trash, Ride,Crash and Hats). This set-up is massive !
  19. Captain Bash

    It's the room not the kit !

    A story which may resonate with some. So last night I turn up to rehearse with a newly formed heavy blues soul band. The band leader asked me to just bring breakables to save on tear down setup time - fair enough. So after a 20 minute drive across town I am greeted with the dubious in house...
  20. Captain Bash

    Pang the ultimate alto under

    After having switched out some stored gear onto my smaller set-up. I am coming to the conclusion that the much maligned pang is the ultimate all round cymbal.These are not specialist cymbals but can bat, bowl and field in equal measure. It works as a ride it works as a crash it works as an...